White Robed Chief Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Pressurize

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Chu Li returned to his house. Qiao San was treating his injury by the side of the stone table.

Qiao San opened his eyes when he heard footsteps and said, “Young master, how was it?”

Chu Li sat opposite of him. He observed him and said, “He is still alive.”

Qiao San was relieved. “He is really lucky!”

Chu Li said, “He is almost dead, did the lady come again?”

“Yes.” Qiao San nodded and smiled awkwardly. “I only heard her voice but not how they fought. I was almost ready to go but before I could move, elder Xia was here to find you. He said he needed you to go over immediately to complete whatever is needed to be done!”

“Liu Yunxin…” Chu Li raised his eyebrows and kept quiet.

Seemed like the Holy Church of Light still refused to back down and continued to bully the mountain.

Snow Lunar Pavilion already had Du Feng, his disguise. The church will no longer go and cause trouble. In that sense, she shouldn’t have come over because Zhuge Feng was also here.

“Must be some other masters.” Chu Li talked to himself and raised his eyebrows. “Hou Jingzong?”

He thought of someone stronger than Liu Yunxin.

“Young master?” Qiao San asked, “What did you say?”

“Still not awake.” Chu Li continued. “You are also very strong. If I came back a moment too late, will you just die like that?”

Qiao San smiled. “If you don’t come back I would have started treating myself.”

Chu Li nodded with a smile.

Qiao San asked, “Will our leader finally choose his heir?”

Chu Li laughed and stood up. “Your method of getting me back is innovative. Do this again next time.”

He returned to his house as he finished.

Qiao San nodded with a helpless smile.

Zhuge Feng slowly woke up. He saw his bathtub when he opened his eyes and realized he was in his house. Thus, feeling relieved.

Something warm was moving around his chest. He was familiar with this feeling. This was the effect of adversity surpassing pill.

He thought he finished his stock of the pills, it was unknown when more pills appeared.

A palm at the back and on the front and suddenly he was consumed with darkness. He didn’t even have the time to think of who backstabbed him. Girls were hard to trust, even someone like her needed to find someone else to backstab him!

“Leader…?” Murong Chun’s voice appeared from nowhere. It sounded empty and soft, and he could not hear clearly.

He turned and saw Murong Chun and Xia Liyan.

“En,” Zhuge Feng replied with his energy.

They both smiled.

Zhuge Feng took a deep breath and tried to channel his inner energy to allow the warm energy to flow through his body. His senses started to recover and he could see and hear more clearly, even his sweat hair was starting to wave.

It felt great to escape death but he also felt embarrassed. He felt he was too weak and fell to her hands once again. He was a weak and lousy leader and he no longer had the pride to call himself a leader.

“Are you feeling better now, leader?” Xia Liyan asked, “Try to treat your injuries.”

Zhuge Feng shook his head. “Who saved me, where did the pill come from?”

His brain had cleared up and knew it was the pill that saved him, no mistake. The pills in the mountain had also already been consumed. As the leader he was fortunate enough to take three of it, even those belonged to Murong Chun and Xia Liyan were also used to save him.

The Crouching Bull Mountain got three pills in total. He had one, while the other two were with Xia Liyan and Murong Chun. However, he was in danger and he took all three of them, so where did the fourth one come from?”

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan shook their heads helplessly. “Leader, let’s not talk about this first. It is more important for you to recover as quickly as possible.”

“Where did the pill come from?” Zhuge Feng asked, “You guys need to hide this from me?”

“…The young master had it,” Murong Chun sighed.

“That bastard?” Zhuge Feng asked, “Where did he get it from?”

The two shook their heads. They were also curious.

Murong Chun said, “Regardless, you managed to stay alive.”

Zhuge Feng turned sour.

Xia Liyan replied, “You guys are father and son, and blood is always thicker than water. When it is time, the young master will still save you.”

“I would rather die!” Zhuge Feng said coldly.

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan looked at each other and coughed lightly.

The other four elders entered and gave Zhuge Feng a fist salute. “Leader.”

Zhuge Feng nodded.

Murong Chun and Xia Liyan suddenly took two steps back and kneeled.

The others followed them.

Six of them were kneeling in front of his bed and looked at him calmly.

Zhuge Feng was shocked and waved his hand and said, “What are you guys doing!”

He was too weak to do something extreme or even get down the bed, so he could only shout.

It was too precious for a man to kneel. The only three things they will kneel to are the heaven, the earth, and their parents. Even if a servant met the emperor, he would only bow. The students also always only bowed to him, and never did such a thing.

Murong Chun said, “We elders beg you to immediately choose the next leader and hand over the secret heart technique to avoid losing our best technique. We cannot bear to become the criminals of Crouching Bull Mountain!”

Zhuge Feng placed his hand down and sighed. He saw how firm their looks were and nodded. “Fine. I agree to your request.”

Everyone was delighted.

They never thought he would agree so easily and would have required them to convince him before that happened.

Murong Chun continued. “Leader, the young master is a good candidate to become the next leader!”

“Impossible!” Zhuge Feng shook his head and said, “I will choose the next leader tomorrow, but will never be him!”

“Leader!” Murong Chun said, “If it isn’t him, what is the point of choosing the next leader? If you die at the hands of our enemy, how is it possible for the next leader to survive as well? Only someone strong like the young master can protect himself and keep our secret alive!”

“I have decided to choose Murong Liang as the next leader.” Zhuge Feng waved his hand. “You guys don’t need to say anything else, leave!”

“Leader!” Murong Chun said, “He only knows to play filthy tricks. He is just an ordinary person and cannot carry such heavy responsibility!”

Zhuge Feng lied down on his bed and turned as he refused to see and hear. Even if they die kneeling he would not change his mind.

Everyone looked at each other helplessly and stood up.

Xia Liyan looked at Murong Chun. “If we really can’t make that happen then let Murong Liang be the leader.”

Murong Chun shook his head. “He cannot handle such a responsibility. If he really becomes the next leader, it is the same as committing suicide. He might not care so much but as a father, I cannot see him walking to his demise!”

He walked out as he finished.

Midnight. The moon was shining on the water. Chu Li flew to Zhuge Feng’s house.

“Who’s there?” A blue-shirt teenager said and walked out from the shadow with his sword.

Chu Li looked at him. “Little Tang, I need to talk to him for a moment.”

“…Yes.” little Tang stepped back and nodded.

Chu Li entered the bedroom and walked towards Zhuge Feng.

The bedroom was well lit. Zhuge Feng was sitting on the bed and treating his injuries. He heard some voices and opened his eyes. His eyes were cold.

Chu Li took out a book and passed to Zhuge Feng. “This is the scripture I talked about.”

“I thought you destroyed it?” Zhuge Feng said, “He didn’t take it from his hands.”

“Don’t you want to know what scripture this is?” Chu Li replied calmly. He didn’t laugh at his dishonesty.

Zhuge Feng was curious but he was holding himself back and acting like he didn’t care or bat an eye.

Zhuge Feng was really forcing himself to be calm and not look at the scripture.