White Robed Chief Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Tenderness

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Chu Li looked at her.

Shen Yinghu said, “You’re too late. She has already cut herself off from all emotions. This time will be different. She will no longer feel anything for you!”

In turn, Chu Li asked, “But can I enter the surpassing state?”

“Do what you want,” Shen Yinghu replied, “You helped the Snow Lunar Pavilion before so I will talk to our leader. So long as you don’t destroy anything else, we will let you do as you please. If you can bring her back with you then you really are talented!”

Chu Li gave her another fist salute to thank her before dissapearing.

Shen Yinghu continued to stare at the pond. Her small white mouth suddenly curled upward, and she felt better.

Chu Li reappeared next to a pond in the valley.

This lake had the same shape as the crystal crescent lake outside but was just smaller in size.

The water here was even clearer such that the bottom of the lake was visible. Fishes were swimming freely inside, and the weeds danced gently with the waves.

Xiao Qi was sitting on a large white jade rock next to the lake. She wore a white gown and her skin was smooth as usual. A white sword was balanced on her knees.

She had aligned with the lake water and now moved with the same rhythm. Her breathing was in sync with the waves of the lake, as though they were one.

Xiao Qi was at peace, and in her mind was the image of a sword and nothing else. To her, everything was frozen in time, and the only thing that existed was the sword. If she thought of something else, the sword in her mind would activate and slash at the thoughts.

As the sword cut through layers and layers of thoughts, she finally reached a state where she no longer thought about anything, not even herself.

She suddenly opened her eyes and lifted her head to peer at the opposite side of the lake.

Chu Li was standing there in his white robe, staring at her peacefully.

Xiao Qi suddenly thought about him but was immediately interrupted by the sword, making her clueless as she continued to look at him calmly.

They both looked at each other.

Chu Li walked slowly toward her, one step at a time.

Xiao Qi kept recalling his appearance and physique, while the sword repeatedly hacked at the thoughts, trying desperately to remove all memory of him from her mind.

As he approached her, Chu Li eventually climbed onto the rock such that they were now very close to one another.

Xiao Qi looked at him. Her eyes were peaceful and she felt calm. She didn’t try to avoid him.

Chu Li ignored her reaction. He reached out and held her right hand. Her hand felt like a blend of white jade and goat’s milk, silky smooth and cool.

The sword inside Xiao Qi’s mind was racing as it tried its best to destroy any trace of Chu Li, but all her memories came rushing like a wave – no matter how it tried, the memories could not be completely eliminated. From time to time, some memories would escape the sword and enter the deepest part of her mind, henceforth becoming impossible to remove.

Chu Li smiled and looked at her.

Her eyes sparkled brightly as it reflected the light.

Suddenly, Chu Li lifted her head and kissed her lips. The sensation touched her innermost being.

“Hong…” All the memories consumed her mind, along with the sword inside.

Chu Li once again looked at her bright eyes. She finally recognized him. He smiled and grabbed her waist to kiss her again.

However, Xiao Qi suddenly struggled and pushed him off lightly.

Chu Li smiled at her.

Xiao Qi shook her head. Her cheeks were bright red. The sun painted the valley red, tinting her face alongside it.

Chu Li ignored her struggles and held her waist tight as he kissed her again.

Xiao Qi was stunned for a moment before she eventually gave in.

Chu Li held her soft but cool body like he had the whole world in his hands. He felt completed as the excitement engulfed his heart. He wished that time would stop right there and then.

After a moment, they stopped. Xiao Qi looked so beautiful that Chu Li once again became excited and tried to kiss her again.

Xiao Qi immediately shook her head. “Someone is here!”

“Just ignore them,” Chu Li replied.

He already knew Su Ru and the others were hiding in the forest two hundred meters away and were observing them in secret. Xiao Qi must have improved to be able to sense them.

“Why did you suddenly come here?” Xiao Qi pushed him away softly.

Chu Li laughed as he was pushed and stood up. Xiao Qi followed.

They stood next to each other and looked out at the calm lake. They both felt happy and continued to talk as they enjoyed the moment.

“I suddenly realized that the Regal Sword Scripture is a grandmaster technique, and that once you complete the training you will go to the Outland,” Chu Li said while shaking his head. “I regret my decision. I don’t want to let you leave to the Outland.”

Xiao Qi smiled.

Chu Li continued, “The public house has become strong and we no longer need to be afraid of others. Now they need to be afraid of us. You should just enjoy being a lady – there’s no need to work so hard anymore. Besides, even if you become an enlightened master, will it benefit the public-house?”

Xiao Qi nodded when she heard this.

She understood what it would take to become an enlightened master. The road to becoming one would be long and lonely, and she would have to be alone until the end of time. Aunty Shen was an example, and she had already told Xiao Qi multiple times to not follow her footsteps.

Unfortunately, she and Chu Li had separated. She had given up on him and no longer held onto him, such that the only way forward for her was to keep working hard.

She never thought that Chu Li would appear suddenly, and seduce her relentlessly, completely breaking her out of her divine state.

“Continue to stay here,” Chu Li said, “just train slowly here and see where this scripture brings you. Don’t go back to the public-house yet.”

Xiao Qi looked at him with her beautiful eyes, “Is the public house in danger?”

Chu Li shook his head. “I’m just trying to deal with King An.”

“King An…” Xiao Qi raised her eyebrow and started thinking.

Chu Li continued, “I don’t dare kill him right away, so I’m going to torture him bit by bit.”

Xiao Qi smiled. “I know you won’t lose, but what about Elder Sister?”

“She’s in the public-house, and she return to us every couple of days. King An can’t hold her back and she is living freely,” Chu Li grinned.

Xiao Qi sighed.

Chu Li knew what she was thinking, “It has already happened, this is the road she chose to walk, and it’s not that difficult. Besides, I’m still around!”

“Then you must take good care of her,” Xiao Qi replied, “she has sacrificed too much.”

Chu Li nodded.

They stood next to the lake and didn’t talk anymore.

Even when they were in silent, they could feel the spiritual energy flowing between them. Having each other around felt complete and joyful. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to last.

“Come over here!” Chu Li waved suddenly.

Su Ru, Li Hanyan, Xue Ling, and Jiang Kui immediately appeared.

Chu Li observed them and nodded in satisfaction. The four of them had become grandmasters, which was impressive as it was not an easy task.

He turned and smiled at Xiao Qi, “Our house has gathered more talents.”

Xiao Qi smiled back at him.

“Madam, are you guys…?” Su Ru covered her mouth and laughed.

Xiao Qi turned and stared at her.

Su Ru turned toward Chu Li. “Chu Li, you truly are skillful!”

Chu Li laughed. “It was nothing. Anyway, Head Chief Su is finally a grandmaster, congratulations.”

“Becoming a grandmaster is just the beginning, I am still far from being good enough,” Su Ru shook her head and smiled. “I still have a lot to learn.”

Chu Li nodded. “Does Head Chief Su still want to stay here?”

“Yes,” Su Ru replied, “Although, Xue Ling and Protector Jiang don’t need to. They are stronger than me.”

Xue Ling laughed shyly.

Li Hanyan piped up, “What about me, senior?”

“You–?” Su Ru laughed. “Of course, you have to continue to train!”

Jiang Ku smiled. “Head chief, I can return now.”

He had solidified his grandmaster’s boundary and was in the speedy improvement stage which would gradually slow down as time passed. However, by then he would have become a skillful master!