White Robed Chief Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Redeem

When he heard that Yu Jiao was being redeemed, he felt as if lightning had struck him. He felt hopeless.

He snapped out of it after a while and he felt as if a part of his heart had been cut from his chest. He quickly grasped onto the woman's sleeves and asked:

"Who!? Who took Yu Jiao away!?"

"Master Zhou!" The woman tried to struggle her way out of his grip.

Zhou Yuting, in his panicked state, grasped even harder, "Tell me! Who is it!?" He shouted.

"Master Zhou, you're hurting me!" The woman shouted angrily.

She was reluctant to reveal the truth, which made Zhou Yuting become irrationally mad and impatient. He shook his dainty body and kept shouting, "Quick! Tell me! Quickly!"

The woman felt helpless. She struggled and managed to push away Zhou Yuting's large hands to adjust her pink gown, "Master Zhou, could you please calm down?" She rudely scolded Zhou Yuting.

Zhou Yuting, taken aback, could only continue to look at her, but he had no time to question why she had a respectable grasp of martial arts. He hurriedly asked again, "Quickly tell me, who was it?"

"I don't know." The woman shook her head, "He didn't tell us anything about his identity. He just took out a hundred thousand taels and redeemed sister Yu Jiao, and she even agreed to it, too. Since the boss didn't stop her, sister Yu Jiao left with that master this afternoon."

"What did he look like!?" Zhou Yuting asked hurriedly.

"He had quite the impressive appearance." The woman smiled as she recalled, "He looked like a great man. Maybe that's why sister Yu Jiao agreed without hesitation."

"Yu Jiao Yu Jiao" Zhou Yuting muttered repeatedly to himself. He felt as if his heart fell into an icy hole and his chest was being stuffed with cotton. He was almost unable to breathe.

"Master Zhou, there are sisters other than Yu Jiao. They will satisfy you for sure! There's no point only looking for sister Yu Jiao! Come here, I'll bring you another sister!" The woman said.

"I only like Yu Jiao!" Zhou Yuting muttered, his lost soul and his spirit fallen.

The woman covered her mouth and smiled, "I had never thought that Master Zhou was such an infatuated seed! Sister Yu Jiao must be really happy to know that."

"Sister Yu Jiao didn't leave down an address?" Zhou Yuting held out his hand in an attempt to grab her again.

The woman gently avoided it, "She sort of did leave one, but our boss won't give it to you!"

Zhou Yuting quickly made a pleasing smile, "My great sister, please help me!"

The woman covered her mouth and smiled, "What do I get if I helped you?" She asked.

Zhou Yuting took out a hundred silver from his pocket and delightfully gave it to her, "I will give this to you, my sister, to buy some candy! Help me please, I won't forget you for sure!"

"....Very well. I shall help your helpless self, you infatuated man. I'll help you ask." The woman took the banknote, put it in her sleeves and smiled at Zhou Yuting. She left daintily,"You shall wait for me here!"

Zhou Yuting nodded.

He felt as if his heart was being cut to pieces as soon as he thought about Yu Jiao leaving him without leaving a trace. He had not come to terms with the fact. The moment he recalled Yu Jiao's lovely face, his love toward her bubbled up again. He wouldn't know if she was suffering or not now!

Yu Jiao was too innocent, too naive. What if the one who redeemed her was a wretched man who tortured and insulted her! What could a weak woman like her do!?

After a short moment, the woman gently returned. She stuffed a white piece of paper into his hand, "The deed has been done!"

"Thank you sister, thank you!" Zhou Yuting was extremely happy. He took the paper and carefully opened it. He glanced at the address and nodded intensely, "Okay, okay!"

He gave her a closed fist salute, "I will return to thank you, my sister, next time!"

"You're better off not causing any trouble" The woman replied, "You may be from the Public House, but that man could easily fork over a hundred thousand taels. He's probably not common folk either. You may not have what it takes to beat him!"

"I understand. I only want to see Yu Jiao for one last time." Zhou Yuting hurriedly nodded, "As long as she has a good life, I won't disturb her!"

"Hah." The woman shook her head as she saw him leaving in large strides. Affection was such a wonderful thing, that it could make someone act like this.

Zhou Yuting left the New Moon Brothel in large strides. He ignored Gu Litong, and quickly rushed to the address written on the paper. The people who lived in the Alley of Luscious Fountain were all rich, but it did not stop his determination.

He left the crowded main street and came to the Luscious Fountain Alley. He stopped in front of a residence.

He levitated into the courtyard without hesitation.

The courtyard was lit up. As soon as he landed, he saw that the door to the main hall was open. A wonderful body reflected in his eyes. His eyes widened and his breath got deeper. He hurriedly rushed into the main hall.

In it was Chu Li, sitting on the armchair as he looked at Yu Jiao dancing with his smiling eyes.

Yu Jiao had the perfect body proportions; she was tall and elegant, and her facial features were lovely. She looked weak, which compelled men to love her.

She danced gently with her elegant posture, her strict training shining through.

Chu Li suddenly clapped his hands and smiled, "That was great! Alright, Miss Yu Jiao, Brother Zhou Yuting is over there."

Yu Jiao turned to have a look. She called out in surprise, "Master Zhou!"

Zhou Yuting quickly walked toward her, "Yu Jiao, why are you here?"

Yu Jiao jumped into his arms and raised her head, "Wasn't it you, Master Zhou, who redeemed me?"

"Me?" Zhou Yuting was confused. He looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li was sitting on the armchair in his green robes. He looked at them, smiling all the while, "Chu Li, what kind of bullsh*t are you pulling?"Zhou Yuting asked furiously.

He was suppressing the wave of rage within him, and was about to explode at any moment. That guy over there actually made Yu Jiao dance for him! He was truly detestable!

Chu Li smiled, "Miss Yu Jiao, would you please leave us?"

"Of course!" Yu Jiao lightly answered, and gently left the hall.

Zhou Yuting opened his mouth, but did not stop her. He turned his head and stared daggers at Chu Li.

Chu Li held out his hand and pointed at the armchair next to him. He smiled, "Brother Zhou, come sit down. Let's have a talk. There's no point in being so angry. I even thought you were going to thank me?"

"Thank? You?" Zhou Yuting sneered, "Hmph!"

"I redeemed Miss Yu Jiao for you! Are you not going to thank me?" Chu Li asked.

"Yu Jiao is mine!" Zhou Yuting exclaimed.

"Of course." Chu Li smiled, "I'll take it as if you had borrowed a hundred thousand taels from me. You can take your time to return all of it."

Zhou Yuting's expression calmed down. He furrowed his brows, "Really?"

Chu Li smiled, "Since when have I not kept my word?"

Zhou Yuting observed him cautiously and scoffed, "You trying to ask something of me, aren't you? What do you want?"

"Nothing much, really." Chu Li shook his head, "It's only a small deed to you, Brother Zhou Yuting. You can complete it very easily."

"Say it, what do you want me to do?" Zhou Yuting scoffed.

He understood that Chu Li was enticing him, but at the same time threatening him. If he did not agree with the terms, Chu Li would have taken Yu Jiao away from him.

"I just want you to be honest in front of Master Siao." Chu Li sipped some tea as he said, "You'll just have to talk about what Gu Litong did."

"Impossible!" Zhou Yuting firmly rejected.

Chu Li sighed, "Seems like Brother Gu Litong is far more important to Brother Zhou Yuting! You know what they say, women are like clothes but brothers are like your very own hands and feet!"

"Disloyal and untrustworthy," Zhou Yuting shook his head, "I won't be this kind of person!"

Chu Li broke into laughter, "Brother Zhou Yuting, how naive could you be?"

"Who said I was naive!" Zhou Yuting replied angrily, "I won't agree with it, no matter what!"

"I admire the strength of your code of brotherhood." Chu Li said, his expression somber.

Zhou Yuting scoffed.

"But even so, you have to be loyal to the right people. Aren't you too naive to be loyal to a wolf?" Chu Li added.

Zhou Yuting wanted to say something, but instead met a dismissing wave from Chu Li's hand, "How about this, you try and imagine if it were Gu Litong over there right now. Do you think he'd agree?"

Zhou Yuting became speechless.

He knew Gu Litong well. He was extremely selfish; He would have definitely agreed without any hesitation.