White Robed Chief Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Finally Meeting

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“Piak!” Murong Chun stepped forward and slapped Murong Liang.

“Father?” Murong Liang could not believe it as he held his face.

“You really know how to trick everyone! How dare you try this kind of dishonorable trick on our leader. You think you are very clever now, right?” Murong Chun scolded him.

“Father! I am not playing any tricks, I just coincidently saw our leader!” Murong Liang yelled.

“Coincidence? What a coincidence! I always thought that you were intelligent, but I never realized you only know to play mind games. Useless!” Murong Chun pointed at him and shouted.

“Father! What did I do wrong!” Murong Liang was displeased.

“You’re playing dirty! You are trying to use our leader to kill the young master. You planned this out well!” Murong Chun stared at him calmly.

“Father, you shouldn’t accuse me of such things! How would I know that our leader came out of his training today! Besides, anybody that hurts an innocent lady like Zhuge Tian is supposed to be punished. I think he must die!” Murong Liang said.

“Shut up! If you don’t, I will kill you!” Murong Chun shouted.

“Father, even if you do that, I must still voice out my concerns! Zhuge Tian is highly skilled, but he is not worthy of being our next leader. It will be a disgrace to our mountain to have a leader with such a personality!” Murong Liang exclaimed.

“Bang!” Murong Chun tried to land a palm on Murong Liang but was blocked by Zhuge Feng.

The wind started howling. Murong Liang was shocked. If the leader had not intervened and had this palm landed then his son would be dead!

“Leader!” Murong Chun took a step back.

Zhuge Feng asked, “What are you doing?”

“This kid has a bad heart. He is trying everything possible to remove Young Master so he can become the leader! He is so evil, I cannot let him live. I will end him today!” Murong Chun said angrily.

“Ridiculous! You think I have no idea what that bastard did?” Zhuge Feng said.

Murong Chun replied, “Young Master is at fault, but we have to accept it was partly our responsibility. We always treat him so coldly causing him to become more and more anti-social. But now that he has completed his training, his personality changed for the better and he never did anything bad since. He also learned to protect those in our mountain!”

“He must be held accountable for the things he did. I am kind enough to not kill him, and I have done enough to honor his mother!” Zhuge Feng said.

“Leader…” Murong Chun said.

“God is truly merciless. Those who are kind-hearted live a short life, yet someone evil can go on and live forever!” Zhuge Feng laughed sarcastically.

Xia Liyan sighed. “Leader, Murong Liang is talented, but not extraordinary like you when you were young. If he were to become the leader, we the Crouching Bull Mountain will be heading toward destruction. Are we going to let history repeat itself? Everyone is afraid – no matter what the most important quality that our leader needs to possess is that he needs to be strong. Even if he has a good personality, he won’t be able to do anything if someone tries to cause us trouble. If that happens, then the mountain will fall!”

Zhuge Feng looked at everyone.

Their eyes stared straight ahead sternly.

Zhuge Feng sighed. “Looks like I am not a good leader!”

“No, leader! If even you can’t fight back, imagine how much worse off we will be without you. If the Young Master was someone ordinary, we wouldn’t have this idea. But he is truly so strong that even though he has some minor flaws, we should not cling to them!” Murong Chun said.

Everyone nodded.

After the ban was introduced, everyone felt depressed and decided to focus solely on power. They hoped that their leader could become the strongest of the strong and lead the mountain back to its glory days so that they will no longer be treated like they did a few days ago.

Zhuge Feng sighed and shook his head. “You guys have the wrong mindset!”

“Young Master doesn’t like to micromanage everything. Once he becomes our leader, we will help him in every way possible. He just needs to focus on his training. Also, he is as wise as you!” Murong Chun said.

Zhuge Feng shook his head. “I will never agree to let him be the next leader! He will lead our clan to ruin!”

As he spoke, Chu Li and Qiao San came back.

Qiao San looked at Zhuge Feng uneasily.

Chu Li completely ignored him and walked in casually before giving a fist salute. “Elders, I am sorry! Yo, Brother Murong is also here. You are here to complain, right?”

“You!” Murong Liang stared at him angrily.

“You bastard! You destroyed his training and are still acting so reckless. You are unreasonable!” Zhuge Feng yelled and stared at him.

Chu Li looked at him. “What do you mean by that?”

Everyone was shocked. Father and son had started to fight again!

“Why did you remove his skills? He was one of our most promising teenagers. What are you planning to do?” Zhuge Feng asked.

Chu Li calmly responded, “You need to ask him what he is planning. His only thought is to become the leader, and because of this, he is still trying to force me to leave due to my past mistakes. I only decided to remove his martial arts because I respect Elder Murong. If not, he would be dead by now!”

“Bastard! You have done so much wrong, where is your credibility to become a leader?” Zhuge Feng shouted.

“What credibility? This is what my mother planned!” Chu Li retorted.

Zhuge Feng’s face immediately turned black, as though it had been soaked in ink. “How dare you bring up your mother. If she knows what you have done, she would be rolling in her grave!”

Chu Li replied, “My training had some hiccups, but it wasn’t intentional.”

What Zhuge Tian did was deserving of death, but Chu Li was now replacing him, so he needed to try to have them overlook his past mistakes.

“Damn you! You have no remorse over what you did, and now you are trying to sway it the other way. You deserve to die!” Zhuge Tian said.

Chu Li shook his head as he was too lazy to reply anymore. He walked toward the door.

Zhuge Tian exclaimed, “I am here to clean the name of my family!”

Chu Li laughed.

Zhuge Feng always knew how terrible Zhuge Tian was, but he never tried to stop him so that his evil deeds would cause everyone to abandon him! He was truly cold-blooded.

He looked at the others. Other than Murong Chun, there were two other elders who knew about Zhuge Tian’s actions. Xia Liyan and the other two had no clue.

Chu Li continued to walk toward the door.

“Bastard!” Zhuge Tian yelled and threw a punch.

“Moo…” The faint sound of a cow mooing appeared out of nowhere.

“Leader!” Everyone shouted. He had decided to use the Crouching Bull Punch without hesitation. It looked like the leader intended to kill Young Master!

“Moo” The sound was like that of a cow mooing, and inner energy sharp as a knife rushed toward him.

Chu Li moved his palm like a cow tongue and dispersed the inner energy.

“Chi!” A light hissing voice emanated from Chu Li’s palm like a silver needle had pierced through his inner defense and entered his body. It was swimming like a fish against his inner energy, rushing toward his heart.

Chu Li was surprised. He never thought that something with such brute name was so refined and sharp.

He moved his mind and summoned the Heavenly Demonic Orb, allowing it to absorb the silver needle.

After one punch, Zhuge Feng stopped and looked at him. That punch was strong enough to kill him!