White Robed Chief Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Actual Situation

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Xia Liyan looked at Zhuge Feng.

Zhuge Feng remained silent.

Xia Liyan also said nothing.

Chu Li kept quiet too as he looked at Hu Huarong and Lu Tianji.

Hu Huarong’s cultivation level was superior to Zhuge Feng’s, whereas Lu Tianji was just slightly weaker than Zhuge Feng, which was rare for his age.

As he was observing the two of them, they were also looking at him.

They noticed that Chu Li’s spiritual energy was normal, just an ordinary cultivation level, far more inferior than Lu Tianji’s, so they no longer paid attention to him and turned to Zhuge Feng instead.

“Hill Master, is Tianji not qualified enough?” Hu Huarong stroked his silver beard and smiled. “Among the younger disciples of the Crouching Bull Mountain, no one can compare to Tianji’s cultivation level. Their mind and aptitude are all inferior to Tianji, that’s why the next Hill Master should be none other than Tianji.”

“That’s…” Zhuge Feng hesitated.

He was thinking of a way to explain tactfully and euphemistically so as to not put Hu Huarong on the spot. He did not want to let the circumstances between the Surpassing State and Crouching Bull Mountain become even tenser.

Hu Huarong glanced at Chu Li. “This young man is…?”

Xia Liyan replied, “He is Young Lord Zhuge Tian.”

“Hehe, so he is the Young Lord.” Hu Huarong observed Chu Li and nodded his head. “A talented person indeed!”

Xia Liyan cleared his throat. “Elder Hu, we want the Young Lord to take over the position as Hill Master.”

“Oh…?” Hu Huarong moved his eyebrows and chuckled. “Do you really want to do that?”

He looked at Zhuge Feng and smiled. “The position of Hill Master cannot be given away for private reasons. The Hill Master may be affectionate towards Madam, but he cannot let the Young Lord succeed his position just for this reason. The essential criteria for the position of Hill Master is a person’s martial arts after all.”

“Indeed.” Xia Liyan hurriedly nodded and looked at Lu Tianji.

He was estimating whether Lu Tianji’s cultivation level could exceed the Young Lord’s.

This Lu Tianji could not be underestimated, being superior to himself at such a young age. If the Young Lord did not appear, he would definitely be a suitable candidate as the next Hill Master

It was a shame the Young Lord is here now, Lu Tianji was unfortunately born at the wrong time!

Hu Huarong said, “Why are the newer generations of our Crouching Bull Mountain not as good as the older ones, I think that the root of this cause would be the Hill Master. The succeeding Hill Masters are becoming much more inferior than the previous ones, how can Crouching Bull Mountain be restored to its former glory?”

Zhuge Feng’s expression darkened and he scoffed. “Elder Hu, I know that my cultivation level is low and it is a disgrace to the Crouching Bull Mountain.”

Hu Huarong waved his hand and shook his head. “We cannot blame the Hill Master for this, we can only blame the Skyward Palace. However, the Heavens have finally answered our prayers and the Crouching Bull Mountain finally obtained a genius. If Tianji becomes the Hill Master, the revitalization of the Crouching Bull Mountain would be just around the corner!”

Xia Liyan replied, “But, the Young Lord…”

Hu Huarong waved his hand, “I know that the Young Lord is the Madam’s son and the Hill Master has a deep affection for Madam. However, he is only doing this for the Young Lord because he loves the Madam. Letting the Young Lord take over the Hill Master position would indeed comfort the Madam’s spirit in Heaven, but the position of Hill Master is extremely important and cannot be decided on based on personal feelings. The Madam would not let the Hill Master do so even if she was alive!”

Zhuge Feng frowned deeply, feeling unhappy.

He could not tolerate others being disrespectful towards his own Madam and Hu Huarong had that meaning in his tone, which made him feel disgusted.

Xia Liyan said, “So based on what Elder Hu had stated, the next Hill Master has to be the strongest in martial arts, right?”

“Exactly!” Hu Huarong nodded his head. “Of course, one must also not have a poor mentality, lest people say that the Hill Master of Crouching Bull Mountain is a fool and disgrace Crouching Bull Mountain’s reputation!”

“So Elder Hu thinks that Lu Tianji will definitely win against the Young Lord?” Xia Liyan asked.

Hu Huarong was startled and then he burst into laughter. “Why, Young Xia has other opinions? It is absolutely clear!”

Xia Liyan shook his head. “That might not be the case. In my opinion, Lu Tianji is not the Young Lord’s opponent!”

“Hehe…” Hu Huarong smiled. “Being biased towards the Young Lord because of Madam again. The next Hill Master would determine the future of the Crouching Bull Mountain, we have to treat this matter with extreme prudence, not by using our feelings!”

“How about this,” Xia Liyan said, “There would be no conclusion if we keep on talking, why not let Lu Tianji and Young Lord compete in a match and the victor will be the next Hill Master. What do you think, Elder Hu? …Would this be fair enough?”

“Oh, that’s not a bad idea,” Hu Huarong nodded his head lightly, looking at Chu Li as if deep in thought.

Lu Tianji also carefully looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li stood there lazily, looking at them with a particular interest.

“Alright, then let them have a match tomorrow!” Hu Huarong laughed. “Come to the martial arts field in the mountains tomorrow and let everyone witness it.”

“Very good.” Xia Liyan nodded quickly and closed fist saluted towards Zhuge Feng. “Hill Master, what are your thoughts?”

Zhuge Feng looked at Lu Tianji and then at Chu Li and sighed. “Very well, victory or defeat through martial arts would be the fairest choice. The loser would have nothing left to say.”

“Hehe, looks like the Young Lord’s martial arts is fearsome, for Young Xia and the Hill Master to be so confident,” Hu Huarong said while smiling, “We would have to see the Young Lord’s abilities then, I am also curious about it.”

Chu Lu yawned lazily and saluted with closed fists. “If there is nothing else, I shall return to take a nap.”

“Go, just go.” Zhuge Feng waved his hand.

Xia Liyan closed fist saluted.

Chu Li nodded and left lazily, ignoring both Hu Huarong and Lu Tianji.

Hu Huarong smiled as he stroked his beard, but in his heart, he was secretly angry.

Lu Tianji thoughtfully looked at his back.

By the time the two of them returned to Hu Huarong’s courtyard, the sun had already set. The courtyard was dyed rose red and the two people sat beside the stone table in the courtyard.

Although Hu Huarong lived in the Surpassing State, he still kept this small courtyard and had people clean the place every day.

“Master, we had arrived exactly in time.” Lu Tianji offered Hu Huarong a cup of tea and sat across him. “The Hill Master’s heavy injuries have not yet recovered, so he intends to assign the Young Lord as the next Hill Master.”

Hu Huarong said, “The Young Master is a rich playboy, how could he be the next Hill Master!”

“Judging by Elder Xia’s expression, this Young Lord definitely has some hidden abilities,” Lu Tianji sipped his tea and said in a deep voice, “His cultivation level might be impressive!”

“Young Xia does not have any schemes.” Hu Huarong laughed. “Since he looks up to the Young Lord so much, the Young Lord’s martial arts would not be too weak, but no matter how strong he is, how could he possibly be stronger than you? He has never entered the Surpassing State, but you grew up in the Surpassing State!”

Lu Tianji shook his head. “Sometimes a person’s aptitude can make up for this, Master, I would like to find out his actual situation at night.”

“Oh, it is not bad to be cautious,” Hu Huarong said, “Go see if he really has some hidden ability!”

“If I am no match for him, then I would have to count on Master.” Lu Tianji smiled.

Hu Huarong laughed. “Don’t worry, if you are no match for him, I will secretly harm him, but if he is weaker than you, then you will beat him fair and square.”

“Yes.” Lu Tianji nodded and smiled.

Hu Huarong sighed. “I really do not want to use such tricks, but Zhuge Feng has really disappointed us!”

Lu Tianji said, “Master, I will definitely restore Crouching Bull Mountain to its formal glory!”

“Hm, our hope is on you!” Hu Huarong spirit rallied and he chuckled. “If I can see Crouching Bull Mountain regain its fame before I die, I will be able to smile towards our ancestors after death!”

“Rest assured, Master!” Lu Tianji replied.

Hu Huarong pat his shoulder and showed a pleased expression.

Lu Tianji took a big gulp, placed down his teacup and stood up. “I shall go now!”

“Go.” Hu Huarong laughed. “Take a good look at his actual situation!”

Lu Tianji saluted with closed fists, turned around and left.