White Robed Chief Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Assassination

"Let's go, we should walk around town for a bit." Chu Li said, "It's been a while since we last went there."

"Brother, it has only been a week." Zhao Ying grinned.

Chu Li jumped onto the boat and announced, "Let's go!"

He would not tell anyone about the matters regarding Startling Cloud Clan. If the secret was spilled, they would be put in grave danger.

Zhao Ying understood that it would be futile if she kept asking, so she too jumped onto the boat, "Let's go then, to Cloud Inn!"

The two were soon on the boat, and with a thrust from their inner strength, the boat rocked into life, speeding away from the Public House. Before long, they arrived at Cloud Inn.

They chose a right timing to be there. To their luck, the extremely crowded second floor had a vacant seat for them, right beside the window.

The two sat down and ordered a few dishes. Zhao Ying started telling stories about what had happened in the Public House for the past month. She had been influenced by Chu Li, as she too had started to notice these small matters.

Chu Li enjoyed the taste of his fine wine, while chatting with her casually.

It was just only nightfall. Under the gentle illumination of the lights, Zhao Ying looked stunning. Her face was as pure as white jade, and her elegant eyebrows looked like they were dancing under the shine of the light.

Chu Li started getting a little tipsy, but he was not drunk.

He raised his wine cup and took a small sip. He watched Zhao Ying' bright eyes intently.

Zhao Ying could feel that his sights on her were beginning to burn, as she felt a heat wave pulsating her cheeks.

"Watch out!" Her bright eyes widened as she stared at something behind Chu Li. Instinctively, she pulled out her sword.

Chu Li shifted his feet, twisted his body around and moved away. Behind him, a thin, middle-aged man threw his right fist towards him, but could only hit his shadow.

The man had a tall physique. He was wearing a pale grey robe, which looked loose on him. It looked like a bamboo wrapped in a long robe.

His cheeks were hollow, and his face a sickening yellow. His eyes looked like he had just awoken from sleep. It did not look like he knew martial arts. On the contrary, the man looked like a junkie.

"Ding..." Zhao Ying' sword struck the man's left palm, and there was a sound of metal clang.

Chu Li turned his body around and thrusted his sword towards him.

He could see that the tip of Zhao Ying' sword only formed a whitish mark on the man's palm, it did not even pierce through his skin. It was obvious that their foe had some impressive skills, as he was seemingly unharmed by normal weapons.

"Ding..." Chu Li's sword hit the man's chest, and the metal clang sound broke out again.

Chu Li felt his sword slipping, just like he was hitting a smooth rock. It was not just any skill, he had the Heart Guard spell!

"Who are you?" Chu Li threw another strike at him, activating his Omniscient Mirror.

The middle-aged man scoffed, then turned around and left.

Chu Li darted there and appeared right behind his back. He jolted his palm on his back forcefully.

"Pom!" A dull sound was heard. The man was propelled up into the air. He crashed through the window and was thrown out of the building.

Chu Li blinked outside, this time appearing mid-air outside the building. He threw another palm strike right in the middle of the man's chest.

Zhao Ying followed and jumped out of the window with her sword, her movements agile like a swallow.

When she was in mid-air, she could not keep her balance, and began falling downwards. She hurriedly swiped his long sword in the air, performing her Aerial Blade skill move. At that moment, her body seemed to slow down. She stepped onto a second floor's window frame with her toes, propelling herself upwards.

Chu Li followed up his attack on the man, throwing out another three palm strikes. Each strike was precise and loaded with immense inner strength, aimed at his enemy's chest. The force from his strikes was so great that it nullified the protection of the Heart Guard spell.

He now knew who this man was, "Three-Eyed Dragon" Ding Weisong!

He had not even started his search on Cheng Wenhui, but he had already found him instead. Everything in this world was truly unpredictable!

"Wow..." Cheng Wenhui finally succumbed to the blows from Chu Li's palm strikes, as his internal organs suffered injuries.

He felt like a clumsy bear, his movements too slow. He became an easy target for his enemy to lash out on. How embarrassing was that!

"Pom!" Cheng Wenhui landed on the ground with a loud thud. Brownish dust swirled around him following the heavy landing.

Chu Li landed with ease right beside him and asked, "Who asked to you to look for me?"

Cheng Wenhui laid on his back, facing upwards. There were blood smears at the edge of his mouth, and his eyes still looked lazy. He started laughing weakly, "Tremendous skills, Chu Li. No wonder you're worth twenty thousand taels!"

Chu Li creased his brows and asked, "What was that technique that you had cultivated?"

Suddenly, Cheng Wenhui found a way to loosen himself from Chu Li's grip. He rolled around and scurried away.

"Ding..." Zhao Ying landed just in time to stop him, her sword hitting his left shoulder.

Cheng Wenhui was halted in his steps. And in the blink of an eye, Chu Li caught up behind him, landing another palm strike onto his back.

"Pom!" Cheng Wenhui was once again thrown off ground.

He spurted a jet of blood in mid-air. Strangely, his trajectory accelerated, and in a split second he vanished into a puff of smoke, disappearing from the street. The crowd who were watching around them did not even have the time to react, as they had lost Ding Weisong from their views.

Chu Li creased his brows and watched the direction in which Cheng Wenhui had escaped to. That was a phenomenal speed. He must have used a kind of secret technique.

But Chu Li held back from using his Imminent Skyline move, because he knew, that the Temple of Tempest had eyes on him everywhere. He could not lower his guard and draw unnecessary attention.

"Brother..." Zhao Ying looked dissatisfied as she wielded her long sword.

Chu Li waved her off, "Forget about him."

"He will be back, right?"

Chu Li shook his head.

"Who is he?" Zhao Ying asked.

Chu Li looked back down and said, "An assassin. The failed attempt just now would keep him away for a while, so he won't return so soon. Let's go back, we haven't finished our meals!"

"Brother, after all that, you still have the appetite?" Zhao Ying threw a glance at him.

This fella is full of tricks. He would be difficult to defend against. Being under the radar of such a skilled assassin, Chu Li could not put his mind to peace.If he could not find out the client who gave him the kill order, there would certainly be another attempt at his life.

Chu Li smiled, "An encounter like this would be common in days to come, don't worry about it!"

"He was this close to killing you!" Zhao Ying replied worriedly, "How will you protect yourself?"

Chu Li said, "I survived, all thanks to you, sister."

"Don't say that!" Zhao Ying stared fiercely at him. She was already furious at Chu Li's casual attitude towards what had just happened. He seemed like he did not care about his own life at all!

Chu Li's mood was unusually good. He smiled as he tucked on Zhao Ying' sleeve, prompting her to return to Cloud Inn with him. He told the cashier, "Apologies for the incident just now. I will compensate your losses fully. When we're done with our meals, include it in our bill."

The cashier seemed delighted. He nodded and then hurriedly invited them upstairs.

Zhao Ying sat opposite to Chu Li. She could see how happy Chu Li was, as he was drinking cup after cup of wine, soon finishing a whole jar of it. She unknowingly asked, "Brother, after such a life-threatening encounter, how could you be so happy?"

She felt that Chu Li's thinking was weird. He should be thinking about solutions to his problem right now, not happily celebrating like he had just found treasure.

Chu Li laughed, "I've cheated death, how can I not be happy?"

Chu Li had stolen a glimpse into Ding Weisong's mind. He knew exactly where his enemy was escaping to. And most importantly, he had finally found the answer to his burning question. Ding Weisong was in fact cultivating the Art of White Tiger!

"Aren't you worried of what's about to come?" Zhao Ying picked up the wine jar and refilled his cup.

Chu Li raised his cup and gleefully chugged down the wine, "I'm not a Protector, so I spend most of my time inside the Public House. However strong my enemy may be, he won't be able to breach our security and find me. Moreover, if Ding Weisong dares to cause trouble in town, he won't go far before he gets captured!"

"You're right, the Public House will surely dispatch several Protectors to kill him!" Zhao Ying nodded lightly.

If anyone were to wreak havoc in town, they had to prepare to get punished by the federal government. Because the Yi Public House forbade anyone from the martial arts world to disrupt the peace in town. For those who had broken the law, they would be brought to justice. For those who dared to kill, the Public House would not let them off lightly.

The moon was hanging high up in the sky, gently rotating like a lunar ice wheel.

Chu Li was shuttling through the streets of Chong Ming Town. He moved around with stealth, finally reaching the front of a serene mansion.

The Old Schott Road mainly housed residences of high ranking government officials. Each mansion had stone lions guarding the gates, and for some, you could see Protectors on duty outside. Numerous lanterns gave the street a bright white illumination, and the quartz road beneath shimmered in their light.

Chu Li made his way into one of the magnificently furbished mansion. He activated his Omniscient Mirror.

The whole layout of the mansion appeared before his very eyes. He could see everything; how many Protectors there were, how many males or females inside, and what they were doing.

It did not take long for him to locate Ding Weisong.

Cheng Wenhui was sitting cross-legged on a couch. His eyes were closed, he was cultivating.

The place he was in looked like a boiler room, as there was firewood scattered all over. There was only a small shabby couch in the room, which only had enough space to accommodate one person. It was surrounded by firewood.

Cheng Wenhui's face looked yellowish as he sat there. He did not move. His breath was shallow.