White Robed Chief Chapter 667

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Chu Li sat on the bed and envisioned the nine Cattle Drawings in his mind, feeling the impetus from each cattle. Their horns were soaring as they battled with the sky, each was indomitable as they faced God’s will loftily. He experienced the unyielding and tough sensation.

The Crouching Bull Power heart technique flowed within his meridians. Each time there was an obstruction, the power of the cattle’s horn would charge forward and break away the obstacle forcefully, whereby it would go through one circulatory cycle, forming a pure yet weak inner energy.

Chu Li had a deep understanding of the purity of that inner energy. It had a force like a horn, which was exceptionally sharp.

After cultivating for a moment, Chu Li sought out Qiao San and told him that he was going to go into isolated cultivation. He would leave the mountain to travel, so Chu Li ordered him to only seek him out if it was an extremely critical issue. At the very least, he would take three to five months, longer than that, he might not return to the mountain in a year.

Since the Hill Master had obtained the entire Crouching Bull Insight, his martial arts would improve greatly in a short period of time. He would not be afraid to challenge anyone then.

Qiao San asked Chu Li to return soon as he was worried, in case the situation were to change drastically.

However, Chu Li knew that he had already secured his position as the Hill Master.

From the moment he suggested to allow all disciples to cultivate the Crouching Bull Insight, the entire Crouching Bull Mountain would pay allegiance to him. All those misdeeds of his would disappear immediately, and everyone would support him then.

Between relationships and benefits, benefits usually prevailed. With benefits, relationships would come.

Chu Li only had a handful of interest towards Crouching Bull Mountain, once he achieved his objective, he did not intend to stay there any longer.

Staying at Crouching Bull Mountain was a far cry from what staying at the High Duke’s Public Houses was like. Moreover, he had not been to the Spirit Cranes Peak with Xiao Shi for quite some time, she must not be very happy about that.

The next moment, Chu Li appeared at Snow Lunar Pavilion.

The setting sun painted the ravine in a bright red color. Xiao Qi was dressed in snowy white clothing, she resembled a carved jade statue as she sat quietly by the lake.

The lakewater was akin to a mirror, it reflected the rosy clouds in the sky, which in turn reflected onto her face and made it appear red. It looked like she had a layer of blush on, which made her look graceful and sweet.

Chu Li stood afar and watched her quietly. He was deeply sorrowed when he saw that she opened her eyes that emitted a cold and indifferent look. He could only turn his sorrow into a sigh.

As compared to when they first met, Xiao Qi had become even more indifferent. His place in her heart had dropped rapidly, and from close acquaintances, they had drifted apart to the verge of becoming strangers. It seemed like their paths had aligned but there was no friendly relation between them.

Xiao Qi looked at him faintly. “Chu Li, why do you still come? You’re just wasting time.”

“I just want to see you,” Chu Li replied softly.

Xiao Qi continued, “So what if you see me or not, let bygones be bygones, don’t come again.”

Chu Li frowned and looked at her.

Xiao Qi added, “If you come again, I’ll leave.”

“Where will you go?”

“It’s a big world, where can I not go to?”

“… Alright.” Chu Li nodded.

Sure enough, Xiao Qi was not the same Xiao Qi from before, she no longer even had the slightest feeling toward him at all. Apart from feeling bleak, Chu Li could not help but have lofty sentiments.

‘She won’t be able to escape from me, I must find a way to get rid of her heart concept. When that day comes, I’ll square accounts with her!’ he thought to himself.

Chu Li saw Li Hanyan peeking at them from the forest. He shook his head and laughed, then he teleported and appeared behind her.

“Big Brother Du!” Li Hanyan was shocked.

Chu Li asked, “What has she been up to lately?”

“She sits by the lake all day long, we don’t know what Sister is trying to comprehend. When we talk to Sister, she’s very gentle. She’s only cold and indifferent toward you, Big Brother Du, it’s very odd.” Li Hanyan shook her head.

Chu Li nodded.

The lesser Xiao Qi cared about a person, the calmer she would appear to them. She would treat them in a gentle manner, but since he was the thread of love that she had tried so hard to cut off, her reaction towards him was naturally not as calm.

This also made Chu Li understand that Xiao Qi was not what he imagined her to be. To have no feelings for him at all, she was trying very hard to control herself!

It looked like he must practice the Manifestation of Nature Restoration as soon as possible, lest her concept of heart became more solid!

Li Hanyan tilted her head to look at him. “Big Brother Du, you’re the chief of Yi Public House, the Head Chief of King An’s Imperial Residence, and also the Centurion of the Secret Guardians Hall, which one of these identities do you like the most?”

Chu Li laughed. “Being the Chief of the High Duke’s Public Houses, I feel most free and unfettered, and I can do as I wish, the remaining two identities are more like involuntary titles… Why are you asking this?”

“Big Brother Du, I’d like to take a look at Fairy’s Capital. To widen my knowledge,” Li Hanyan continued.

Chu Li smiled and nodded. “When your martial arts has reached a certain level, I’ll bring you to Fairy’s Capital to take a look at the hustle and bustle, but Fairy’s Capital isn’t as fun as you think. Most of the Grandmasters in the Great Ji Dynasty are gathered in Fairy’s Capital, it’s also known as the dragon’s’ lair and the tiger’s den.”

“More the reason for me to venture into the world! There’s not much meaning to staying in the valley,” Li Hanyan replied.

She had an exceptionally high talent in martial arts study and received pointers from Chu Li as well, so she had an extreme understanding in her studies. Usually, Li Hanyan had fast improvements in her training, she could easily surpass her brothers and sisters and was way ahead of them, at the moment, she was vaguely on par with Su Qingdie.

However, her potential was even greater than Su Qingdie. She would certainly become the top-notch master in Snow Lunar Pavilion in the future. Although her brothers and sisters pampered her, she felt uninterested as it was not exciting enough.

Along with Chu Li, she had experienced the killing of an army and killing like she was mowing the grass. She started having wild ambitions, and could not stand her days being dull anymore.

Chu Li added, “Now you feel that all this is meaningless but when you finally venture out into the world in the future, you’ll reminisce these days especially. Quiet days are the ones that are most worthy of being treasured. You’re still young now, but you’ll understand when you grow older.”

“Big Brother Du, you’re very young too. But you sound very old-fashioned!” Li Hanyan smiled.

“I’m not very old, but I’ve experienced too much, my heart is old. My identity still has to be kept a secret in the valley.” Chu Li shook his head.

“Yes, I understand, I keep calling you Big Brother Du as to not reveal your true identity. Big Brother Du, do you have other identities?” Li Hanyan nodded and said.

When Li Hanyan was free, she had thought about it as well. Since Big Brother Du could become the current Du Feng, could he turn into someone else as well? Could Big Brother Du be the one who was disguised as all the young masters in the martial art scene?

Chu Li chuckled. “No.”

“I think you still have. You really don’t?” Li Hanyan continued to smile.

Chu Li shook his head. “I can’t be everywhere at once.”

“It’ll be nice if you can transform into a few more identities, it’s so exciting. There’s Du Feng in the south, while there’s Chu Li in the north, but they’re both actually the same person, yet everyone is completely deceived, this is so interesting!” Li Hanyan grinned and said.

When Li Hanyan thought about that, she felt that it was extremely fascinating. She thought that Big Brother Du must have been fooling everyone on purpose.

Chu Li laughed. “How is your Bone Shrinkage Skill going?”

“I’ve managed to practice it. I can turn into someone else, but I look very ugly after I transform, so I don’t want to,” Li Hanyan said.

“Keep on practicing then. You haven’t mastered it yet,” Chu Li replied.

He waved his hand and bid farewell to Li Hanyan, then he disappeared and reappeared at King An’s Imperial Residence.

Once Chu Li returned to his own courtyard, he was stunned.

Xiao Shi had actually came back! After not returning to the High Duke’s Public Houses for two days, she had actually returned to King An’s Imperial Residence. Xiao Shi was reading a book in the courtyard, whereas Yang Xu and Menglan were busy tidying up the house.

Although someone had always cleaned the place after they left, it still needed sprucing up.

Chu Li coughed softly. “Chief Zhu!”

Chief Zhu was eating pastries and having tea leisurely in the vestibule at that moment. Once he heard Chu Li’s voice, he hurried out of the vestibule and arrived at Chu Li’s courtyard. “Head Chief.”

“Come in,” Chu Li said.

Chief Zhu pushed the door open and entered, he did a fist salute and greeted him.

Chu Li said, “Help me make a visiting card for Verdant Cloud Brothel, I’d like to visit Miss Yu Qing tonight.”

Chief Zhu appeared hesitant.