White Robed Chief Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Strategy

The third princess left them in the afternoon, leaving a whiff of her good smell. Chu Li felt as if something was missing.

Lee Yue looked lacking in energy as well, unable to feel enthusiasm.

The Winter's Star quality stayed relatively normal. The plant itself does not count as a spirit herb. It's purity, however, is comparable to the Willow Trees. Chu Li worked on both plants at the same time, with one hand working on the Moonlight Orchid, and the other working on the Winter's Star.

The aura of the moonlight orchid separated and circulated into the Winter's Star through the Minute Pulse Technique.

The Winter's Star became energized after receiving the aura from the moonlight orchid. It regained its green color and freshness, as if it had just rained.

The next morning, Su Ru appeared in her gown.

Chu Li was meditating in the moonlight orchid parterre, while Lee Yue was waiting under the Willow Tree until Su Ru arrived.

She had a passionate welcome, and both of them walked towards Chu Li.

Su Ru gestured over to Chu Li, asking that he did not need to be courteous.

"Is that really the pot of Winter's Star?" She raised her head.

Chu Li nodded.

"This is simply.." Su Ru couldn't believe her eyes, she had to held out her hand to touch it in order to confirm it.

"It really is!"

She made an indistinguishable mark on the pot.

Chu Li had been surprised. Su Ru is young but incredibly clever. She should not be belittled. He felt a little vulnerable, as he learned that he may not necessarily be invincible if he had the Omniscient Mirror.
"It seems like you're quite talented, Chu Li." Su Ru looked at him and smiled gently.

Chu Li smiled and replied with silence.

Su Ru took out a silk hankerchief out of her sleeves, it contained one seed.

"This is from the Princess. Figure out a way to grow it."

"What seed is this?"

"The Dream of Mist. Have you heard of it before?"

Chu Li hummed as he quickly searched for the answer is his palace of memories.

"The Dream of Mist. Takes care of youth and immorality?"

"Correct. You are quite intelligent."

Su Ru nodded, praising Chu Li.

"Indeed it is!"

Miss Siao Qi may have given this man an important role. She had already checked his background, she knows everything about him.

He is the only one who genuinely enjoys reading and is knowledgeable within the Public House. Almost everyone else spends their time concentrating on their martial arts, leaving no time for study. They truly believe that having more skill is better than having more knowledge. This is what makes Chu Li stand out from the norm.

"The flower of Dream of Mist lives in the peaks as high as the clouds. The environment there will definitely be"

Chu Li frowned.

"It's all on you now.." Su Ru smiled as she pointed at the seed.

"If you actually succeed in making it sprout, then that is real skill!"

"Alright, I'll do my best."

"If it is not sprouting, that you better just serve the plant honestly!"

"Understood." Chu Li answered.

Lee Yue tried to offer his services fawning over Su Ru, wanting to assist her in sending the Winter's Star back. Su Ru rejected his offer and left.

Lee Yue stood below the willow tree and watched the boat as it left, until it disappeared into the horizon, and even then he was unwilling to break vision.

"Lee Yue, you lost your soul?"

Chu Li smiled as he said.

"Don't say crazy things!" Lee Yue replied in a snap.

"Wake up!" Chu Li shook Lee Yue's head.

"We can't afford this right now!"

"Ha.." Lee Yue lazily sighed as he squat down.

"Sometimes I feel I deserve better.." Lee Yue said as he brushed the ground with grass he picked up.

"You could be a legendary martial artist and still have it be impossible to be together with a Lady like Chief Su Ru."

"At least there's still some hope!"

"Su Ru couldn't have cared less about Zhuo Feiyang! Are you better than him in looks? In martial arts?"

"You and your mouth!" Lee Yue pointed at him angrily.

"Just let a man have his dream! Don't go and dampen my enthusiasm!"

"I'm afraid that you'll do something stupid. You may fall to the point where you'd do anything for love!"

"Ha..I'm completely lost. What kind of guy would be right for her..?"

"This isn't what we should be mulling over about. Let's get back to work." Chu Li said.

Even though Chu Li had asked Lee Yue to put it to the back of his mind, he had a completely different thought in his mind. The deep ambition within him continues to burn brighter.Siao Qi, Su Ru, Zhao Ying, he wants all of them! Only then will it not be a waste for him to come to this world!

A month later.

Chu Li had not even taken a step out of the East Garden.

On this particular evening, the sunset shines across the East Garden, making it look incredibly rich and luxurious. Lee Yue had sent one Moonlight Orchid to the East Garden, and returned with rage.

Chu Li sat in the Moonlight Orchid parterre, with a sprout breaking out of the soil. The Dream of Mist had grown.

Lee Yue sat on the floor and began to rant.

"This Gu Litong guy is a really nasty person!"

Chu Li lifted his head and looked at Lee Yue.

"You didn't see it, but he was so mad his facial features warped! He looks at you as if you owe him a full ten thousand taels!"

Chu Li smiled.

"Just admit it if you aren't as talented as others. That's no reason to give us that face! It's not like we want a Moonlight Orchid from him!" Lee Yue got angrier and angrier by the sentence, his voice kept rising.

"What else did he say?" Chu Li asked.

"...Nothing else." Lee Yue replied.

"So he's saying that it was a fluke, and it's not enough as proof..?" Leo smiled.

"Hmph, almost there." Lee Yue twitched his mouth.

He knows that this is a key moment. If the Dream of Mist was successfully grown, Chu Li would be sought out by Lady Siao. At that point Gu Litong would not even matter anymore.

"It's normal to be jealous. Did anything or anyone see you send that flower?" Chu Li asked.

"People all over the West Garden saw me. I even met two on the way there! Are you afraid they won't acknowledge your success?"

Lee Yue's expression turned grave.

"Are you afraid that they'll take the credit for it?"

The new Moonlight Orchid had already gotten used to the soil here. If Gu Litong were to use it to breed a few more plants and say that it is his, it will create more problems.

"That's something that needs to be prevented." Chu Li said.

"I'll go and look for Sir Meng!"

Lee Yue stood up and rushed off.

Chu Li shook his head and smiled. These are all relatively small issues. If he can lick Lady Siao's boots well enough, his future is secured.

Meng Qinlin quickly arrived along with Lee Yue, looking proud.

Chu Li greeted him as he arrived.

"Haha! Young Chu! I'm here to bring you good news!" He pat Chu Li's shoulder and laughed.

"This time we actually got them good! It's unfortunate you didn't see Gu Litong's face!"

"Lee Yue had just sent a Moonlight Orchid there, Gu Litong didn't take it too well." Chu Li smiled.

"Young Lee Yue went at the right time! Gu Litong had just left the Thousand Herb Garden with a sour mood, and that's here he met him!"

Meng Qinlin's happiness shined.

Lee Yue shook his head.

"There are reasons for it, I'm sure."

Meng Qinlin chuckled

"Young Chu, you've just earned yourself another tank! You're an eighth rank now!"

"My greatest thanks, Sir Meng!"

"Young Chu, it's a shame that it may take you a while before entering the Herb Garden! I feel terrible about it.." Meng Qinlin lamented.

Chu Li looked at him.

"The people of the West Garden are getting in the way, and it'll take a while before an answer. But don't worry!" Meng Qinlin sighed.

"Ahh" Chu Li nodded.

Of course he would not say what Lady Siao had told him beforehand. There is no benefit in doing so.

"Be careful of Gu Litong, him and his faction are trying to pick a fight against you, they're definitely not convinced!" Meng Qinlin warned Chu Li.

"There is nothing to compete for. I will only improve when there is learning by interaction." Chu Li smiled.

"Your spirit is what I like about you, young man!" Meng Qinlin laughed as he pat Chu Li's shoulder.

"Come at us if you aren't happy! And do it until you're convinced!"

"Gu Litong is still very skillful, however." Lee Yue shook his head.

"And that's what makes our victory more meaningful!" Meng Qinlin smiled.

"There is no point in winning against those who are weak, it just isn't satisfying!"

Chu Li smiled in silence.

It was easy to understand. All the encouragement from Meng Qinlin was to motivate him to best Gu Litong once again to obtain clearance to the Herb Garden.

Lee Yue was pulling Chu Li out from the East Garden. It was early evening, when all the lanterns around were lit up. They had gone to the Domain of the Goddess. Having recently ranking up to rank eight, how could they not celebrate?

The Domain of the goddess is located at the south side of Chongming Village, not too far away from the southern door. The building is large with a signboard so attractive that the whole of Chongming could see it.

Both of them picked seats next to the window on the second floor. Looking at the hustle and bustle from above made them feel as if they were the only ones with clear minds.

Four jars of Jade Leaf wine was opened. The fragrant smell of the wine tinges their senses. Ten dishes that smell, look, and taste good filled the table, and the two of them chatted as they drank.

"Now this is the life! This is how it should be,Chu Li! We get paid so much, why not just enjoy it?"

Lee Yue was excited.

"This meal is probably ten taels at least..?" Chu Li smiled.

"Six is good enough!" Lee Yue smiled.

"The rice and dishes aren't worth much. It's the wine! Each for a tael!"

Chu Li was not actually sure regarding the prices.

"Both of us have fifty taels a month, excluding rewards!"

"That too."

Chu Li is a man who likes to entertain himself. Good wine, good food, and good women. He drinks the best wine and flirts with the prettiest girl. His tastes are the best, and if he wants to go all out, he will enjoy it to the most. But there is a point to all this only if you have a high post and be a formidable martial artist.

"Wow-, now isn't this a popular man Chu Li!" A sudden shout could be heard as two people stood in front of their table.

Chu Li stared at the strangers. There are two young men. One slim with long eyes, staring down at them with squinting eyes full of arrogance; Another being a fat young man, with strained hair and a rounded face.

"Gu Litong!" Lee Yue called.

"Lee Yue."

The slim man replied coldly.

"You tracked me!?" Lee Yue's expression soured.

"Now that's a joke!" Gu Litong grinned sarcastically.

"You're not a legendarily beautiful maiden, I don't have a reason to track you! Chu Li, was it?"

His eyes are sharp, looking as if he was going to literally look through Chu Li.

"I am Chu Li, I've been looking forward to meeting you, Gu Litong!"

This is the first time they have met one another. Chu Li sized up Gu Litong. His martial arts is not bad, being able to match up against a rank nine Protector.

Gu Litong impolitely sat down and raised his hand.

"Waiter! Give us two more chopsticks and bowls!"

"On my way!"

Chu Li burrow his brows.

It was clear with that act; He is not here to be friendly. He had not put himself in his eyes.

"So you're Chu Li?"

The fat young man sized Chu Li up.

"You stick out quite a lot!"

"And you are.?" Leo questions him.

"Zhou Yuting!" The man replied, with arrogance.

In a sudden realization,

"Oh, it's Zhou Yuting."

Zhou Yuting. A rank eight Scribe. The son to the Imperial Attendant of the Martial Arts Hall. His connections run far and deep.

Zhou Yuting took up a jar of beer and filled up both his and Gu Litong's cup, slamming it on the table. Both of them began to cheer and celebrate, as if they were the owners.

Lee Yue was angry, but was gestured by Chu Li to stop.

Zhou Yuting put down the cup, playfully looking at Chu Li.

"Let's be honest here, did you really breed the Moonlight Orchid..?"

"Whatever could you mean, Zhou Yuting?" Chu Li smiled.

"The Moonlight Orchid was bred by Gu Litong!" Zhou Yuting called out, slamming his cup.

Chu Li was surprised. He took a look at Zhou Yuting and Gu Litong, and he smiled.

"Zhou Yuting! What nonsense are you spouting!" Lee Yue stood up, provoked by the claim.

"The Moonlight Orchid...bred by Gu Litong Gu?"

"Truly, it was bred by Gu Litong himself." Zhou Yuting took a swig of wine.

"Chu Li stole Gu Litong's technique! People like that have no right to stay in the Public House!"

Chu Li shook his head.

"Nonsense!" Lee Yue's face started to turn red.

"Zhou Yuting, you're too thick skinned! The orchid was sent by me,and many people saw it. There's no use in trying to deny that!"

"Now who was it that saw you?" Zhou Yuting waved his hands, disregarding Lee Yue.

"Lying? Come now, you must have real guts to lie like that!"

"F..!" Right as Lee Yue was about to say a name, Chu Li stopped him.

"Forget about it, Lee Yue."

Lee Yue looked at him.

Chu Li helped him fill his cup.

"Come on, we should drink after hearing such an interesting joke!"