White Robed Chief Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Senseless

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Chu Li laughed. “Don’t need to rush. You guys can just stay here and train for now. It is easier to train here in this state than to head outside. Wait until your improvement slows down, even then it won’t be too late to return to the world!”

“…Yes,” Jiang Kui replied.

“Sir, let me go back,” Xue Ling said, “you need someone to stay by your side and take care of you.”

Chu Li waved his hands dismissively. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so just focus on training here.”

“But you…” Xue Ling tried to speak up.

Chu Li laughed. “I have a servant now, a beauty given to me by King An. Her beauty is comparable to yours.”

Xue Ling was surprised. “Is King An so kind?”

“She’s just supposed to try to seduce me,” Chu Li replied. “I will accept the lady as long as I don’t get tricked. So, all you need to do is train harder. There’s no need to worry about me.”

Su Ru covered her mouth and laughed. “She is even more worried now!”

Xue Ling yelled, “Head chief Su–!”

Su Ru smiled. “Alright, we shall not disturb Lady Xiao and Chu Li. Let us train.”

Thus, Xue Ling and Li Hanyan left unwillingly.

Chu Li looked at them leave and laughed while shaking his head. He then turned toward Xiao Qi.

Xiao Qi looked cold and her eyes had lost all previous excitement.

He looked at her curiously.

Inside her mind hanged a sword. Without them noticing, it had already chopped away all her thoughts and memories, returning her to the calmed state.

She looked at Chu Li. She no longer felt loving toward him, rather, she felt a slight disgust toward him. He was like a regular visitor that she would greet, but had no intention of starting a conversation with.

“You…” Chu Li felt something amiss.

Xiao Qi nodded. “You should leave too.”

Chu Li tried to grab her hand.

“Chi!” A white light shot at him.

Chu Li immediately retracted his hand. The sword grazed the back of his hand. If he didn’t react in time, the sword would have slashed at him without hesitation.

“Lady?” Chu Li raised his eyebrow.

Xiao Qi was getting annoyed. “Molester!”

“You don’t recognize me?” Chu Li asked.

Xiao Qi looked at him coldly, “I have no intention of talking about my memories and everything I had gone through anymore. I am trying to master sword techniques and will no longer be distracted by romance or relationships. Please don’t disturb me anymore!”

“Then just now…” Chu Li was shocked.

Xiao Qi replied, “I momentarily lost my focus, but now I am back to normal. Chu Li, take good care of my sister and be wary of King An.”

Chu Li activated his technique.

He couldn’t see what was in her mind. He could only guess.

Regal Sword Scripture was a senseless technique. Just now he managed to break her out of her selfless state, but how could it return so quickly?

She must have intentionally reactivated her senseless state.

He suddenly moved behind her and tried to hold her waist.

“Ding…” Chu Li’s palm hit the sword.

His nails hit the sword as he evaded the attack. This technique was equal to his Seven Forms of Godly Sword.

“Ding ding ding…” He kept trying but the sword kept blocking him.

As he kept trying different methods, Xiao Qi’s face turned colder, like it was covered with ice. Her surroundings were also getting chilly.

Chu Li moved swiftly. First, he was in front of her, and in the blink of an eye he was behind her. His movements couldn’t be tracked.

“Bang!” Xiao Qi’s was stunned as Chu Li hit her with his palm.

Chu Li followed this with more palm attacks to lock her acupuncture points.

Xiao Qi stared at him coldly and raised her eyebrow. She was annoyed and looked intimidating.

Chu Li ignored her and held her by the waist. Then, he leaned forward and suddenly kissed her.

She kept her lips closed and didn’t move. She was still soft and cool, but no longer had any feelings toward him. She only felt anger as her eyes stared at him coldly.

Chu Li stopped after a moment and looked at her.

Xiao Qi looked back calmly like she wasn’t even the one he had just kissed.

Chu Li sighed. This tactic had failed.

Xiao Qi spoke up, “Don’t try to do anything. The Regal Sword Scripture is not easily broken. You should spend more time thinking about how to take care of my elder sister.”

Chu Li shook his head. “A senseless technique. You care so much about your sister, yet toward me…”

“The biggest obstacle between me and my goal is a relationship. My family will always be with me even if I distance myself from love,” Xiao Qi replied. “Chu Li, it is not our fate to be together. Forget about it.”

Chu Li shook his head. “I will find a way.”

Xiao Qi replied calmly, “I no longer want to be involved in such things.”

Chu Li shook his head. “I will come again!”

“I will not see you,” Xiao Qi replied.

Chu Li smiled and disappeared.

He soon reappeared in the pavilion where Shen Yinghu was. She was still staring out at the lake.

“Senior Shen, what’s wrong with Lady Xiao?” Chu Li asked.

He explained the situation to her.

Shen Yinghu said, “I think it is because of the Regal Sword Scripture. She is entering the surpassing state, so I am afraid it will be hard to make her break her training. Don’t rush it, take it easy.”

Chu Li asked, “Have you done any research on this technique before?”

Shen Yinghu shook her head. “I am not familiar with such things. It requires someone talented… It is a very old scripture so it will be hard to find information about it. You can go back and try again, but don’t force it.”

Chu Li nodded. He gave her a fist salute and disappeared.


“Zhuge Feng!” A voice echoed throughout Crouching Bull Mountain.

Zhuge Feng woke up and his face immediately changed. He knew who that was. She was the lady who had defeated him, then given him the biggest embarrassment in his life and forced him into isolated cultivation!

He yelled and leaped to the courtyard. “How brave of you to come searching for your death!”

“Hehe…” Her voice echoed through the sky, “Zhuge Feng, come and face your demise! I am at the foot of the mountain!”

“Wait for me!” Zhuge Feng replied, “I will kill you this time!”

“What a joke!” Liu Yunxin’s laughter was crisp. “You only know how to talk trash, but your skills are worse than ever. The Crouching Bull Mountain is a disappointment!”

Zhuge Feng shot out like an arrow. He had been waiting for this day to come ever since he completed his isolated cultivation.

Murong Chun, Xia Liyan, and four other elders flew out after Zhuge Feng. They were afraid he might be at a disadvantage.

The leader went into isolated cultivation to train hard, but it would still be a stretch for him to beat Liu Yunxin. They needed to back him up.

Liu Yunxin was a talented user of Light Body Technique. Even if they attacked together it would probably be useless. They were more afraid that she had helpers. Besides, if their leader was defeated, they could help get him back to safety.

They thought about Zhuge Tian as they rushed down the mountain.

If he was around, Liu Yunxin wouldn’t be so reckless, she might even run away immediately!

When they arrived at the foot of the mountain, they saw that their leader had already started fighting Liu Yunxin.

They were similar in terms of strength. Their leader was not at a disadvantage right now, but he was not gaining any ground either. The isolated cultivation really helped him to improve – at least he was better now than when he was absolutely destroyed by her.

They relaxed when they saw no one helping Liu Yunxin. She was alone.

“You guys keep hiding in your mountain, are you planning to hide there forever?” Liu Yunxin attacked while she spoke. “Where is the guy from the last time?”

“Young Master will be here soon,” Murong Chun said, “don’t you dare be reckless!”

Liu Yunxin laughed, “Looks like he is not around. I am relieved, go to hell!”

She suddenly got quicker. Zhuge Feng also increased his speed.

“Bang bang bang…” A string of loud crashes rang out as their palms hit each other.

They fought from the top of the tree to the bottom, back to the top, then back to the ground. The leaves from the tree went flying but were ground into powder before they even touched the ground.

“Bang!” Suddenly a shadow appeared behind Zhuge Feng and landed a palm on his back.

Zhuge Feng was aware of this but couldn’t react and simply took the hit. He flew up as Liu Yunxin seized the chance to attack his chest.