White Robed Chief Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Shortcut

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Chu Li frowned. “Why have I never heard of the Twelve Peaks. I’ve only heard of the Phantom Yin Skill.”

“The majority of disciples who leave Amethyst Mountain are from Phantom Yin Peak.” Lu Yurong said with a nod, “People often treat the disciples of Phantom Yin Peak as the sole disciples from Amethyst Mountain, such that they forget about the remaining eleven peaks.”

“Could it be that they have gone extinct?” Chu Li asked.

Lu Yurong shook her head. “It’s impossible that they are extinct. They’re just unable to enter dojos, so they can’t leave their mountains.”

Chu Li thought for a while and replied, “Which peak does the Nature Manifestation Restoration belong to?”

“Nature Manifestation Peak.” Lu Yurong answered, “Nature Manifestation Peak is one of the weaker peaks of Amethyst Mountain because it’s difficult to practice the Nature Manifestation Restoration. It’ll be impossible for you to cultivate it, so you should just give up.”

“Nature Manifestation Peak…” Chu Li thought for a while.

Lu Yurong continued, “One way to destroy one’s Concept of Heart will be through the cultivation level of one’s martial art. Since the cultivation level acts as the foundation, it would be difficult to maintain one’s Concept of Heart unless the person’s cultivation level is at a suitable level. Another way is to do it directly through the Concept of Heart. All Concept of Hearts have a weakness, finding it will allow one’s Concept of Heart to be destroyed. I’m assuming you’re reluctant to let Xiao Qi’s cultivation efforts go down the drain?”

“Of course.” Chu Li scoffed.

“You wish to destroy her Concept of Heart whilst also remaining protective over her.” Lu Yurong shook her head and said, “You’re just asking for trouble!”

“I will find a way no matter what!” Chu Li said with a scoff.

“If you really feel that way toward her, I’ll tell you taboo.” Lu Yurong said, “After having their cultivation level obliterated and having the Concept of Heart destroyed, one can’t consume spirit medicine to regain their cultivation level immediately, or else obsession will take over… If you wish to keep her cultivation level, you can only do it via her Concept of Heart. I know that you’re very resourceful and you might be able to obtain the Life Returning Pill from the Tempest Temple, so consider this a warning before you attempt to do so!”

Chu Li nodded slowly, that idea had crossed his mind.

Lu Yurong smiled forcefully. “I’ll be looking forward to hearing how you’ll destroy her Concept of Heart then!”

Chu Li quickly changed the topic as he scoffed and said, “Do the Four Major Sects all practice the antique study of grandmasters, whereas first-class sects study the martial arts of spirit beasts?”

“You’re genuinely thinking of defying nature to become an Enlightened Master?” Lu Yurong caught on at once.

Chu Li replied, “I’m simply lacking the information.”

“This is not normal information.” Lu Yurong rolled her eyes at him. “Do you think that everyone knows about this?”

Chu Li smiled.

He was also clueless about why Lu Yurong knew these secrets. It seemed like an infinite treasure, such that she would be unable to share everything no matter how much she tried.

Lu Yurong began, “Among the Four Major Sects, three of the sects have essential heart techniques that are based on the martial arts of grandmasters. Only one of the sects practices the martial art of spirit beasts, which is Green Deer Cliff.”

“Green Deer Cliff…” Chu Li said with a shock, “Could it be that they base their antique study on spirit deers?”

Lu Yurong shook her head. “They base their study on spirit cranes.”

“Spirit cranes?” Chu Li nodded calmly. “Is the power of spirit crane antique study the strongest?”

Lu Yurong shrugged. “Spirit cranes aren’t the strongest of the spirit beasts, but they’re the most detached. They seem to have nearly no natural enemies at all, allowing them to roam freely between heaven and earth, enjoying extremely long lives. This is why Green Deer Cliff utilizes the beauty of that freedom. More importantly, by cultivating the martial art of spirit cranes, it’ll be easier to succeed in the attempts at the Hundred-Thousand Hills since they won’t be disturbed by the other spirit beasts.”

Chu Li nodded slowly and asked, “Did any of those who cultivated the martial art of spirit cranes manage to become Enlightened Masters?”

“There were two.” Lu Yurong said with a nod.

Chu Li took a deep breath, “Spirit cranes…”

“However, the martial art of spirit cranes is much harder to pick up than the martial arts of other spirit beasts. Other martial arts only require impetus, but the martial art of spirit cranes requires Concept of Heart, which is more like the martial art of grandmasters, to achieve the free and unfettered Concept of Heart of spirit cranes.” Lu Yurong shook her head. “As for those who succeed in their cultivation, they usually won’t want to leave the mountain as it would hamper that freedom. They prefer to live a reclusive life, which is why disciples from Green Deer Cliff are rarely seen.”

Chu Li said, “It seems like worshipping Green Deer Cliff is the right path.”

“Green Deer Cliff emphasizes your physical state and temperament the most, they have lesser disciples as compared to Tempest Temple.” Lu Yurong shook her head and said, “Would you like to worship Green Deer Cliff?”

Chu Li laughed and said, “Do I even stand a chance?”

“Impossible.” Lu Yurong pursed her lips and replied, “If a person practiced another martial art, Green Deer Cliff won’t take that person in anymore, so you should just give up!”

Chu Li sighed and nodded.

‘Spirit cranes, huh? Now that I have Spirit Cranes Peak and spirit cranes as friends, the fastest route would be if I can cultivate the martial art of spirit cranes.’ Thought Chu Li.

Lu Yurong continued, “It’s harder to perfect the cultivation of spirit beasts martial arts compared to the martial art of grandmasters since one has to be extremely knowledgeable. Take the disciples from Green Deer Cliff for example, while the essential heart technique is the Spirit Crane Technique, they have to cultivate martial arts of various factions too. This is because their Spirit Crane Technique can only progress by comprehending the true meanings of those skills. Merely relying on the Concept of Heart won’t do… From what I know, the disciples of Green Deer Cliff have to refine at least four antique studies of spirit beasts to have any hope of perfecting their cultivations. One will no doubt fail if they refined just one – very few did it with two. Those who pursue three can afford to be hopeful, but four boast the highest chance of success. Logically, it’s better to refine as much as possible, but if you have energy constraints, it would be best to focus on four antique studies.”

Chu Li asked, “From what you said, I take it Green Deer Cliff has quite a number of antique studies.”

“All of the Four Major Sects are the same.” Lu Yurong said, “It’s not martial arts that they’re lacking, it is disciples.”

Chu Li slowly nodded.

“Nonetheless, it’s not necessarily compulsory to refine four sets of martial arts. Since you’re so smart, you can refine a couple more, then it’ll be easier to enter the boundary.” Lu Yurong smiled. “If you can learn the martial art of Green Deer Cliff, then study the antique study of White Tiger Sect from the Li Dynasty, supplemented by a few other sets of martial arts. With that, you’ll be able to perfect your cultivation in no time!”

“Oh?” Chu Li’s eyes sparkled.

Lu Yurong could not help but laugh as she said, “You really believed what I just said? It’s impossible, disregarding how strict those two sects are in selecting their disciples, they know each other through and through. Since there are only a few disciples in Green Deer Cliff, as well as White Tiger Sect, it’ll be impossible to switch from one sect to the other.”

Chu Li asked, “Has anyone ever succeeded in doing so?”

“Not even one.” Lu Yurong shook her head and said, “These are two totally different martial art studies. One is free and unfettered, tranquil, and simple, whereas the other is tough, overbearing, and aggressive like fire. Nobody can possess both these temperaments at the same time.”

Chu Li thought for a while then nodded. He smiled and said. “How’s Second Young Master?”

“Him?” Lu Yurong scoffed and said, “He’s a good-for-nothing who submits himself completely to his woman. He has no opinions of his own anymore.”

“That’s a good thing.” Chu Li smiled. “Making a fresh start.”

“Ji Ruyu is rather obedient, if not, it’ll be chaos in the residence.” Lu Yurong shook her head and said, “Such a good-for-nothing!”

“Bam” A muffled sound was heard as Xia Liyan flew away and crashed hard into a vermillion pillar in the main hall, sending a thick cloud of dust into the air.

“Wa”, he vomited blood and smiled bitterly as he sat under the pillar. He raised his head to look at the other few people who were still standing around.

Murong Chun, Zhuge Feng, and Jin Ye.

Opposite of them stood a young man who wore a long sapphire robe and looked very similar Lu Tianji, but just slightly older and with a more built physique. At first glance, it would be easy to mistake him as Lu Tianji.

The young man did a fist salute and smiled. “Elder Xia, sorry for the offense!”

Xia Liyan groaned in a muffled voice, “Young Master Xiong, that’s some impressive martial arts!”

He took a look at the four elders who were lying on the ground around him. They had all been defeated by Xiong Feng after exchanging blows. Just like him, they had all been blown away from his attacks such that they were no longer able to fight.

Zhuge Feng said with a hoarse voice, “Is this the Sky Breaking Palm from Skyward Palace?”

“That’s right.” Xiong Feng smiled and looked at him. “Next, I’d like to have a taste of the hill master’s antique study!”

Murong Chun, “I’ll do it! The hill master has yet to recover from his severe injuries, he can’t fight.”

“Oh?” Xiong Feng checked out Zhuge Feng from head to toe. He looked presumptuous, then he laughed and said, “I see, alright, alright, I’ll take it as a severe injury for the time being!”

Zhuge Feng’s face turned ghastly.