White Robed Chief Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Shoushi

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“What’s the matter, it won’t do?” Chu Li asked.

Chief Zhu replied with a bitter smile, “Head Chief, truthfully, the ladies in Verdant Cloud Brothel are very arrogant, you have to set an appointment way earlier. I suppose that Miss Yu Qing already has a date now, the Verdant Cloud Brothel won’t break their rules.”

Chu Li said, “If today won’t do, tomorrow is fine.”

Chief Zhu looked hesitant.

Chu Li frowned. “What’s the matter?”

Chief Chu was clearly uncomfortable as he said, “I heard that it needs to be three days ahead.”

Chu Li said, “Three days? … The Verdant Cloud Brothel is truly prestigious!”

Chief Zhu continued, “If I use the name of the Imperial Residence perhaps I will be able to press the issue slightly but at most it still can only be a day earlier. So, if you’d like to meet Miss Yu Qing, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till the night of the day after tomorrow, Chief.”

Chu Li pondered and said, “Three days! … Let it be then, send my request in and give it a try!”

Chu Li would look for Prince Bao no longer. As he had already redeemed two people, he already owed Prince Bao quite a number of favors, so it seemed as though he would have to repay those kind acts after all.

It would not be easy to repay Prince Bao due to the fact that he had an extremely sensitive identity, which would cause him to court disaster upon himself.

“Yes. I’ll get to it immediately.” Chief Zhu quickly nodded.

“It’ll be best if I can meet Miss Yu QIng personally,” Chu Li said.

“Yes.” Chief Zhu nodded again.

He turned and left the courtyard quickly, before exiting King An’s Imperial Residence and dashing straight towards Verdant Cloud Brothel.

The Verdant Cloud Brothel was located in a residential area. Chief Zhu arrived at an inconspicuous residence before handing a card to the two Protectors stationed out front.

It was dusk, there were two red lanterns that were hung in front of the residence. The place looked no different from the other residences around it.

The two young Protectors took a glance at the card and almost immediately noticed that it was from Chief Chu Li of King An’s Imperial Residence. They seemed to ponder for a moment before asking Chief Zhu to wait as they had to present it to their chief. Only their chief could make the necessary arrangements.

Chief Zhu nodded with understanding.

He was in charge of receiving guests at the Imperial Residence, so of course, he understood the rules. He stood aside quietly as the protectors entered into the residence.

Although it was already dusk, the residence was uncharacteristically quiet and the usual hustle and bustle were nowhere to be found.

After about a quarter of an hour, another guest showed up in a carriage. It stopped when it arrived at the main entrance and two middle-aged men emerged from it.

Chief Zhu was familiar with all the important figures in Fairy’s Capital. With a single glance, he recognized that those two men were renowned crowned princes. One was the youngest son of Prince Bao, whereas the other one was Prince Kang’s youngest son. The two of them had honorable identities, yet they maintained a low profile, such that ordinary civilians would not able to recognize them.

The two of them seemed to have recognized Chief Zhu as they stopped to examine him from head to toe.

“You’re the chief in the Imperial Residence of King An?” the youngest son of Prince Bao, Leng Shoushi asked faintly.

Leng Shoushi had a tall and slender physique. He was elegant, handsome, yet behaved coldly and arrogantly.

“Greetings, Crown Prince Shi and Crown Prince Shan.” Chief Zhu did a fist salute and bowed.

The youngest son of Prince Kang, Leng Shoushan asked with a smile, “Could it be that King An has come as well? He’s a rare visitor!”

He was only a fist shorter than Leng Shoushi, but still had a slender physique and a long face that was good-looking. He smiled politely as he spoke.

Chief Zhu quickly shook his head. “You’ve misunderstood, Crown Prince Shan. His Royal Highness is currently training in isolated cultivation, so he’s not in the residence. It’s the Head Chief who wants to meet a lady in Verdant Cloud Brothel, I’m here to send the visiting card beforehand.”

“Oh, the Head Chief… It’s Chu Li, right? Ninth Brother, we’ve only heard about the reputation of this Head Chief Chu, we haven’t seen him yet.” Leng Shoushan turned his head and said with a smile.

Leng Shoushi remarked, “What’s there to see.”

Leng Shoushan laughed. “Aren’t you curious at all?”

“Nope, let’s go in.” Leng Shoushi moved to enter the residence.

While Leng Shoushan followed behind him closely, he said to Chief Zhu, “Tell your Head Chief to look for a time for us to have some drinks!”

“Yes.” Chief Zhu quickly performed a fist salute in response.

He secretly sighed a breath of relief to himself. It would not be good to provoke those crown princes. They had no interests other than enjoying themselves as they wish. They also had no inclination at all to work and liked to act impulsively. If they incurred a dislike toward anyone at all, they would go out of their way to bother that person, taking immense pleasure from their actions.

Although the Head Chief was wise and brilliant, if he offended them, it would certainly cause endless troubles for him.

After a brief moment, the Protector from before came out from the residence and smiled at Chief Zhu. “It seems like Miss Yu Qing pays special regards to the Head Chief, she has already canceled all her appointments today and invites the Head Chief to meet her.”

“Ah—? Tonight?” Chief Zhu asked out of surprise.

“That’s right. This is the invitation card, he’ll just have to bring it tonight.” the young Protector presented an invitation to him.

“Thank you, thank you!” Chief Zhu was overjoyed, he immediately did a fist salute to thank him.

The young Protector quickly waved his hand. “Chief Zhu, don’t thank us. Our words are powerless, how could anything I have said make any impact at all? It was Miss Yu Qing’s own decision. Chief Zhu, quickly return and ask the Head Chief to come over as soon as possible, lest Miss Yu Qing has to wait for a long time.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Chief Zhu received the invitation card and thanked him again, then he immediately rushed back to Chu Li’s courtyard.

When he returned back to the courtyard, Chief Zhu noticed that Chu Li was present, so instead, he went over to Tianshu Courtyard.

Chu Li had indeed gone over to Tianshu Courtyard. Xiao Shi cast a sidelong glance at him and continued reading, she did not care about him.

She was dressed in a bluish-white down, her satin-like silk hair was shining, whereas her face that looked like white jade had an indifferent expression upon it.

Chu Li smiled and sat at the stone table, facing her. He could smell her unique faint, delicate fragrance. “Lady, why did you come over? Aren’t you staying for a few more days?”

“I stay when I want to, and I leave when I want to. Do I have to consult you?” Xiao Shi said coldly.

Chu Li grinned.

Xiao Shi scoffed. “Even if I’d like to make a request, I’ll have to meet you in order to do so!”

Chu Li replied, “I’ve been very busy at Crouching Bull Mountain these past few days, I finally have some clues after all.”

“Hmph, Crouching Bull Mountain! Why are you putting your effort into a small sect like that, it’s extremely weak, yet it’s still ranked as a first-class sect. From what I see, within a hundred years, it’ll degrade into a second class sect!” Xiao Shi said in disdain.

“I’m going after their Surpassing State. If we have the Surpassing State, the High Duke’s Public Houses will be able to nurture our own masters, isn’t it wonderful?” Chu Li smiled and said.

“You only think about the positive things! But will Crouching Bull Mountain actually listen to you?” Xiao Shi sneered.

Chu Li said, “Now, I’m the next hill master in line for Crouching Bull Mountain, it won’t take long before I can control them.”

Xiao Shi rolled her eyes at him.

Chu Li smiled. “How about we go to the Spirit Cranes Peak tomorrow?”

“At least you still remember the Spirit Cranes Peak! I thought you must have forgotten by now!” Xiao Shi scoffed.

Chu Li grinned and shook his head.

Xiao Shi glared at him ruthlessly, she scoffed and said, “What happened to King An, I don’t see him around?”

Before Chu Li had arrived, Xiao Shi was extremely angry, so she decided not to show a good mood to him. However, once they met and spoke, she subconsciously lost her anger.

“He left to look for a place to hide for his isolated cultivation, he’s afraid that he’ll be obliterated of his martial art by Amethyst Mountain again,” Chu Li said.

Xiao Shi pursed her lips together and laughed.

“Head Chief.” Chief Zhu’s voice was heard.

“Come in!”

Chief Zhu entered cautiously, he presented the invitation card to Chu Li. “Head Chief, Miss Yu Qing has canceled all her guests and invited you to meet her tonight, Head Chief.”

“Alright, I got it.” Chu Li received the invitation card and stared at him.

Chief Zhu was already hesitating when he was outside. He was unsure if he should enter at that moment, but after much debating, he decided to report to him as soon as possible, or else he would have delayed the important news, then the Head Chief would complain anyway.

Xiao Shi sneered.

Chu Li coughed softly and said, “Chief Zhu, you may leave.”

“Head Chief, do you want me to get the carriage ready for you? I can go get it ready now.” Chief Zhu asked.

Chu Li waved his hand. “I’ll go over myself, you may leave.”

“Alright.” Chief Zhu quickly left.