White Robed Chief Chapter 660

Chapter 660 Crippled Again

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Just as Lu Tianji was about to speak, a bright light flashed, and a frigidness entered his throat as if was being frozen, preventing him from uttering a sound.

His reaction was fast, and he instinctively retreated before raising his head.

“Thunk!” Chu Li pulled out the sword and likewise took a step back, drawing the tip of the sword out of Lu Tianji’s Dantian.

Chu Li took a step back and lightly flicked the sword. The sword flashed cruelly under the sun as he returned it to its sheath before calmly turning to look at Lu Tianji.

Lu Tianji grasped his abdomen with eyes wide open.

“You!” Hu Huarong fiercely slammed the stone table.

“Bam!” Cracks spread across the stone table before it collapsed into a heap.

Hu Huarong glared viciously at Chu Li, his body trembling in anger.

Chu Li smiled. “That’s better. If your martial arts have been crippled, then keep it that way, and cultivate from the start all over again. Only after hardening yourself will you be able to succeed in the future!”

“Zhuge Tian!” Hu Huarong’s lips trembled as his body shook. “You… How dare you!”

Chu Li replied, “I’m still no match for your disciple. He wanted to plot against me, and even insulted my late mother. Not killing him is already mercy on my part – mostly due to the friendship we share from being in the same sect. If he were a disciple from any other sect, he would have died long ago!”

“You… You dare to hurt him in front of my eyes!” Hu Huarong roared, “Do you even have any respect for me!”

Chu Li said, “Does Elder Hu show any respect toward my late mother? To insult one’s ancestors the moment he opens his mouth, that is something that you taught your disciple, Elder Hu. You constantly use unscrupulous methods to get what you want!”

Hu Huarong scoffed. “I am her senior, why can’t I say a few things about her?”

“You take advantage of your seniority to go against the Hill Master’s orders. You are the cause behind the Crouching Bull Mountain’s decay!” Sneered Chu Li. “Just because your cultivation level is high and you have lived long, you think that you can order people about. You think that you can make the Hill Master listen to you, and even intend to become the next Hill Master yourself… You are all bark and no bite! You say that everything is done for Crouching Bull Mountain, but in reality, you just want to expand your power and influence. Does someone like you have the right to talk about my late mother?”

“Alright… Alright, I’ll do some cleanup on behalf of the Hill Master today!” Hu Huarong’s killing intent was evident. His disciple had been crippled right in front of him. If he did not act, how would he be able to show his face anymore?

Chu Li sneered. “I am the next Hill Master. You dare try to kill me?”

“From today onward, you are no longer the Hill Master!” Hu Huarong growled and fiercely threw a punch. It was the Crouching Bull Punch.

Chu Li scoffed. “In that case, you can keep your disciple company!”

He evaded the Crouching Bull Punch with a leap, swiftly appearing behind Hu Huarong. Then, he struck out with his sword.

Hu Huarong leaned back to avoid the blade. His figure fiercely swelled, and his aura suddenly seemed to expand.

He almost seemed to transform into a green bull. His head tilted downward to display his horns, then he unleashed a great roar at the sky, almost as though he was trying to shake the Heavens. An intangible wave seemed to permeate through the air, growing denser by the second.

Chu Li raised his eyebrow. Had this person completed the cultivation of the Crouching Bull Power?

Chu Li scoffed as the light from the sword converged swiftly. Moments later, the overflowing glint of the blade transformed into something as bright as a lone star during a winter’s night, instantly thrusting toward Hu Huarong’s throat.

Hu Huarong’s inner energy was turbulent. Even though his original movements were swifter than a monkey’s, his reactions now exceeded even that. Endless amounts of energy diffused into his body, and he struck the tip of the sword downward with his palm.

The tip of the sword sank fiercely, before suddenly speeding, instantly piercing Hu Huarong’s Dantian.

“Moo…” A dull cow-like sound rang through the air.

Hu Huarong’s clothes billowed and the sword stopped in its tracks. It could not pierce the flesh, as if there was a formless energy which was blocking the tip of the sword.

Chu Li raised his eyebrows, and his inner energy froze.

“Clang…” The sword started to vibrate lightly before suddenly sinking.

“How dare you!” Hu Huarong roared as his eyes widened.

Chu Li pulled out his sword and retreated, flicking his sword lightly until the shiny blade was no longer stained with blood. Then, he returned it to its sheath.

“Master!” Shouted Lu Tianji.

Hu Huarong looked up at the sky and roared. The large aura from his body rapidly disappeared, his clothes began to cling to his body, and the wrinkles on his face gradually increased, as if he had aged twenty years in an instant.

“Master!” Lu Tianji hurriedly rushed forward to help his master up and quickly pressed on his Dantian. However, since he himself had lost his inner energy, his finger force had no effect at all.

He quickly took out his vulnerary but noticed that Hu Huarong’s wound was not bleeding, as if he was not injured at all.

Hu Huarong once had white hair and a youthful complexion, but he now looked old and clumsy. His vigorous energy from before had all but disappeared, and he was left looking like an old man with one foot in the grave.

Chu Li asked, “Had Elder Hu successfully cultivated the Crouching Bull Power?”

Hu Huarong’s eyes were dim, and looked he replied numbly, “Crouching Bull Power? Hehe!”

Chu Li read his mind and found that it was indeed the Crouching Bull Power, but he was never able to fully cultivate it as he did not have enough aptitude for it. Furthermore, even though his Crouching Bull Power was very impressive, it was still incomplete and was lacking something.

The sound of clothes fluttering was heard as Chu Li turned his head to see Zhuge Feng and the six elders hurrying toward them.

They rushed here after hearing Hu Huarong’s roar.

The reason they did not come earlier was to avoid arousing suspicion, lest Hu Huarong took the opportunity to scold them. They were sure that even if Chu Li started a fight, he would not be in any danger, and would be able to escape.

What they never expected to hear was Hu Huarong’s roar, as the roar meant that he was in a difficult position and would most likely suffer a loss.

Zhuge Feng and the others arrived in front of them and closed fist saluted. “Elder Hu!”

They immediately noticed the difference in Hu Huarong’s complexion. He did not look like someone who had cultivated martial arts, it was as if his cultivation level had depleted completely. He looked old and frail, and his life force was weak.

“Elder Hu, what happened?” Zhuge Feng asked hurriedly.

“What happened? Haha!” Hu Huarong looked upward and laughed. “I was blinded, serves me right to end up like this!”

Zhuge Feng turned to look at Chu Li. “What has happened?”

Chu Li said lazily, “Nothing much, Elder Hu wanted to accompany his disciple and have his martial arts crippled so that he could cultivate from scratch again. Their relationship between master and disciple is really deep, I greatly admire him!”

“You-!” Lu Tianji glared at him coldly.

Chu Li continued, “That’s why I had to fulfill Elder Hu’s wish, to make the great story come true.”

“You crippled Elder Hu’s martial arts?!” Cried Zhuge Feng.

Chu Li lazily nodded.

“Vile spawn!” Zhuge Feng scolded furiously, “How could you be so reckless!”

Chu Li sighed. “It was my mistake. Elder Hu, do not take offense!”

“Elder Hu!” Zhuge Feng secretly felt very pleased, but his expression was bitter. “It is my fault for not teaching my child properly, that he now caused such a disaster. I hope that Elder Hu will not argue with someone like him. Please take care of yourself, and do not get angry and hurt your body!”

“Haha…” Hu Huarong waved his hand, pushing away Lu Tianji’s support, and sighed as he shook his head. “I have worked hard my entire life for this sect, only to reach such an end. I feel sorry for myself!”

He looked at everyone and frowned. “This young master that you people have recommended had used such a vicious trick. I am afraid that my fate might one day fall on all of you as well!”

Chu Li chuckled. “Elder Hu is a lot tamer now. You rely on your age to tyrannically abuse your power and build yourself up in the Surpassing State. However, the elders are not that tolerant. The bigger you are, the harder you fall. You should have known that you would one day end up in a predicament like this!”

“Zhuge Tian, I will never agree to make you the next Hill Master!” Growled Hu Huarong in a deep voice.

Chu Li smirked. “It is better for you to stay here and let your body recover, don’t go anywhere.”

“What are you trying to do!” Hu Huarong said coldly.

Chu Li replied, “You no longer have to return to the Suppressing State. You are old now. It is time to return to your homeland.”

“Hill Master, is this your idea or your son’s?” Hu Huarong gawked at Zhuge Feng and exclaimed.