White Robed Chief Chapter 662

Chapter 662 Heavy Punishment

Chapter 662: Heavy Punishment
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He vaguely felt that something was not right, like there was a hidden party acting from the shadows. It felt like someone was defaming the young master on purpose, taking digs at the young master, and inciting enmity among the disciples to obstruct the young master from ascending the throne.

He did not know who it was, but after much thought, he figured that it could not be Duan Wuya, as Duan Wuya did not have the mind and courage to do such a thing. However, it should not be Murong Liang either. Who exactly was it?

Chu Dazhi stared at Li Weiran furiously. “These people are out of their minds!”

“Don’t meddle in this affair.” Zhou Hange shook his head and said, “Let them say what they want, don’t get associated in this.”

“I’m just worried that if this goes one, the elders won’t be able to repress them.” Chu Dazhi scoffed and said, “We can’t just beat them up, can we? Even if we teach them a lesson, it won’t change their minds!”

“Someone is stirring up trouble on purpose.” Zhou Hange shook his head. “I’ll return and inform my father about this, and they’ll carry out a detailed investigation to drag this person out. I can’t believe they’re such an abominable person to use rumors to slander others!”

“That’s right, drag that person out!” Chu Dazhi nodded.

Suddenly, a young disciple ran into the restaurant and called out, “Elder Jin has returned!”

Everyone looked over immediately.

Most of the disciples, who were Innate Masters, entered the Surpassing State once a year, during which time they stayed there for a month. During that period, they received personal guidance from the two elders, so they had a sense of gratitude toward both of them. This was why they were dissatisfied about Chu Li obliterating the martial arts of Elder Hu.

When the people heard that another elder from the Surpassing State, Jin Ye had arrived, they were instantly energized. They felt that they would certainly seek justice for Elder Hu and punish the young master so that he would not act like such an outlaw anymore.

Zhou Hange frowned and sighed to himself. “This is going to be troublesome.”

Chu Dazhi said, “Brother Chu, let us go meet the young master.”

“… Yes.” Zhou Hange nodded.

The two of them went downstairs and ran straight to Chu Li’s courtyard, When they arrived outside the courtyard, they found Qiao San guarding the entrance.

When Qiao San saw them, he nodded.

“Does the young master know that Elder Jin has arrived?” Chu Dazhi quickly asked.

Qiao San nodded.

“Then why is the young master doing by not hiding immediately?” Chu Dazhi said out loud.

Chu Li’s voice was heard from inside, “What’s the hurry? Mind your own business, stop worrying for nothing!”

Chu Dazhi replied, “Young Master, Elder Jin is the best master in our sect!”

“I was just thinking about experiencing the abilities of this master myself!” Chu Li said.

Chu Dazhi continued, “Elder Jin has extremely high prestige, if you defeat him, it won’t end up well either, the people will only hate you more, Young Master!”

Chu Li scoffed softly and did not say anything else.

Qiao San said softly, “You should return first, the young master knows what to do.”

Zhou Hange sighed. “Young Master, be careful, Elder Jin is intimidating and overbearing.”

“Yes.” Chu Li’s sound was heard.

After the two of them left, Qiao San said, “Young Master, how about you listen to the Hill Master? Hide from that old fellow for now!”

“Come in!” Chu Li said.

Qiao San immediately pushed open the door and entered.

Chu Li stood in the courtyard with his hands behind his back, he thought for a while, “I’ll listen to you this time around, I’ll be leaving for a while!”

“Thank you, Young Master!” Qiao San was overjoyed.

Chu Li said, “If that man with the surname Jin gets too savage, I’ll teach him a lesson when I return!”

Qiao San waved his hand hurriedly, “If you do anything to Elder Jin, it’ll mean becoming an enemy to all the disciples in the sect. You must never do that!”

Chu Li scoffed. “They’re just trash!”

Qiao San said with a bitter smile, “Young Master, you shouldn’t say such things!”

Chu Li replied, “I’m too lazy for this nonsense, I’ll teach them a good lesson in the future. I shall leave first!”

“Young Master, a few days of hiding will be good enough. Elder Jin won’t stay for long, he still has to return to the Surpassing State.” Qiao San continued softly, “He’ll no doubt be worried about the Surpassing State, afraid that the Hill Master will urge him to stay just like how he did Elder Hu.”

“Elder Hu cannot be let go.” Chu Li said.

Qiao San said, “That’ll be up to the Hill Master.”

Chu Li waved his hand and leaped over the top of the wall, then he vanished.

The main hall was dim as rays of the setting sun shone on the windows. The entire room looked gloomy.

Other than the seven men including Zhuge Feng, there was another short and small round-faced elder who looked drowsy-eyed, as if he was struggling to open his eyes. However, the look in those sleepy carried a powerful presence, such that his very presence was intimidating.

Even as he faced seven men alone, his imposing aura was overpowering. He asked coldly, “Tell me, how are we going to punish the young master?”

“Elder Jin, the young master is not at much fault.” Murong Chun said, “Lu Tianji truly went overboard, as he humiliated the young master’s deceased mother. Anybody else would’ve done the same thing.”

“Attacking is not a big deal, but obliterating one’s martial art.” Ji Ye said coldly, “If he’s not heavily punished for being so merciless to people from the same sect, then what precedent does it set for the other disciples? The disintegration of Crouching Bull Mountain will be sure to follow!”

Before the others could speak, he continued in a hoarse voice, “More importantly, he went against a superior. How dare he obliterate an elder’s martial art? How can elders like you tolerate something like that? Could any disciple just attack you as they wish without fear of repercussions?”

“But Elder Hu, he…” Murong Chun tried to interrupt.

Ji Ye waved his hand, “Regardless of the reason, as a disciple of Crouching Bull Mountain, those who dare offend their superiors and injure their elders are committing a great offense! Do we all agree on this?”

“Elder Jin, what you said is right. Indeed, he must be punished heavily!” Zhuge Feng nodded his head slowly and said.

Everyone looked at him anxiously.

Although Jin Ye was right, the matter was not as simple as it sounded, it involved a fight to be the next Hill Master. Moreover, they had already taken the lead and used dirty tricks, which brought trouble upon themselves.

Jin Ye nodded. “I say he deserves punishment. What do you say?”

Everyone looked serious as they did not reply.

Ji Ye continued, “Ban him from becoming the heir of the next Hill Master.”

Everyone’s eyes widened when they heard this.

Jin Ye waved his hand and scoffed as he said, “I’m not done yet!”

He had such a frightful presence that everyone subconsciously shut up.

Jin Ye said, “Obliterate his martial arts!”

He waved his hand again to signal at them to keep quiet. “And banish him from the Crouching Bull Mountain!”

“Elder Jin, the punishment is too severe!” Murong Chun shook his head.

Jin Ye scoffed and said, “He has been so irresponsible and unruly. Is he really qualified to be the next Hill Master? Those that injure people from their own sects will be obliterated of their martial arts, those that offend their superiors will be banished from Crouching Bull Mountain, these are the rules of the sects that have been clearly stated. Don’t tell me you’re being biased?”

Murong Chun quickly said, “Elder Jin, everything that happens has its reason, where appropriate, we can mitigate his punishments.”

“Regardless of what the reasons are, rules are rules!” Jin Ye scoffed. “If everything that happens has its cause, where do our sect rules stand then? Can he stand above the rules simply because he’s the young master?”

Xia Liyan said, “Elder Jin, although the young master is at fault, he has been honorable to Crouching Bull Mountain. If you punish him so mercilessly, it would be rather disappointing.”

“Merits can’t offset faults.” Jin Ye shook his head and said, “This applies to everyone, even if I’m the one who violates the sect rules, I’ll have to be punished accordingly, there can be no exceptions!”

Everyone was speechless.

Jin Ye said, “It’s decided, Hill Master, do you have any disagreement?”

“Forget about his martial arts, just banish him from the sect.” Zhuge Feng said faintly.

Jin Ye said, “He violated two serious offenses, the sect rules are there to punish him accordingly. Is this favoritism, Hill Master?”

Zhuge Feng responded, “In order to save me, he used an Adversity Surpassing Pill, that should offset one of his offenses, shouldn’t it?”

“Alright, if that’s the case, banish him from the sect straightaway!” Jin Ye said coldly.

Everyone else quietly sighed to themselves, but they responded with silence.

Jin Ye called out, “Messengers, bring Zhuge Tian over!”

“Yes!” Two middle-aged men with purple clothes who were waiting outside the hall responded in low tones before immediately gliding over to Chu Li’s courtyard.