White Robed Chief Chapter 653

Chapter 653 To The Rescue

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“Pu!” Zhuge Feng spat out blood from his mouth like an arrow before hitting the tree with a loud thud.

“Bang!” The tree shook.

Zhuge Feng fell to the ground and stopped moving.

“Leader!” Everyone was shocked.

The attack by the guy in the gray shirt and Liu Yunxin’s strike had happened too quickly. They could not catch it at all.

When they realized what had happened, Zhuge Feng had already fallen to the ground.

They rushed to Zhuge Feng’s side.

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan looked at his injuries while the rest of the elders stared at Liu Yunxing and the round-faced middle-aged man. His face was full of holes and his eyes were cold and intimidating.

Liu Yunxin walked closer. The elders got ready in case she suddenly attacked them.

She was wearing a white veil that only showed her eyes and forehead. She walked around Zhuge Feng and shook her head.

The middle-aged man looked at everyone before stopping at Zhuge Feng.

He spoke up, “Patrol Liu, let us leave.”

“Yes, leader!” Liu Yunxin replied.

They looked at Zhuge Feng again before gliding up the tree using Light-body Technique and leaping away. After a moment, their shadow disappeared.

“Leader!” The rest looked at Zhuge Feng.

Zhuge Feng had already fainted and his face was as white as a sheet of paper. Blood was oozing out from his mouth.

They knew the situation was dire.

Murong Chun immediately took out two bottles of medicine and stuffed some pills into Zhuge Feng’s mouth. He held his mouth close to avoid him spitting it out and patted his back. His forehead was covered with sweat as he had been shocked to the core by the hits.

Their leader held the secret of Crouching Bull Mountain. If he died this way, what would happen to the next leader and the sect? The secret heart technique would be lost!

“Hurry up and head back!” Murong Chun cried.

Six of them took Zhuge Feng back to his bedroom. He was now in a coma.

Xia Liyan observed his pulse. He raised his eyebrows silently.

Everyone tried to activate their energy to try and help him recover, but his injuries were too severe. His organs were destroyed and there was no way for inner energy to flow through his body.

Their faces turned sour and they kept quiet. The atmosphere was heavy and tense.

They never thought that their leader would be backstabbed to the point where he was now in the worst condition of his life, which just so happened to be the most important time for the Crouching Bull Mountain.

“We already used our adversity surpassing pills last time!” Xia Liyan sighed and said to the other five.

Murong Chun and the rest shook their heads.

“Where is Young Master?” Murong Chun said, “We need to find him now!”

“Yes, we need our young master!” Everyone agreed.

Zhuge Feng was almost at the end of his life. They were desperately hoping to find Young Master so that their leader could pass down his will.

Initially, they had two adversity surpassing pills to save lives, but they had already used up their stock. These pills were not theirs to begin with, only the public houses and the four major sects had a stockpile of these pills.

The pills were obtained through huge sacrifices, which would be impossible to repeat.

Also, by the time they returned from the Tempest Temple, their leader would no doubt be dead.

“I will go!” Xia Liyan said.

He moved like the wind and soon arrived at Chu Li’s house. Qiao San was training in the courtyard. He saw Xia Liyan and immediately bowed.

“Where is Young Master?” Xia Liyan asked, “Bring him here immediately!”

Qiao San saw how serious he was and quickly replied, “Elder Xia, Young Master is really not around.”

“When is he coming back?” Xia Liyan asked, “Don’t tell me he is never coming back!”

Qiao San replied softly, “Elder Xia, what happened?”

“Something relating to death. If he doesn’t come back now, he will never become the leader!” Xia Liyan snapped, “You think of a way to get him back as soon as possible. Every second counts!”

“Elder Xia, what is happening?” Qiao San hesitated.

Xia Liyan stared at him and said, “Our leader is badly injured, we are afraid…”

Qiao San was shocked.

His eyes widened and he hesitated. Then, his face changed before he suddenly pulled out his sword and stabbed himself.

Xia Liyang was shocked by his actions.

Qiao San slowly sat on the ground as his mouth started to fill with blood. “Young Master always said that I had followed him for a long time. If I was caught in an accident he would know, but I never knew if he was just joking with me…”

Xia Liyang sighed as he watched the bleeding intensify. “Do you want some medicine?”

Qiao San shook his head and lied on the ground. His breathing was weak.

A loud cry rang out from the distance. By the time it stopped, Chu Li had appeared in his white robe.

He saw Qiao San lying on the ground and took out a bottle of medicine. He took a pill and stuffed it into Qiao San’s mouth. Then he hit Qiao San with his palm and pulled out the sword. No blood was spilled.

Qiao San face was pale and his lips were purple, yet he still smiled. “Young Master, you weren’t lying to me.”

Chu Li replied, “You are lucky that I was not that far away… What’s wrong, Elder Xia?”

Xia Liyan said, “Our leader is gravely injured, hurry up and come with me!”

“Is he almost dead?” Chu Li raised his eyebrows.

Xia Liyan sighed and shook his head. “Hopefully he has good karma and can get past this obstacle!”

Chu Li looked at his face and knew that Zhuge Feng would most likely not get through this.

“Come, let see what he says,” Chu Li said lazily before turning to Qiao San. “You just stay and tend to your injuries, don’t kill yourself.”

“Yes, Young Master,” replied Qiao San immediately.

Chu Li followed Xia Liyan to Zhuge Feng’s bedroom and saw Murong Chun and the rest in the room as well. He nodded toward them and looked at Zhuge Feng.

“Young Master…” Murong Chun sighed. “It might be time.”

Chu Li touched Zhuge Feng’s wrist and said, “He won’t die.”

Then, he removed a jade bottle from his chest and took out a pill. There was only one pill inside the bottle, which he stuffed straight into Zhuge Feng’s mouth.

Murong Chun was surprised. “Is that an adversity surpassing pill?”

Chu Li turned and looked at him. “You know a good deal.”

“Young Master, how come you have this pill with you?” Murong Chun was curious.

Chu Li replied, “You don’t need to know how I got this. With this he won’t die, so he won’t need to pass on his will. With that, I will leave!”

He turned to leave as he finished speaking.

“Young Master…” Murong Chun called, “You are not going to stay by his side?”

“If he sees me when he opens his eyes he will rage to death!” After saying this, Chu Li left the bedroom.

Everyone was relieved.

With the pill, their leader could live to see another day.

“Young Master still cares about the leader,” Murong Chun sighed. “Our leader has good karma. Thank God for protecting our mountain!”

Everyone nodded.

They looked at each other again.

Murong Chun continued, “When our leader wakes up, he will need to choose his heir. If he doesn’t, and this happens again…”

He shook his head as he spoke. Everyone knew what he meant.

If by some unfortunate act their leader ended up dead, all the secrets that had been passed down the mountain would be lost forever. Both them and the leader would bear a huge sin and will feel regret toward their ancestors!

When he recovers, they will force him to choose the next leader just in case anything happens!