White Robed Chief Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Chased Out

Chu Li put down the teacup and sighed.

"You're loyal to Gu Litong but he's just treating you like a dumb dog. I'm sure you've realized this, haven't you?"

"It doesn't matter what it is. I can't betray him!"

Zhou Yuting scoffed.

"Why is it betrayal? Think about this. With Gu Litong pulling all these stunts, will the West Garden ever become great? There'll definitely be consequences! He's able to just off a nice and fresh Moonlight Orchid just like that. What is he not willing to do? There isn't a wall in the world that doesn't have a crack. What if Master Siao snapped at something that happened down the line because of Gu Litong? What will happen to you?"

Zhou Yuting's expression changed.

If Master Siao got angry, he would definitely feel that wrath.

"Did Gu Litong ever think about you when he's doing these kinds of things? He thinks that the world revolves around him. He believes that you ought to treat him well but he doesn't believe the inverse to be true. He doesn't care about you. It's just a bunch of nonsense, isn't it?"

Chu Li said.

Zhou Yuting was speechless again.

Chu Li was correct. Gu Litong had never actually stopped to care about Zhou Yuting. He only made things hard for Zhou Yuting. He only served as a prop to Gu Litong.

Chu Li continued.

"If today was just you keeping secrets from him as usual, you could maybe hide it for the rest of your life but it's different now. I'm forcing you to choose. Do you want to pick someone whom you love that loves you back, or do you want to rot with Gu Litong? Everyone knows what they should do if they were normal."


Zhou Yuting furrowed his brows.

Chu Li waved off his hand.

"Besides, didn't you want to be a righteous man? With Gu Litong and his little crazy stunts, you should be clear as to which part of West Garden you should be loyal to. Gu Litong Gu, or Master Siao? Could it be that Gu Litong is more important than Master Siao himself?"

Chu Li sipped some more tea.

"If you keep hiding the truth, you're just being disloyal to Master Siao!"

He waved off his hand again and stopped Zhou Yuting. He continued on.

"You betrayed Master Siao and gave up on the woman of your life just for that bastard? Don't you think that it's a little funny!?"

Zhou Yuting did not say a word.

"Brother Zhou Yuting can be righteous and tell the truth. You can be the man this time. Not only Miss Yu Jiao, but this whole residence will be yours too. Take this as warm regards from me."

Chu Li continued to push.

"Hmph, your regards are quite costly!"

Zhou Yuting scoffed.

Chu Li smiled.

"But I still have to clear this up. I can give the residence for free, but the money I spent to redeem Yu Jiao is not. You can pay me back in ten years. Ten thousand every year isn't so bad."

"Twenty years!"

Zhou Yuting proposed.

He was only rank eight and he was not even a Protector. He could only take the money from home, but ten thousand taels a year was still too much.

"Okay then, twenty years it is."

Chu Li said.

He stood and placed the teacup down. He took out a contract and gave it to Zhou Yuting.

"Your seal, please."

Zhou Yuting took and read it. He then bit his left index finger until it bled and pressed his red fingerprint onto it. He scoffed.

"Are you still not reassured!?"

"If Brother Zhou Yuting skips out on the contract, I'll look for Mister Zhouwith this. He won't run from debts.

Chu Li smiled.

"Very well! I shall leave you two alone now. The first night is worth a thousand gold, after all!"

We waved at Zhou Yuting and flew away.

Zhou Yuting stood at the same place, unmoving.


Yu Jiao gently walked to him.

Zhou Yuting had lost his train of thought. He held out his hands to hug Yu Jiao. True happiness was gained from what he had almost lost. He carried her and rushed off to the bedroom.

Chu Li returned to the small courtyard in the Guardian of the Jade Island. It was already midnight.

He pushed the door open and a gentle call could be heard.

"Who is it?"

"It's me!"

Chu Li stepped into the courtyard.

As soon as he stepped into the courtyard, the air in courtyard changed immediately. It became much fresher in that split second as if all the pores on the skin opened. It was inaudibly comfortable.

Xue was in the middle of cultivating her Crescent Cryptic. She was surprised when she saw him.


Chu Li smiled.

"Are you not happy that I'm back?"

Xue's expression stiffened. She scoffed.

"There's nothing to be happy about. I still have to serve you!"

Chu Li smiled as he shook his head. He moved to the front of Glory's Will and observed its surroundings carefully. He nodded in satisfaction.

The Grass of Raven was now really tall. It was even taller than normal breeds. It was thick and strong. With this kind of Grass of Raven, the medication effect was going to be far more potent.

"Master, the Dream of Pearls bloomed twice and the Chief plucked them."


Chu Li nodded. He had already ordered someone to send the letters to remind Su Ru to collect the Dream of Pearls on time. As for the Andromeda and the others, she did not have to rush. The effects become more potent the longer its planted.

"Chief said that you went to accompany some pretty lady. What was that, really?"

Xue served tea.

Chu Li took a cup and sipped a little.

"It's a little complicated. I'll tell you later, you should continue with your cultivation."

"Do you want supper?"

"Not today."

"I think I'll at least make some."

Su Ru said and gently ran into the kitchen.

Chu Li shook his head and smiled.

Glory's Will had grown one whole section. With the help of the four trees, it indeed grew very quickly. Now was the peak of its growth spurt. He estimated that in a year, its growth would plateau for a while and then crash into speeds that a turtle could probably exceed. After that, it will have to grow depending on time passed. It could probably live on for about a thousand years.

Chu Li returned to his seat at the pagoda. He let out a breath, feeling content. Home was still the most comfortable place to be.

He had already left the Public House for a month. He already felt extremely comfortable when he finally reached the small courtyard. This was his own house, and it was leisure and relaxing.

When Xue served supper, Chu Li made her show him the progress she had made with her Crescent Cryptic.

Xue cultivated once while Chu Li advised her.

When Xue tried to improve while understanding Chu Li's teachings, she had benefited greatly. She truly needed Chu Li's advice.

The next day, Chu Li lazily got up. He sat on the pagoda for the entire day. The spiritual energy from Glory's Will was used to refine his body as he continued to cultivate Sentient Menace. The Grass of Raven was finally ready, and he was able to start the spirit bath.

In the evening, the sunset filled the small courtyard.

Su Ru pushed open the door. She went straight into the pagoda without even waiting for Chu Li to come out. She sat in front of Chu Li and widened her eyes.

"Chu Li, what did you actually do?"

Chu Li smiled.

"Do what, Chief?"

"Gu Litong's was crushed and he was chased out of the Public House!"

Su Ru said in surprise.

"Master Siao was furious. No one knows why but I'm guessing you did something stupid!"

Chu Li shook his head and sighed.

"Such a waste!"

"What waste? Such a faker!"

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him.

"These kinds of guys should've been chased out of the Public House long ago!"

"He's still someone with talent."

Chu Li said.

Gu Litong had all kinds nasty ideas in his head, but he was still very gifted with the study of plants. If Chu Li did not have the Scripture of Life and Death, he would have certainly lost against Gu Litong.

"Quickly tell me, what did you do?"

Su Ru rushed to him.

Chu Li did not hide a thing. He told her everything that happened and he smiled.

"Against this kind of schemer, I needed to cure the ills with poison. It would be hard if I came out with any proper plans."

"You're so toxic!"

Su Ru judged him with an odd expression.

"A stomach full of crafty ideas!"

Chu Li smiled. He did not say a word.

"A hundred thousand taels?"

Su Ru said.

Chu Li took out the contract.

"I actually didn't plan on making him give the money back, but if I didn't do everything in my power to subdue him, it would've been hard. Zhou Yuting isn't that easily controlled."

Su Ru looked at it and scoffed.

"I don't have a hundred thousand taels for you!"

Chu Li smiled.

"What are you thinking about, Chief. There's no way I could let you pay for this!"

Su Ru rolled her eyes at him.

"How should I know what you're thinking!"