White Robed Chief Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Hidden Truth

Chu Li sat beside Chen Siyu and acted as if he were aquiet person with a boring personality.

Whenever Xu Zhichun asked Chu Li questions, he would answer him clearly and in a straightforward manner, without adding even one unnecessary word. If Xu Zhichun did not ask him a question, he would just keep quiet and continued eating his meal.

After a few questions, Xu Zhichun stopped caring about Chu Li.

With his little interrogation, he found out that Chu Li knew nothing about martial arts. This gave him a sense of relief because he did not have to care about someone who was useless at martial arts.

What he feared the most now is Zhao Lun's Mountatin's Split. He was afraid that Zhao Lun would ambush them.

His son had died less than a year ago. Chu Li could not let anything happen to Chen Siyu, especially since she was so beautiful. Xu Zhichun had his ulterior motives as well.

Chu Li sat between them and expressed his grief. Xu Zhichun did not care and had no restrictions. He dared touch his daughter in law even with his son in heaven. It felt as if he were giving his son a reason to descend from the heavens to take his father's life as a malicious spirit.

Chu Li glances at Chen Siyu. No wonder she did not care for Xu Zhichun and even though she knew some martial arts, she was still unable to defeat him. She was extremely unfortunate.

Siao Yueling was tasked to protect Chen Siyu for a month but why did she need protection? Was it because of Zhao Lun or Xu Zhichun?

He believed Chen Siyu's words. A beautiful girl like her would still get bullied if no one protected her, even if she left the Cloud State Town. She could not leave even if she wanted to.

Chu Li was there to calm her down and think of her next move.

After finishing his meal, he went to the garden and sat around the stone table to look at the flowers.

The back garden was brightly lit. Even though the flowers here may not be good as the ones from the East Garden, it was still able to shape one's temperament and calm them down.

Chen Siyu appeared, followed by Jiang Chunyue Er. They saw Chu Li sitting next to the stone table. Chen Siyu waved her hand, Jiang Chunyue Er turned and left the both of them.

Chen Siyu sat to the opposite of Chu Li, looking at him quietly.

Chu Li raised his head and looked at Chen Siyu from top to bottom.

Her innocence and sexiness were perfectly combined together. She may not be as attractive as Su Ru or Lady Siao, but she had a unique refinement that was rather attractive.

Chen Siyu could not stand Chu Li's gaze and turned over to look at the flowers.

"Is Siao Yueling okay?" she asked.

"Still the same old Siao Yueling", Chu Li smiled.

"It's been ten years since the last letter. I can't believe she still remembers me."

This startled Chu Li. They did not write to each other, but Siao Yueling knew that Chen Siyu was in trouble and told him to go over to protect her. It seemed as is Siao Yueling could predict the future.

After calming his thoughts, he asked in a deep tone, "Are you afraid of Zhao Lun?"

Chen Siyu nodded her head and said, "His martial arts level is very high. He is second to none in the Starling Cloud Association!"

"Zhao Lun", Chu Li said as he nodded his head. "Where does he live?" he asked.

"Are you going to go and knock on his door?" Chen Siyu shook her head and furrowed her brows.

"It's useless, no one knows where he lives. He has too many enemies!" she added.

She thought about it and shook her head. She looked worried. Who would have thought that they killed a rapist, and it was Zhao Lun's son to boot.

Chu Li muttered to himself that he could not be the one to make the first move.

Chen Siyu felt curious and looked at him. She then asked, "May I know what is master's real name?"

"Chu Li, a rank five Scribe of the Public House", he replied.

Chen Siyu was shocked. No wonder he kept himself in a low profile. She always thought Chu Li was one of the Deer of the Cliff. She could not believe that Chu Li was from the Public House!

"I also have my enemies, so I can't expose myself," Chu Li remarked.

"Who is Master Chu's enemy?", she asked.

Chu Li smiled and changed the topic.

"You can just call me young cousin brother. It's better off that we don't let anyone else know. It may spawn problems that we don't need."

Chen Siyu softly nodded her head.

Chu Li quietly drank his tea, not saying a word and the bright garden turned silent.

Chen Siyu looked like she was deep in thought about something. Meanwhile, Chu Li was enjoying the flowers. Some were shut while the others bloomed when there was moonlight. They are beautiful, even though they were not precious.

Chen Siyu sighed.

"Young Lay..."

Chu Li raised his head.

"Cousin sister, Leader Xu doesn't seem to have the purest of intentions."

Chen Siyu was startled and her fair face turned bright red. She did not dare look at him. She was sure this was a type of humiliation and she was only going to be judged and scolded if the incident spread to other people.

"Cousin Sister, have Aunt Siao Yueling write a letter to Leader Xu. This should be enough to scare him off!" Chu Li said.

Chen Siyu sighed, shook her head and said, "He'll climb in position at every opportunity and be a horrible leader, a wolf wearing sheep's skin. I don't want to burden Siao Yueling!"

Chu Li let out a heavy breath.

"If he was smart, he wouldn't be like this," he said.

"He's being taken over by greed, how despicable and shameful. He would do anything for it without even blinking his eyes!"

"Seems like we're going to need to give him a warning."

Chu Li let out another breath.

"If that's the case, I'll reveal my identity to scare him before leaving here."

Chen Siyu shook her head.

He was driven by strong sexual urges and did not have a care in the world about his reputation. What could possibly make him worry?

Chu Li smiled and stopped the conversation.

For the following days, Chu Li continued to stay in the Xu Residence.

Xu Zhichun's martial arts was decisive but hegemonic in nature. Most of his subordinates were masters and in just thirty years, the Startling Cloud Faction went from an unknown force to the number one faction in the Cloud State Town.

Chu Li spent most of his time reading books in the courtyard. He looked at the books for a while, then stared blankly into space.

He was cultivating Narrowed World and was searching for the finest of acupuncture points.

Chen Siyu dropped by every morning and had breakfast with Chu Li. The other two meals were prepared by Jiang Chunyue Er and sent to the courtyard. No one entered the courtyard, so Chu Li could cultivate at ease. Time passed unconsciously for him.

The Mountain's Split had not arrived yet. They were just spreading fake news to waste the Startling Cloud Association's time.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

Every morning, Chu Li and Chen Siyu took their breakfast and talked about how the martial arts was these days. Since Chen Siyu was the lady of the Startling Cloud Association, she was well-informed on this topic.

Her late husband was the Young Master of the Faction and he had many confidants within the faction.

After his death, some of the confidants were still faithful to the Lady. Half of the reason why was because of the Lady's beauty, while the other half was because of their loyalty to the Young Master.

Chen Siyu sat in her house all day, but she was still well-informed so she knew about anything and everything happening in the clan.

Xu Zhichun had two illegitimate children. One of them was six years old and the other one was eight. However, they had been sent away by Xu Zhichun and no one knew where they went.

Chu Li finished his meal and went to the garden to have a walk.

After getting along well with Chen Siyu, Chu Li had good impressions about her.

She was not only pretty but was also intelligent. It was very rare, but fate was not on her side. She was married to a great husband but he died early, making her face the hardship she had to.

Chen Siyu was having thoughts of leaving the place but Chu Li did not agree. He had other plans.

In the evening, he sat down and started to meditate, he tried to feel for the void in the acupuncture. Through all the emptiness, far and deep, in a state of existence and nonexistence at the same time. A black spot vaguely appeared and Chu Li was shocked, but the black spot disappeared immediately afterward.

Chu Li opened his eyes and smiled.