White Robed Chief Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Insight

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Chu Li said calmly, “I found this in a cave lying beside a skeleton. The person had been deceased for a long time, but this secret manual was undamaged. I brought it back to try and cultivate it, but I never thought that I would succeed right off the bat and obtain this sword technique.

Zhuge Feng let out a scoff.

Chu Li’s previous actions were just to bide his time. He would first match Zhuge Tian’s temperament and make sure no one became suspicious of him. When all was said and done and he finished his little show, it would be time to reap his rewards.

If he really were to wait the next day for Zhuge Feng to make his decision, who knew how many setbacks he would have to go through if he needed to change his mind. The Crouching Bull Mountain might not land in his hands.

As for the secret manual, he made another one. It was indeed the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual but it only had the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique and did not include the Cloud Slashing Power. It might have been greatly reduced.

However, the might of the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique itself was already astonishing enough. He had already merged the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique and the Seven Forms of Godly Swords, and its combined might was far superior to the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique, so handing over the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique did not affect much.

If he wanted to gain something, he would have to offer something first. If he did not bring out the genuine item, it would be very hard to exchange it for the position of Hill Master.

Zhuge Feng frowned silently but suppressed his own curiosity and did not look at the secret manual.

Chu Li said, “This secret manual is a sword technique, called the Cloud Slashing Sword Technique, also called the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual.

“The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual?” Zhuge Feng cried out in surprise.

Chu Li glanced outside the house.

Zhuge Feng hurriedly hushed his voice and leaned forward. “Is it really the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual?”

Chu Li nodded. “I heard that’s what it is called.”

“The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual…” Zhuge Feng muttered lowly.

It was impossible for him not to know about the might of the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual. In the legends, the last time it appeared, it caused an uproar in the martial arts world. It started a bloody hurricane which led to several factions becoming exterminated.

Although the situation ended without a conclusion, it was obvious to what extent people’s desire for the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual.

He would never have thought that the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual the people of the martial arts world so desperately sought after, which had presumably landed in the hands of Chu Li from the Yi Public House would actually be in his son’s hands. Furthermore, it was even cultivated by his son, and right now it was right in front of him!

He never even imagined that something like this would happen. The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual had always felt so out of reach, but it was suddenly so near to him!

Chu Li held out the silk book, “Do you want to see?”

Zhuge Feng fiercely suppressed his impulse and glared at him, “What do you mean by this? Why are you handing over the secret manual?”

Chu Li said calmly, “It has to do with the next Hill Master.”

“You want to be the Hill Master?” frowned Zhuge Feng, “You cannot!”

Chu Li said, “Why can’t I? I am trained in martial arts, and I go to and fro freely in this world, I am unrestrained and free. As for the reason why Crouching Bull Mountain cannot be let go, you should know exactly why!”

“…I know,” scoffed Zhuge Feng, “But do you know just how much of a responsibility Crouching Bull Mountain? Once you take up this responsibility, you will have a lifetime of restlessness!”

“So what?” Chu Li said lightly, “As long as my martial arts is strong enough, it’s no big deal at all!”

Zhuge Feng shook his head, “The Crouching Bull Mountain has internal turmoil and external threats, you should not get tangled in this. You should just live your life free and unfettered!”

“What is internal turmoil?” said Chu Li, “Can it be suppressed by martial arts? What about external threats? Can’t martial arts solve it?”

Zhuge Feng frowned at him.

Chu Li said, “I want to be the Hill Master!”

“…You are exchanging this secret manual for the position of Hill Master?” Zhuge Feng pointed at the secret manual in his hands.

Chu Li nodded. “Yes, I can give this secret manual to Crouching Bull Mountain.”

Zhuge Feng fell silent.

He considered if it were him, would he willingly give away the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual in exchange for gaining the position of Hill Master.

No matter how he thought, he could not.

He would never be willing to hand over the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual. Looks like he still had admiration and love for his mother and wanted to fulfill his mother’s wish to develop and foster Crouching Bull Mountain.

“You are really willing to let it go?” Zhuge Feng said.

Chu Li said lightly, “It is just a sword technique, what is there to be unwilling about. If you want to increase the might of Crouching Bull Mountain, then you need even stronger martial arts! …You really don’t want to have a look?”

Zhuge Feng finally reached out to take the secret manual.

He forcefully resisted his excitement and bit his lip, stroking the antique silk book, impatient to open it and look inside.

After a long while, he slowly put down the silk book and breathed a sigh.

Chu Li lightly said, “How is it?”

“As expected of the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, this is not something everyone can cultivate. It is too complicated.” Zhuge Feng put down the secret manual.

Only extremely intelligence people would be able to cultivate this, they would definitely not even be able to get started if they were not smart enough. The requirements for their innate talents were extremely high, unfortunately, it seemed that the number of people in Crouching Bull Mountain who would actually cultivate this sword technique is not more than three.

He raised his head to look at Chu Li and sighed in his heart.

He never thought that his son would be such a clever person. Looks like he inherited his mother’s intelligence, it was a shame that he did not teach him properly.

Chu Li said, “It wasn’t hard for me to learn, but I don’t know if others would be able to cultivate it. However, its might is certainly astonishing.”

Zhuge Feng slowly nodded. “Since you want to be Hill Master, and you have already handed over the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, I will promise you, the next Hill Master will be you!”

Chu Li said deeply, “I will make Crouching Bull Mountain even stronger!”

This Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual can only be passed down from Hill Master to Hill Master, it cannot be passed to regular disciples,” Zhuge Feng said.

Chu Li frowned. “Why not?”

“It might is too strong. Once it is disseminated, the consequences will be hard to predict,” Zhuge Feng said.

Chu Li shook his head. “The Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual is not that amazing, it is not superior to the martial arts of the four major sects.”

Zhuge Feng scoffed. “That might not be the case! Besides, do you think you can learn the martial arts of the four major sects?”

Chu Li said, “Alright then, just pass it down between Hill Masters… What do I have to know to be the next Hill Master?”

“The fundamentals of Crouching Bull Mountain’s heart technique comes from the Insight of Crouching Bull you must remember the Insight of Crouching Bull!” Zhuge Feng frowned. “However, we only have the first half of the Insight of Crouching Bull.”

“The second half has been lost!”

“The second half in Skyward Palace,” Zhuge Feng said, “That’s why, if you wish to develop and foster Crouching Bull Mountain, you must first snatch the second half back!”

“Skyward Palace…” Chu Li pondered but shook his head. He really never heard of that place before.

Zhuge Feng scoffed. “They are a hidden faction, it was originally founded by a disciple of Crouching Bull Mountain.”

Chu Li asked, “Are they enemies?”

“They are not exactly enemies but they are also enemies,” Zhuge Feng said, “When there is a common enemy, the two will come together and cooperate, but usually we contest against each other secretly, wanting to take away our opponent’s half of the Insight of Crouching Bull.”

Chu Li nodded his head. “They’re like bickering brothers.”

Zhuge Feng said, “Besides Skyward Palace, there is also the Surpassing State.”

Chu Li asked, “Where is the Surpassing State, why haven’t I seen it before?”

“The Surpassing State is a thousand miles away,” Zhuge Feng replied.

Chu Li was startled.

Zhuge Feng said, “Because of the distance, the control the faction has on the Surpassing State has also gradually weakened. Currently, there are two Elders hiding in the Surpassing State who founded their own faction and secretly wants to contend with the other factions!”

Chu Li frowned. “Their martial arts are the strongest?”

Zhuge Feng slowly nodded his head.

Chu Li said, “Then what’s the point of being the Hill Master?”

There were internal turmoil and external threats but if they were overcautious and constrained, they would never be free.

Zhuge Feng glared at him and scoffed. “Being the Hill Master is not as easy as you think!”

Chu Li said, “It’s really no big deal, just that your martial arts is not strong enough. You should try cultivating this sword technique. If it really cannot be done, then I’ll act.”

Zhuge Feng said slowly, “Tomorrow I will announce you as the next Hill Master and pass on the Insight of Crouching Bull to you!”

Chu Li nodded. “Alright, I’m leaving.”

Without even waiting for Zhuge Feng’s reply, he turned and left the bedchamber, fluttering away.

Zhuge Feng remained unmoving, in thought, and lowered his head to look at the Cloud Slashing Treasure Manual, his expression deep.