White Robed Chief Chapter 68

Chapter 68: A Success

I finally found it!

Chu Li sighed in relief. He wanted to have a hearty laugh so badly. This was the most essential step! It was like searching for a needle in a large sea, and he had really found it!

He was worried that the Narrowed World was just a fantasy because the theory had not been passed to the next generation and it had been phased out. It must have had its own reason. It either never made sense, or no one had ever successfully cultivated it.

Now he saw the black spot. It was the finest of acupuncture points.

After breaking the acupuncture point, he was able to find the finest of voids. Which meant that he could complete the cultivation of the Narrowed World.

He stood up and passed through the Moonlight Gate to the garden, and turned around.

He drowned the happiness and returned to a state of serenity. Then, he returned to the courtyard and started to meditate again.

He found the black spot in no time. He gathered his gushing inner energy to his center and continuously accumulated, squeezed, purified, until it became pulsing with pure energy.

The inner energy rushed out of his energy centre and circulated according to the unique heart technique. Every cycle made his inner energy even purer. After three cycles, the gushing inner energy formed into a thin thread, much like silk and lightly flew into the black spot.

"Boom" Chu Li heard an explosion. Everything he could see was shaking.

He activated the Omniscient Mirror to stabilize himself so that he would not wake up from his cultivation.

He channeled the Infinite Sea of Azure. The spiritual energy came from all directions and circulated along the Infinite Sea of Azure which then went into his energy center. After that, the spiritual energy continued to circulate along the Narrowed World's using the unique heart technique, turning into a thin thread and poked into the black spot again.

He suddenly understood why people could not successfully cultivate this. Even if one was an innate master, it would be impossible for them to prepare again in such a long time, they would be tired and worn out after one strike. How could they break the acupuncture of the void?

"Boom!" Chu Li heard another explosion and everything he saw was shaking once more in an attempt to push him out of his meditation.

This did not phase him even a little. He stabilized his meditation and continued from where he stopped.

After some time, it suddenly became bright in front of him. Boundless stars entered his eyes followed by the sound of an explosion. It was an endless void in front of him. There were so many stars that even his heart had started to become infinitely huge.

In a daze, he realized he had successfully broken the acupuncture of the void. He was stepping into the door of the Narrowed World.

He opened his eyes, his state of mind moved and he immediately disappeared and then reappeared on the other side of the Moonlight Gate in the garden. It was like he broke the restrictions of space itself, reaching places in a split second without any procedure.

He had already surpassed speed itself. As long as his state of mind moved, his body would move too. If his mind could reach it, he would arrive right after. The whole world was now narrowed into an inch wide.

He could not have held back the smile on his face. He appeared on the other side as his body flashed. He blinked and moved and appeared as he blinked again. He was like a mirage. He used Narrowed World as he looked at himself.

It was indeed fast, but it consumed a lot of inner energy. Even innate masters could not have handled it. Chu Li estimated that normal innate masters can only run for two miles and that would be it.

The further the step, the more inner energy it would have consumed. He flashed through the flower garden, and even though it was only a distance of thirty meters, the amount of inner energy consumed was enough for him to levitate a thousand meters normally.

He could not control his smile. To everyone else, Narrowed World was a trump card to be used when they were in danger. Even with the Pill of Energy, continuous usage of Narrowed World was impractical. One could only use it two times at most and would have to figure out how to escape if it did not work.

He had the ability to recuperate with the spiritual energy of lush grasses. He only needed to avoid going to the deserts. Places with lush greenery offered him an endless of spiritual energy which meant that he would never lack inner energy.

He raised his head and looked at the sky and realized that it was already midnight. The moon in the sky was like an ice wheel slowly spinning, disseminating a silk-like moonlight. It was a beautiful night.

He had finally completed the cultivation of Narrowed World. He was incredibly lucky. The Scripture of Life and Death and the Omniscient Mirror were indispensable. No wonder even someone like Siao Yueling could not cultivate it, Narrowed World was not for humans!

He suddenly furrowed his brow and looked towards Chen Siyu's courtyard. He activated the Omniscient Mirror.

Xu Zhichun's face was beet red. His fierce eyes were burning bright. He looked like he was drunk, but not completely intoxicated. His mind was still clear and his chest was puffed up like he feared nothing in this world.

He went into Chen Siyu's courtyard and knocked on the door. Jiang Chunyue Er opened the door and saw Xu Zhichun. She was shocked.

"Elder Master Xu?" she exclaimed in surprise.

"Where's Lady Chen Siyu?" he asked.

"Elder Master Xu, the Lady is currently sleeping."

"I want to go in and have a look. "

" Elder Master Xu" Jiang Chunyue Er felt helpless as she looked at him. She stood in front of the door and had no intention of moving to the side.

Xu Zhichun looked serious.

"I have something to talk to Chen Siyu, get off!" he coldly said.

"Elder Master Xu, it's already late. Can't you just talk to her tomorrow?" Jiang Chunyue Er asked while shaking her head.

"Lady Chen Siyu hasn't been sleeping well these days. It's quite rare that she's sleeping now," she added.

"Who do you think you are to dare to stop me?" Xu Zhichun squinted his eyes. His gaze was burning bright, like two swords that pierced into Jiang Chunyue Er's eyes.

Jiang Chunyue Er bit her lower lip and her small delicate face turned pale, but she was still not moving aside.

Xu Zhichun took a large step to the front. His large frame forms huge vigor. Jiang Chunyue Er had bit her lips to the point where it was bleeding, but she still stood firm.

"Jiang Chunyue Er, let Elder Master Xu come in!" Chen Siyu's voice came from the main hall.

" Lady" Jiang Chunyue Er tilted her head.

"Get out the way!" Chen Siyu said.

"Very well," Jiang Chunyue Er felt helpless and stepped aside.

Xu Zhichun broke into a smile.

"Little kid, try to be like your Lady and understand your own circumstances!"

He went into the main hall in large strides. He sat to the opposite of Chen Siyu and took a whiff of Chen Siyu's delicate fragrance. His heart pounded and his urge to push her down to the floor got even stronger. He wanted to pull off her skin like how a wolf would do the same to sheep.

Chen Siyu coldly glared at him.

"It's late at night, may I know why father in law has visited me?" she asked.

"Hehe," Xu Zhichun looked at her white jade face. His eyes were on fire.

Chen Siyu felt like nothing to him using his greedy gaze on her. She was coldly glaring at him.

Xu Zhichun suddenly laughed.

"Chen Siyu! Why do you need to force yourself like this? Dead people can't come back to life, and Xu Qu Aoyunpeng is dead! You need to plan something else for yourself!"

"I do not need your concern!" Chen Siyu coldly said.

"Just let me keep watch beside his coffin for three years and I'll leave by myself!" she added.

"You want to leave this place?" Xu Zhichun said with furrowed brows.

Chen Siyu kept quiet.

Xu Zhichun expression soured.

"Have I not treated you well?" he asked.

Chen Siyu kept her mouth shut.

Xu Zhichun stood up in a flash and asked, "Why do you want to leave!?"

"You know about this very well, father in law!" Chen Siyu coldly stared at him.

"I don't want to be judged and humiliated by the public. I just want to have a nice and good sleep. And can you please have a little more self-respect!"

"Self-respect? Self-respect? Hahaha!" Xu Zhichun laughed wildly as he looked at the sky.He suddenly made a move and pulled Chen Siyu into his body.

Chen Siyu was already prepared. She jumped onto the chair and flipped her body over to dodge it.

Xu Zhichun coldly laughed. Using his body movement technique, he moved to Chen Siyu's back and reached out his arms in an attempt to hug and kiss her.

Chen Siyu drew a short sword from her robe and attacked Xu Zhichun.

Xu Zhichun's martial arts level was high. He could still dodge it even though he was drunk.

Both of his eyes were red with anger. He felt malevolent.

"Chen Siyu, you'll never defeat me. Don't even think that you can escape. Be my woman!"

He reached out his right hand and grabbed Chen Siyu's wrists and touched her chest with her other hand.

Chen Siyu moved the short sword she had in her left hand to her right. She pointed the blade at Xu Zhichun's neck.

"How dare you!"

Xu Zhichun grabbed her other hand, staring at her so strongly that it felt like daggers were going through her.

"You'd rather die than be my woman!?" he asked.

"Yes!" Chen Siyu scoffed.


Xu Zhichun bit his tongue and said his words clearly.

"You want to die? In your dreams! I'll strike your acupuncture points and play with you till I'm bored!"

Chen Siyu bit her lower lip and glared at him.

Xu Zhichun shook both of his hands and Chen Siyu suddenly lost her strength. A surge of inner strength rushed into her body. She could not muster any energy, and her heart was getting heavier.

"Boom!", a loud noise rang around the area. Chu Li appeared from the sky and landed behind Xu Zhichun. Using his palm to hit Xu Zhichun's back and the impact created a sharp noise.

"Youyou" Xu Zhichun turned slowly and stared at Chu Li in disbelief.

Chu Li coldly glared at him. There was no worth in taking pity on such a beast.

Chen Siyu's fragrant and soft body was trembling as she fell down.

Chu Li reached out his hand to grab her and channeled some inner energy to her.

The warmth aura circulated around her body. It neutralized Xu Zhichun's inner energy and unraveled the acupuncture. She felt as if she was soaking in the hot springs and was surrounded by warmth and comfort.