White Robed Chief Chapter 647

Chapter 647 Adding Fuel To The Fire

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Qiao San brought him to the door hesitantly.

Murong Chun turned and stared at him. “Qiao San, you need to talk to Young Master.”

Qiao San looked toward the courtyard before replying softly, “Elder Murong, you think I don’t want to? I don’t want to see the position get passed to someone else. But his temper… Ai–!”

“Qiao San, what are you saying!” Chu Li’s voice called out from the courtyard.

Qiao San was shocked and immediately replied, “Young Master, nothing, nothing!”

“If you continue to speak nonsense, I will chop off your tongue!” Chu Li called out.

Qiao San yelped, “Yes, yes, I won’t say anything anymore.”

He flashed a helpless smile at Murong Chun.

Murong Chun gave him a fist salute and walked away.

Back at the main hall, everyone watched him return. They all shook their heads when they saw that he was alone.

“What, even you, an elder, couldn’t get him to come? Looks like you are still lacking some dignity!” Zhuge Feng gasped.

Murong Chun smiled awkwardly and replied, “Even your arrogance couldn’t make him, do you think I can do any better? Well, it’s best you personally go and have a look. He was under a lot of pressure over the years, so you should at least care about him more. You are still his father nonetheless.”

“I must have owed him in my previous life. We are not father and son, rather, we must have been enemies! I rather not have such karma in my life. It’s alright Murong, you don’t need to try to change my mind,” Zhuge Feng said.

Murong Chun retorted, “Young Master’s martial art is one of a kind, and equal to yours. Besides, he helped to bring those disciples down the mountain and has become a different person. I believe he can take over the position as the leader.”

“Murong, what benefits did he offer you for you to say such things? Take over as leader? I will thank God if he would just be grateful for the chance to be a disciple of the Crouching Bull Mountain!” Zhuge Feng stared at him and said.

Xia Liyan spoke up, “Leader, Elder Murong is speaking for everyone, the Young Master is different compared to the past. He is skillful and has a deep connection with the mountain. The way he protected the others when they headed down is the best proof of this. Everyone knew how dangerous the task was.”

“You say he loves the house just because of this one incident? You guys are so kind toward him. Is it because he is my son, and you guys want to make me feel better?” Zhuge Feng laughed sarcastically.

“Leader, if you were to see him personally, you will naturally pass the position to him. Let us go. What you see will be truer than what you hear. Why must you be so stubborn and refuse to go and see him?” Murong Chun said.

“Hmph, I don’t want to see his face!” Zhuge Feng snapped.

Murong Chun sighed to himself. They really had the same temperament, even the things they said were the same. He tried again. “I think you have some bias and can’t tolerate Young Master. Why can’t you just see him just this one time? Is it because you can’t put your pride aside?”

“…Fine, we can go and have a look. I want to see if you guys are overhyping his abilities!” Zhuge Feng finally gave in.

Murong smiled. “You will know once you see it!”

“Let’s go,” Zhuge Feng said and walked out from the main hall.

The rest followed him.

They arrived in front of Chu Li’s courtyard and saw Qiao San guarding the house. He saw the others and immediately got up to greet them. “Leader!”

Zhuge Feng looked at him and laughed sarcastically.

Qiao San looked down and gulped.

“Well done Qiao San. I send you to look after him and prevent him from causing trouble. Well look at you, you didn’t try to stop him but instead followed his orders. You know how much karma you have accumulated!” Zhuge Feng said sarcastically.

Qiao San immediately answered, “Yes, please forgive me, leader!”

Zhuge Feng said, “If this happens again, I will kill you immediately!”

“Yes.” Qiao San nodded aggressively.

“Where is that bastard? Is he not in?” Zhuge Feng asked.

He could not detect any living presences in the house. No one was inside.

Qiao San responded, “He went out.”

“Hmph, is he hiding from me? He doesn’t want to see his father, right?” Zhuge Feng exclaimed.

Qiao San looked down and remained silent.

Zhuge Feng turned to look at Murong Chun and Xia Liyan. “Are you seeing this? It’s not me refusing to see him, it’s him refusing to see me! Don’t try and blame me for not considering our father-son relationship this time!”

Murong Chun immediately answered, “Qiao San, Young Master was still here just a moment ago.”

Qiao San replied helplessly, “The Young Master said that you will convince the leader to come over. He can’t stand him, so he decided to hide from him and left.”

“Wow, he is clever. He predicted Elder Murong’s actions. It is unfortunate that he never used it for good. Tell him when he is back, to never come and see me!” Zhuge Feng said.

“Leader… He is just being stubborn…” Qiao San said.

“If he is stubborn why doesn’t he just go and die! The sooner he dies the better the world will be!”

Qiao San stared back at the ground helplessly.

It was obvious that the leader had been keeping tabs on the Young Master. He knew what Young Master had done. Thus, Qiao San could not argue with him.

Murong Chun sighed to himself. The Young Master had done some terrible stuff in the past and should be sentenced to death. But he cannot die now. If he dies, the whole mountain will fall with him!

As they were talking in front of the house, three men walked toward them. Murong Liang, Zhou Hange, and Chu Dazhi were heading in their direction.

Murong Liang looked weak, unlike Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi.

Murong Chun immediately put on a serious expression. “Little Liang, go and play somewhere else.”

“Leader.” Murong Liang gave a fist salute.

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi also gave fist salutes.

Murong Chun stared at Murong Liang with a straight face.

Murong Liang ignored him as he looked at Zhuge Feng with excitement. “Leader you’ve finally finished your isolated cultivation. Our mountain can be saved!”

Zhuge Feng smiled. “Yes, I finally completed my training, Eh–? Little Liang, are you hurt?”

“Yes,” Murong Liang replied. His face turned sad momentarily before smiling again. “Nothing serious actually. Just a minor injury.”

“This is not a small injury. Did you leave the mountain too?” Zhuge Feng shook his head.

“Leader, this injury was not from outside.”

Murong Chun interrupted, “Leader, he was punished by the Young Master. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut and earned it. But Young Master went a little harsh on him!”

Zhuge Feng raised his eyebrow. “That bastard did this?”

“Young Master is too strong. He removed all my martial arts!” Murong Liang said.

“He stripped your martial arts? That bastard dares to remove your skills?!” Zhuge Feng yelled.

Murong Liang sighed. “Leader, it’s also my fault. I kept taunting Young Master,”

“Qiao San, get him back here immediately! If you can’t find him, you need not return!” Zhuge Feng turned and stared at Qiao San with a cold gaze.

“…Yes, sir.” Qiao San nodded helplessly.

Zhuge Feng continued, “I’ll give you an hour. If that bastard isn’t back within that period, I will disown him!”

“Yes,” Qiao San replied and ran off immediately.

Murong Liang gave him a fist salute. “Leader, Young Master just accidentally did this. It’s alright to have my skills removed. I am still young so I can retrain fast enough!”

“Don’t help him now. I will let him feel what it is like to have his martial skills stripped from him today!” Zhuge Feng laughed sarcastically.