White Robed Chief Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Crippled Martial Arts

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As he arrived at Chu Li’s courtyard, he saw Qiao San standing by the entrance.

“I am Lu Tianji, greetings to Elder Qiao. I would like to meet the Young Lord and discuss with the Young Lord about tomorrow’s competition.” Lu Tianji closed fist saluted.

Qiao San sneered coldly. “The Young Lord is cultivating, no visitors allowed.”

Lu Tianji smiled. “For the Young Lord to be cultivating now, isn’t it a little too late?”

“Do you really think that the Young Lord is practicing just to deal with you?” Qiao San said snappishly, “The Young Lord has always been cultivating, don’t flatter yourself!”

“Why is Elder Qiao showing such hostility towards me.” Lu Tianji shook his head. “Even if I were to become the Hill Master, I would not do anything to the Young Lord, considering on behalf of the previous Hill Master, Elder Qiao worries too much!”

“You are still not the Hill Master!” Qiao San laughed. “You already consider yourself to be the Hill Master, our future Hill Master will be our Young Lord!”

Lu Tianji shook his head. “The Young Lord is no match for me.”

“Haha!” Qiao San laughed loudly. “Lu Tianji, you are so arrogant, it is ridiculous!”

Lu Tianji replied, “I am just being honest, I am not being arrogant.”

“Let him in.” Chu Li’s voice was heard.

“Yes, Young Master,” Qiao San bowed down, and said with a darkened expression, “Come in!”

Lu Tianji smiled and closed fist saluted, then he pushed open the courtyard door and entered.

Chu Li returned his sword into its sheath, sat down at the stone table and gestured opposite of him. “Sit down and have a talk.”

Lu Tianji sat opposite him and smiled. “The Young Lord is interesting to do sword training at this time.”

“I was bored but at least it is better than meeting a boring person like you,” Chu Li replied lazily.

“Why are you here? I don’t think we’ve met each other before, so there is nothing to talk about anyway?”

Lu Tianji nodded. “We are from the same sect, so we would naturally have a connection. Why is the Young Lord being so distant?”

“I despise self-righteous people like you!” Chu Li shook his head. “As if you are a specially privileged one and everyone has to follow your orders.”

“The Young Lord is speaking too seriously,” Lu Tianji said, “If others are correct, I will also listen to them. In this world, principles are principles. It will not change because of people.”

“Fine then, so why are you here?” Chu Li waved his hand. “I have no time to chat aimlessly with you!”

Lu Tianji asked, “Does the Young Lord feel competent enough to take the position as Hill Master?”

“What does me being competent have to do with you?” Chu Li said lazily.

Lu Tianji indicated disapproval. “The Masters had high hopes towards the Hill Master, but the Hill Master had disappointed the Masters. The Suppressing State is being defiant towards the sect’s orders because they were too disappointed.”

Chu Li scoffed. “So what about it, the Hill Master is the Hill Master, people who are dissatisfied with the Hill Master can just disobey, then just simply dismiss the faction, and everyone can go their own way.”

“As the Hill Master, one must have outstanding martial arts to be able to restrain everyone.” Lu Tianji shook his head. “The current Hill Master’s cultivation level is very ordinary, which dragged down the Crouching Bull Mountain!”

“So, your Master wants the position?” Chu Li questioned.

Lu Tianji hurriedly waved his hand. “My Master would never usurp the position! …But to re-elect a Hill Master, it is imperative. My aptitude is not bad, so the Masters feel that I am most suitable to become Hill Master.”

“They had already made a mistake in the past, who knows if you would become the next Zhuge Feng?” Chu Li said lightly.

Lu Tianji said slowly, “I will not disappoint my Masters.”

Chu Li scoffed. “Have you finished talking? If you are, then scram!”

Lu Yianji faced his cold expression but did not act in anger at all. In fact, he showed a small smile. “I heard a piece of news, I don’t know if I should tell this to the Young Lord.”

He never thought that even all these words could not entice Zhuge Tian to act. Looks like that father and son’s relationship with each other was really indifferent. He would have to come up with a new attack target to be able to anger Zhuge Tian!

“What news?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Tianji shook his head and sighed. “Nevermind, it would be better not to say it.”

“Then forget it.” Chu Li stood up.

Lu Tianji said, “Yet, I feel that it would be good for the Young Lord to know.”

Chu Li picked up his sword and strapped it to his waist, preparing to leave.

Lu Tianji asked, “Does the Young Lord know why the Hill Master was being so cold to the Young Lord all these years?”

Chu Li glanced at him. “You know?”

The Hill Master has a deep affection for the Madam, everyone knows this,” Lu Tianji said, “However, why would the Hill Master treat the child he made together with the Madam so indifferently and coldly, and allow him to emerge and perish on his own, do you think this makes sense?”

“Mother had a difficult labor, she died because of me,” Chu Li said.

Lu Tianji shook his head. “The Madam died because it was Heaven’s will, how can the Young Lord be blamed for it? The Hill Master should have understood this and already forgiven the Young Lord long ago, but why has he not undone the knot in his heart and hate the Young Lord so much?”

Chu Li laughed. “You know?”

“It is because the Young Lord is not the flesh and blood of the Hill Master!” Lu Tianji revealed.

Chu Li startled but immediately shook his head. “You are quite good at making up stories. To be able to come up with something like this in just an instant, it must have been hard for you!”

If it were the real Zhuge Tian, he would certainly have become desperate. For the pure mother in his eyes to be slandered by words of unfaithfulness and disloyalty, who would he not go mad with rage!

“The Young Lord does not believe me?” Lu Tianji said, “Then why don’t we let everyone judge for themselves if it is true or false?”

Chu Li said, “You want to agitate me to make the first move and investigate my actual situation, right?”

He saw through Lu Tianji’s thoughts long ago.

This statement was made up by Lu Tianji but if it were to spread and cause a ruckus, Zhuge

Feng would undoubtedly lose his dignity, and as a Young Lord, his position would also become awkward.

This rumor would be malicious.

Lu Tianji smiled. “I heard of this from others too, I guess it is not far from the truth.”

“Your Master?” Chu Li slowly pulled out his long sword. “He personally said it?”

“About that… it is not my Master” Lu Tianji shook his head.

Chu Li lightly shook his longsword. “Then I shall fulfill your request, and let you witness my capability.”

As he finished talking, the sword tip was stabbed towards Lu Tianji’s throat, as if it had pierced through the constraints of space. The sword had already reached its target in a short movement, without going through the middle process.

Lu Tianji took a step back and leaned backwards, trying to avoid the sword tip.

“Thwack!” the sword tip plunged down, puncturing his Dantian, and was swiftly pulled out.

“Ah!” Lu Tianji could not help screaming.

Chu Li shook his longsword, the body of the sword bright as new, and returned the sword to its sheath.

His watched the Lu Tianji who was staring with wide eyes and cupping his Dantian in disbelief, “I’ll let you remember clearly this time, to let you know that these things should not be spoken carelessly, as the saying goes, ‘trouble comes from the mouth’, understand?”

“You… you…” Lu Tianji felt that his inner energy leaking rapidly and felt frightened and disbelief.

He had been certain that Chu Li could not do anything to him. Even if Chu Li were to take action due to anger, he would still be safe.

Martial arts was his foundation for everything. Without martial arts, it would be over for him, all his great plans and ambitions would come to naught!

Chu Li said, “Your injuries are not heavy. After you recover from your injuries and cultivate for another few years, your martial arts will recover. You are still young, it is no big matter if your martial arts become crippled, …You will have to change your attitude too, the martial arts world is sinister, you would eventually suffer a big loss due to your behavior. Alright, I will not send

you out, go home by yourself!”

He said afterwards, “Qiao San, let’s go!”

“Yes, Young Lord!” Qiao San hurriedly replied.

Qiao San was secretly upset as he could not stop him in time and could only watch as the Young Lord crippled Lu Tianji’s martial arts. He trembled in fear as he thought of Hu Huarong.