White Robed Chief Chapter 665

Chapter 665 Perceiving The Scheme

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Murong Chun scoffed and said, “Are you beating everyone in Crouching Bull Mountain thinking that nobody can equal you?”

“What’s wrong with that? Don’t forget the agreement between our sects.” Xiong Feng smiled and said, “If someone defeats the other sect, the Crouching Bull Insight will be handed over to that party.”

“That’s right!” Zhuge Feng said with a cold scoff, “You haven’t defeated everyone from Crouching Bull Mountain yet!”

He looked at Jin Ye. “Elder Jin, I’m afraid that Murong will be defeated if he makes a move. I can only trouble you to act first!”

Jin Ye glanced at him with a horrified expression, then he shook his head.

“Elder Jin?” Zhuge Feng could not understand.

Jin Ye said in a low tone, “It’s useless, I’m no match for him.”

“Elder Jin!” Murong Chun quickly said, “How can you surrender like that, you won’t know until you fight!”

Jin Ye shook his head and said, “Don’t worry, I must fight anyway, or I won’t be able to accept my defeat either.”

Right after he said this, he stood up slowly as the impetus in his body instantly rose. It was as if he had transformed into a bull, such that a vast amount of energy gushed out of him, causing the entire main hall to be filled with a desolate atmosphere.

Everyone became stern, it was the Crouching Bull God’s Will Punch.

Elder Jin had already mastered the Crouching Bull Punch and nearly perfected it. The other elders saw this and could not help but exclaim.

“Moo!” Jin Ye balled his fist as his clenched fist seemed to give out a bull’s roar. The roar was so strong that it shook everybody there.

Xiong Feng laughed. “Great fist technique!”

He extended out five fingers and lashed out ferociously. However, it did not look like he was slashing at the air, it looked more like he was grabbing something.

“Wu…” A sharp whistling sound was heard as the fist force from the Crouching Bull Punch seemed to stop in mid-air.

Xiong Feng then bent his fingers.

The whistling sound halted.

After that, Xiong Feng balled his hand into a fist and thrust it forward.

“Bam!” As Jin Ye put his hand out to block the blow, he was hit and blown away.

He crashed into a vermilion pillar, causing his short and small body to bounce off it before he fell onto the ground embarrassingly. As soon as he hit the ground, he vomited out a mouthful of blood.

Xiong Feng laughed out loud. “Is this all Crouching Bull Mountain is made off? Your name is the only thing scary about you!”

He looked at Murong Chun, “Elder Murong, are you going to make a move?”

Murong Chun shook his head, “Elder Jin has already been defeated, I’m not even a match for him.”

Xiong Feng then looked at Zhuge Feng. “How about the hill master? Since you’re severely injured, would you like me to stay here for a few days until you recover from your injuries?”

Zhuge Feng stared at him with a ghastly pale face.

Xiong Feng laughed and said, “Looks like Crouching Bull Mountain can’t afford to lose and wants to retaliate!”

Zhuge Feng exhaled deeply, as though he was just about to say something.

Murong Chun suddenly spoke up, “Hold it, you haven’t defeated everyone yet!”

Xiong Feng looked at him impatiently, “Isn’t that the hill master? Then I’ll wait a few more days and we’ll have a match when the hill master regains his martial art!”

Murong Chun shook his head. “Not the hill master, it’s our young lord, the next in line to be hill master!”

“Haha…” Xiong Feng laughed.

Murong Chun continued, “If you can defeat our next hill master, then we’ll have nothing to say and have no choice but to hand over the first half of the Crouching Bull Insight! Hill Master, do you agree? Elder Jin?”

Jin Ye shut his eyes and said nothing, he pretended as if he had not heard a thing.

Zhuge Feng slowly nodded. “That’s right, if you can defeat him, I’ll hand over the first half of the Crouching Bull Insight!”

“Very well, that’s acceptable!” Xiong Feng laughed and said, “Where is this young lord? I can’t wait to have a look at the Crouching Bull Insight!”

“The young lord is not in the mountain right now.” Replied Murong Chun.

Xiong Feng laughed again. “Nice trick, could you be trying to trick me so that you can somehow deal with me?”

“Crouching Bull Mountain will never do something like that!” Zhuge Feng scoffed coldly as he replied, “Murong, ask Qiao San to call that boy back!”

“Yes.” Murong Chun responded and did a fist salute. “Young Master Xiong, please wait for a moment!”

“I’m waiting.” Xiong Feng laughed and said.

He looked at the elders in the hall, he was not afraid of Murong Chun’s tricks.

After a while, Chu Li and Murong Chun arrived at the main hall.

When he was leisurely talking to Lu Yurong at Ren Public House, he suddenly noticed something unusual and guessed that something had happened in Crouching Bull Mountain, so he went back and saw that Qiao San was harming himself again. This time, Murong Chun was waiting there as well, so he rushed over.

“The young master is here!” Murong Chun said.

Chu Li looked at Xiong Feng and smiled. “Isn’t this Lu Tianji?”

“I’m Xiong Feng.” Xiong Feng did a fist salute and said, “I’m an official disciple from Skyward Palace!”

Chu Li raised an eyebrow, “So, you’re Lu Tianji’s brother?”

“Well…” Xiong Feng shook his head. “I’ve been by myself since young. Why would I have a brother?”

Chu Li replied leisurely, “One of you brothers worships Crouching Bull Mountain whereas the other one worships Skyward Palace. When the time comes, the two of you combine what you have gained over the years. That’s truly an excellent plan!”

He turned to look at Jin Ye. “Elder Jin, you thought about this excellent plan, didn’t you?”

Jin Ye widened his eyes and said coldly, “Nonsense!”

Chu Li continued nonchalantly, “This is such a great trick, Elder Jin, you’re really scheming and calculative! Unfortunately, I’ve already gotten rid of Lu Tianji, which ruins your seamless plan, am I right?”

Jin Ye sneered and said, “Young Lord, you’ve got quite the imagination!”

Chu Li said, “Lu Tianji is the disciple of Elder Hu. As for this man, he’s probably your disciple, right Elder Jin? Elder Jin, you’re truly blessed, after your disciple entered Skyward Palace, it turns out that he’s a legendary genius, as he has become lineal of Skyward Palace, congratulations!”

“What a joke!” Jin Ye said in a hoarse voice.

Chu Li shook his head and said, “It’s fine if you won’t admit it, since all this is meaningless since things have turned out like this anyway. Let’s just cut the crap and discover the truth through the battle. Xiong Feng, make your move!”

Xiong Feng smiled. “You really have a brilliant talent in making up stories to be able to think about all of that in such a short time. I’m impressed!”

Chu Li smiled. “But you as the lead of the story, you’re such an unusually lucky person. Tell me, if you can gather the Crouching Bull Insight, are you genuinely going to hand it to your master? Or will you hand it over to Skyward Palace and become the true head of the palace?”

“We’ll see when I get it.” Xiong Feng said with a smile.

As he said this, he launched a fist.

A surging wave of energy cascaded forward like a river, such that everyone in the main hall felt the pressure from it. Xiong Feng had not exerted his maximum strength before, as none of his previous blows carried such energy.

A cold light flashed from Chu Li’s waist, which soon turned into a star. It broke through all the obstacles in its path before appearing at Xiong Feng’s throat.

Even though the tip of the sword was right at his throat, Xiong Feng did not panic. Instead, he pushed his palm gently toward the tip of the sword.

“Tss!” Even though he seemed confident, the tip of the sword pierced through his left palm as if it had not been obstructed at all. It was still pointing and moving toward his throat.

This time, Xiong Feng’s face changed. He did not expect the power of his sword to be this swift and fierce, such that the power from his Sky Breaking Palm could not hold it off.

He leaped backward as he tried to avoid it whilst pulling his left palm away from the sword as well.

“Tss!” The sword abruptly sped up and slashed through the air as if it were tearing clothes apart. It was stabbed his shoulder instantly, causing him to be unable to escape even if he wanted to.

The attack of the sword was so quick that it was far beyond what he could imagine. Xiong Feng had never seen such swift movements from a sword before.

Chu Li took a step back and asked faintly, “Do you want to go again?”

“Watch out for my palm!” Xiong Feng yelled as both his palms suddenly expanded.

The deep wounds on his left palm and shoulder that were previously so deep that you could see the bone closed up until they were no longer bleeding. Then he slowly pushed his right palm out.

“Wu…” A sharp roaring sound was heard. It sounded as if someone was performing a long whistle as his palm force gushed out in all directions.

The people around them backed away subconsciously while their clothes fluttered due to the strong winds.

The light on Chu Li’s sword turned into a cold ray, then it instantly stabbed through the center of his palm.

“Tss!” The tip of his sword could be seen appearing through the back of his palm.

His right palm that had expanded immediately looked like a balloon with a small leak. Within seconds it returned to its original shape.

After this, Chu Li pulled his sword out and backed away.

The wound on his right palm exposed his bones as blood poured out from it.

Chu Li took a look at his injury. “Do you want to go again?”

“I’m defeated!” Xiong Feng smiled and shook his head. “I can’t do it anymore.”

Chu Li said, “You’re just one step away from succeeding.”

Xiong Feng sighed and replied, “Such is destiny.”

Chu Li continued, “You have the best martial arts in Skyward Palace, am I right?”

“… Yes.” Xiong Feng nodded and said, “You want to challenge Skyward Palace?”

Chu Li shook his head. “Ask the head of your palace to send the Crouching Bull Insight over, lest I have to make a trip there myself.”