White Robed Chief Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Manifestation Of Nature

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After a brief moment, the two middle-aged men in purple clothes returned to the entrance of the main hall. They gave fist salutes and said with a hoarse voice, “Elders, Zhuge Tian has already escaped, his personal scribe Qiao San was there. We’ve already brought him over, he’s in your hands, elders!”

“Qiao San, come in!” Ji Ye said in a low tone.

Qiao San strode into the main hall and greeted them with a fist salute, then he stood aside respectfully.

“What’s going on, Qiao San, where’s Zhuge Tian?” Ji Ye scoffed and said, his expression was so gloomy and cold like a winter snowstorm.

Qiao San replied respectfully, “Reporting to Elder Jin. The young master has left the mountain to travel.”

“Left the mountain?” Jin Ye humphed, “When was this?”

“He left not long before you arrived at the mountain, Elder Jin. It was very coincidental.” Qiao San replied.

“Hmph, you know that it’s coincidental!” Ji Ye sneered, “He probably heard the news and escaped, am I right?”

Qiao San shook his head. “The young master had no idea that Elder Jin was coming over.”

“Where did he go?” Jin Ye scoffed and asked, “Are you going to say that you don’t know?”

Qiao San replied, “The young master said that he’ll travel within the borders of Yi Public House. If he feels like it, he’ll pay a visit to Skyward Palace too!”

“Pay a visit to Skyward Palace?” Jin Ye sneered then shook his head. “What lofty ambitions.”

Everyone looked at him in confusion.

Jin Ye stared at them and asked, “He’s planning to snatch half of the insight of the Crouching Bull Mountain, isn’t he?”

Everyone nodded.

Jin Ye scoffed and said, “Based on what I know, a legendary genius lies within Skyward Palace, who has yet come into the world for a long time, if he did he’ll amaze the world. If he’s planning to challenge him at his place, he’ll just be seeking his own downfall!”

“Who is this legendary genius?” Murong Chun asked.

Jin Ye shook his head and said, “I’m clueless about his name too, in short, it’s a powerful figure. In any case, Zhuge Tian has made his escape, if that’s the case, let us just announce the news right away – he’s banished from the sect!”

Xia Liyan said with a hoarse voice, “Elder Jin, from what I see, there’s no need to rush in announcing this matter. We can always wait for the young master to return!”

Jin Ye looked at Xia Liyan with his sleepy eyes. “Young Xia, you’re trying to take advantage of the situation when I leave, am I right?”

Xia Liyan waved his hand and said with a smile, “Elder Jin, what’s the rush for you to return, just wait for a while. The young master doesn’t usually take long when he leaves the mountain to travel. He’ll return in half a month!”

“Half a month…” Jin Ye sneered and said, “If anyone secretly sends him news, I’m afraid that he won’t return even after one whole month! Furthermore, if I leave the Surpassing State, what happens if something goes wrong!”

“The formation will protect each other. What can go wrong?” Xia Liyan said lazily, “Elder Jin, you’re too tense. It’s decided then, stay here for a while. In the meantime, we can listen to your teachings in person too!”

“Elder Hu is already staying, you should accompany him, Elder Jin. If he feels lonely due to his new condition, you might be able to help him.” Murong Chun said.

Jin Ye glanced at everyone then scoffed and said, “Don’t play any tricks on me. Without me, none of you can enter the Surpassing State!”

“We know, we know.” Everyone nodded and said at once.

Chu Li reappeared in the backyard of the Ren Public House.

The setting sun painted the backyard a rose-like shade. Dressed in white clothing, Lu Yurong was leaping around as she practiced her palm technique. Her movements were delicate and graceful, making her look like a fairy as she flew around. She seemed otherworldly, like a pure and mystical being that had visited the Earth with absolutely zero bad intentions.

Upon seeing Chu Li, the nine beautiful maids of Lu Yurong glanced at him faintly, then they looked away as if they had not seen him at all.

Lu Yurong leaped gently from about ten feet away, then she landed in the gazebo and sat in front of Chu Li.

A faint fragrance tickled the tip of his nose, which was very refreshing. Chu Li smiled and looked at her.

“You won’t come to me if you don’t have anything to ask of me. Why are you here?” Lu Yurong forced a smile and looked at him with her clear eyes.

Chu Li shook his head and sighed. “Seriously, nothing happened, I’m just here to visit.”

Lu Yurong chuckled. “I get it, it’s because of Xiao Qi.”

Chu Li looked at her helplessly.

Lu Yurong continued, “Xiao Qi is practicing the Regal Sword Scripture. Could she have already cultivated it?”

“You know about the Regal Sword Scripture too?” Chu Li was stunned.

“Hmph, how can I not know about it!” Lu Yurong’s eyes turned cold. “Both Xiao Qi’s mother and aunt obtained it from the ancient relic. It’s a top-notch antique study lost in history, if it wasn’t for the Regal Sword Scripture, I would have killed Xiao Qi from the start!”

Chu Li shook his head. “You have serious killing intent! Anyway, the Regal Sword Scripture requires one to cut off all ties to love. Do you have any idea how to crack it?”

Lu Yurong laughed abruptly, it almost sounded seductive.

Chu Li looked at her angrily.

Lu Yurong laughed so hard that she teared up. She wiped the corner of her eyes and finally stopped, but by now her previously snow-white face was flushed red, making her look even more stunning.

“You lost to the Regal Sword Scripture!” Lu Yurong laughed and said, “This is simply too interesting!”

Chu Li scoffed and said, “I don’t think this is interesting at all!”

“Alright.” Lu Yurong tried to stop laughing. She took a deep breath, causing her voluptuous chest to expand outward. “It seems like Xiao Qi has already partially succeeded in cultivating the Regal Sword Scripture.”

Chu Li nodded.

Lu Yurong continued, “From what I know, the Regal Sword Scripture is an antique study of grandmasters, which is similar to my technique, in that one relies on the Concept of Heart to cultivate. When her Concept of Heart of the Rooted Soul consolidates, she’ll be able to use the Brilliant Haste to cut off all threads of love, and with that, all ties to you. She currently has no feelings toward you, am I right?”

Chu Li sighed and nodded. “We’re just acquaintances now.”

“If you want to break her Concept of Heart, it’s easy!” Lu Yurong said.

Chu Li quickly stood up straight and moved closer to her. She stared at her sincerely.

Lu Yurong looked at him as she forced a smile.

Chu Li nodded. “Please, I will owe you one!”

Lu Yurong chuckled. “You can’t go back on your word!”

Chu Li waved his hand and thought for a while.

It must be a simple technique for her to say such a thing, he just must not have thought about it. He would be able to get it if he just looked at it from a different angle.

Lu Yurong coughed softly and decided to save him the trouble. “Obliterate her martial arts.”

Chu Li scoffed and exclaimed, “I knew it!”

He had just thought about it too, but Lu Yurong said it out before he could.

Lu Yurong cast a sidelong glance at him and said nothing else.

Chu Li continued, “Tell me something else!”

“Aren’t you a man?” Lu Yurong glared at him and said in disdain.

Chu Li sighed and said, “Alright, I owe you one. You have other ideas, don’t you?”

“You owe me another one!” Lu Yurong said.

Chu Li stared at her amorous face.

Lu Yurong forced a smile and looked at him. “Do you want to hear it or not?”

“… Alright, two in total!” Chu Li grit his teeth and said.

Lu Yurong took the advantage to loot a burning house, but it did not matter much, he would be able to regain lost ground soon enough.

Lu Yurong smiled and said, “Alright, I was teasing you, one will do. Based on what I know, the Amethyst Mountain has a mystical art called the Nature Manifestation Restoration, which can comprehend all sorts of concepts of heart. If you manage to practice the Nature Manifestation Restoration, you’ll be able to find the weakness in Xiao Qi’s Concept of Heart.”

“Nature Manifestation Restoration…” Chu Li frowned and said, “Why have I not heard of that before.”

“The four major sects have plenty of mystical arts and antique skills, and a lot of them have not been mastered for a long time, so long, in fact, that people have even forgotten about their existence.” Lu Yurong shook her head and said, “It’s just not our luck that the Amethyst Mountain is a part of the Four Major Sects.”

“What’s the essential heart technique of Amethyst Mountain?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong replied, “Amethyst Mountain is known as Twelve Peaks, and each peak has a different martial art. In recent years, Phantom Yin Peak prospered the most. There were quite a number of disciples from Phantom Yin Peak who left their mountain, whereas the disciples of the remaining eleven peaks are rarely seen.”