White Robed Chief Chapter 649

Chapter 649 Evicted

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Chu Li moved quickly and summoned the Heavenly Demonic Orb to absorb the silver needle.

Zhuge Feng saw how calm and indifferent Chu Li remained and was surprised. He suddenly laughed. “Good, you really did get stronger. Take another punch then!”

“Moo…” He threw another punch.

The voice that followed this punch was louder than before, as though a strong black bull was standing right in front of them. Its horns were sharp and dangerous, and it was full of rage. It cocked its head and charged at them. The intimidation was so real it made the group jump back without thinking.

Meanwhile, Chu Li pressed his hands onto the hilt of his sword. His sword turned to white light as it moved blindingly fast. A split second later, it was pointing at Zhuge Feng’s throat.

Zhuge Feng’s eyes widened. He took a step back and threw another punch.

“Ding…” The sword was shaking vigorously with the loud sound lasting for a while.

Although the sword was pointed at his throat, the sound and the vibration meant that the sword had just blocked a punch. A very strong punch.

Zhuge Feng was shocked to his core. He never thought that his punch could be dispelled by his son’s sword. He had no idea when and where he had learned such a strong sword technique – even he was much weaker compared to it.

He lowered his body and kicked Chu Li.

“Ding!” The sword hit his feet and started vibrating again.

He suddenly felt that half of his body was paralyzed. The sword sent a weird inner energy coursing through him that traveled from his feet to his stomach. All his inner defenses were engulfed by it as the energy got stronger.

The sword was still at his throat. Chu Li stared straight into his eyes as he spoke, “You have already died three times!”

Zhuge Feng felt the killing intent emanating from his cold eyes. He finally stopped trying and asked, “What is that heart technique?”

Chu Li used his sword to tap on his shoulder. The enlarging inner energy exited from his shoulder and disappeared. He replied, “You don’t need to know.”

“Who did you learn this sword technique from? Who’s your master?” Zhuge Feng asked.

“I obtained a secret manual and trained according to it,” Chu Li sheathed his sword and lazily replied.

“Impossible!” Zhuge Feng said.

If he had genuinely followed the scripture for his training, there would be a limit to its true power. It would not be as powerful as he had just demonstrated.

Chu Li laughed and looked at him. “I don’t have the time and energy to lie to you!”

Everyone looked at them in shock.

They knew Young Master was highly skilled with his sword technique, but they also knew of their leader’s skill. He had also just finished his isolated cultivation, so he should be even better than before.

Due to this, they initially thought that the Young Master was currently still a level weaker than their leader, regardless of how strong he was.

They could not believe that his sword technique was so unique that the leader could not fend off any of its attacks!

Zhuge Feng became serious. He took a deep breath and asked, “What secret manual?”

“I destroyed the manual. Only I have read it, even Qiao San had no idea what’s in it. You can stop thinking about it!” Chu Li replied.

Zhuge Feng retorted, “Our own Crouching Bull Mountain has some of the best martial art techniques. What is the point of me seeking out another secret manual? I am more worried that you trained yourself in something strong but are unknowingly suffering terrible side effects!”

Chu Li responded, “There was. That’s why I made some mistakes. But those are in the past. I am back to normal and I have completed my training.”

“What is the name of this technique?” Zhuge Feng asked again.

Chu Li answered, “No name. I call it the nameless sword technique.”

“Nameless sword technique, hmph!” Zhuge Feng knew that he did not want to answer and got even angrier. He growled, “Looks like you don’t trust your father anymore!”

Chu Li replied, “Yes, I don’t trust you. What kind of father are you anyway?”

“Damn you! You think that just because you got stronger you can do anything you want? Even refusing to acknowledge me as your father?” Zhuge Feng yelled.

Chu Li said, “You don’t deserve to be my father, and I have no such father. Goodbye!”

He turned and walked toward the door.

Zhuge Feng wanted to get his hand on the manual. It was hard for a martial artist to resist such power. However, it was obvious Chu Li would never give it to him.

“Come back here!” Zhuge Feng tried to grab him.

Chu Li sidestepped away from his hands. He ignored him and continued to walk to the door. However, just as he pushed the door and exited…

“Moo…” A loud voice sounded out as Zhuge Feng threw a punch at Chu Li’s back.

“Chi!” Chu Li turned and whipped out his sword. A bright light appeared from his waist as his sword pierced through the Crouching Bull Punch and stopped right in front of Zhuge Feng’s eyes.

“Moo…” Zhuge Feng did not even try to evade and threw an even stronger punchi back at Chu L.

Even so, Chu Li’s sword had no problem breaking through the punch, promptly piercing his shoulder.

“Leader!” Everyone shouted.

Everyone turned and stared at Chu Li. No one thought he would really hurt their leader.

Chu Li pulled out his sword and shook it. Blood dripped from his sword onto the floor.

He sheathed his sword then stared at Zhuge Feng. “If you don’t stop, the next time around this sword will not pierce your shoulder but your throat!”

“You bastard!” Zhuge Feng stared at him with a dark face as he seethed.

Chu Li laughed sarcastically. “Call me a bastard, call me rubbish, I don’t need you to worry about me. You never cared about me as a father!”

He entered his house after saying this and closed the door.

Qiao San looked at the house and then at Zhuge Feng helplessly.

Zhuge Feng was clutching his shoulder with a stern expression. Everyone else was dead silent.

They were all still in shock. They had no idea Zhuge Tian would really hurt their leader.

And even more shocking was the fact that he could not stop any of Young Master’s attack!

“Ah, looks like it will be hard to solve Young Master’s misunderstanding now. Leader, he has a deep hatred toward you.” Murong Chun sighed and shook his head.

“This bastard, he is preposterous!” Zhuge Feng said angrily.

Murong Chun continued, “His attack was so precise, he never would have killed you. But I am surprised at how good his sword technique is. Looks like you’ll soon need to pass the position over to him.”

“He will never be the leader! As long as I am alive, he will never be the leader!” Zhuge Feng laughed.

“Leader… Young Master is the most suitable candidate now. Who else can handle such a huge responsibility? Little Liang is not as strong. Little Zhoug and Little Chu are still miles behind. No matter the circumstance, Young Master is still the best we have!” Murong Chun sighed.

“Don’t ever mention this again! I will never say yes to it. Let’s go!” Zhuge Feng put his hands down and said.

“Leader…” Murong Chun muttered.

Zhuge Feng waved his hand dismissively and then left.

Murong Chun looked at Xia Liyan as Liyan shook his head.

If their relationship had degraded to this point, it would be near impossible to convince the leader. Luckily, he was relatively young, and they had more time before they needed to worry.

Everyone left with him. Qiao San had to act on the spot and decided to follow them to figure out what was going to happen. Young Master made a huge mess this time!

Meanwhile, Murong Liang, Zhou Hange, and Chu Dazhi also left.

Murong Liang was smiling, while Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi were thoughtful. None of them were saying anything. Murong Liang was enjoying himself and ignored them. He soon returned to his own house.

Zhou Hange and Chu Dazhi sighed as they felt Young Master’s future was unpredictable. Murong Liang was very cunning. He was planning to completely remove Young Master from the temple.

While this was happening, Chu Li lay back in his chair and relaxed.

Suddenly, Qiao San came running in panting. “Young master, something terrible is happening. The leader is asking you to leave!”

Chu Li looked at him. “He is evicting me?”

“Yes, he said so himself!” Qiao San nodded.