White Robed Chief Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Dharma Yuan

Chu Li expanded the scope of his Omniscient Mirror to the max, to read the mind of the grey-robed old man. Suddenly he smiled, it looked like the Lady was very worried about him. She had secretly sent an innate master to protect him.

When he thought of that, he became more bold. He turned back around and continued in the direction of Feng Shicai's estate.

Before he reached the estate, his facial expressions changed.

The Temple of Tempest had really sent someone to guard the place. But it was not what he had predicted, it was not a gang of people, but only a monk instead.

A young, handsome monk, who wore a grey robe. He sat peacefully on a couch in one of the house. He did not move a single bit.

His age was almost that of Chu Li's. His facial features were fine, and he looked charming. His skinny body contained a ferocious amount of inner strength, so much more immense than the grey-robed old man behind him.

Chu Li sighed, he really could not underestimate the capabilities of the Temple of Tempest.

Chu Li did not need to start attacking him to know, that he wasn't his enemy's match.

Feng Shicai was in the house adjacent to the young monk's. He was already sound asleep. With protection from a monk of the Temple of Tempest, he could sleep in peace. He was cuddling with a beautiful lady too.

Chu Li stood outside the estate and contemplated, whether he should kill the monk first or Feng Shicai.

If he had killed the monk first, then only proceeding to kill him, Feng Shicai would know how vulnerable he really was.

He triggered his Imminent Skyline move, and soon the energy and spiritual energies from all around him surged into his body. He was gone in a flash, and the next second you could see him smashing right through the window pane, landing in front of the young monk. His hands were glowing with a chilly aura.

"Ding..." The blade aimed towards the monk's throat was deflected away, as if it had just hit a rock.

Chu Li blinked away again, this time appearing behind the young monk.

He sighed, the monk's reflexes were rather quick, the blade did not even reach him before he had deflected it using his Sentient Menace move. Innate masters were truly sensitive towards danger.

"Chi!" a sound followed, as a focused blast of energy struck his back.

Chu Li blinked away in a split second, reappearing a mile away from the scene.

The young monk darted towards him like a silent shadow. He used the first finger of his right hand to tap lightly on Chu Li's back.

"Chi!" Another forceful surge of energy struck Chu Li's back.

But Chu Li had already activated his Omniscient Mirror earlier, he could see what was coming.

The young monk had only tapped gently on him, but the strength was humongous. An invisible form of energy was blasted out from his fingertips, shattering the air like a flying blade. It was an emission of inner strength!

Chu Li did not take the risk to block it. Whenever his opponent moved his finger, he would quickly evade it. Even though the attacks that were thrown at him were swift, but it was not even close to the speed of his Imminent Skyline move.

The energy from his fingers hit the ground, and immediately left a hole on it. Chu Li sighed, if that kind of force had landed on his body, his two stages of Sentient Menace skill move would not be able to save him from it.

The young monk threw hit after hit of his fingertip strike, while Chu Li responded with his Imminent Skyline move, as if he was performing magic. Under the moonlight, there appeared more than ten figures of shadows. Every hit from the monk only managed to hit his shadows, which were an illusion.

In the blink of an eye, the chase had covered over two miles of distance.

Chu Li entered a forest, and summoned his Imminent Skyline move more intensely. In a fraction of a second, the monk had already lost track of him, as if Chu Li had vanished completely.

The monk stood on a branch, his head shimmering with light under the starlit sky.

He locked his eyebrows, and swept a quick glance across the surroundings, but he could not find Chu Li.

On top of the hill right opposite the forest, Chu Li appeared. He whistled loudly.

The young monk raised his head and looked at him. He saw that Chu Li was already thousands of meters away, any hopes of getting to him were now diminished.

Chu Li let out a laugh, "How may I call you, dear monk?"

"Amitabha..., I am Fa Yuan ." The monk put his palms together and saluted him, "Almsgiver Chu, your levitation skills are incredible!"

Chu Li said, "The force of your fingers are incredible too, Fa Yuan ! What was that technique?"

He had clearly seen through his finger technique, and the routes of his inner strength emission. But shame was that he was not an innate master, so he could not emit inner strength like him. He hoped that he would be able to do so in the future.

"Spear Finger Strike"

"Your Sentient Menace move, has already reached the third stage, right?"


"Wow, that is truly amazing. We shall meet again!" Chu Li laughed, then vanished from sight. He was soon nowhere to be found.

Fa Yuanlet out a sigh.

He had pursued Chu Li personally, but still could not get his hands on him. Senior Dharma Shan was right, this fella was a slick, and a smart one as well!

He turned around and made his way back to the estate. When he was back to his quiet room, he crossed his legs and sat on the couch.

"Eh?" He was shocked. He realized that something was amiss. He quickly used his skill move to listen to what was happening on the other side of the wall. There was only one sign of breath! He did not care about Feng Shicai's privacy anymore, as he tore down the door with a single palm strike and stepped into the room.

The room looked the same. It did not look like there had been an intruder.

He went to Feng Shicai's couch, and opened the bed curtain. There lied Feng Shicai and the pretty lady. The lady was only dressed in a bright red stomacher, revealing her shoulders and arms.

He was not deterred by the sight of that and glanced across to Feng Shicai. When his eyes met him, his face turned gloomy.

He saw Feng Shicai lying on the couch, he did not move at all. His face looked peaceful, as if he was sound asleep.

Fa Yuanreached out to feel for any signs of life, but he knew, that he was already dead!

Chu Li had returned to finish him off. He had tricked him!

Even though he was a righteous follower of Buddha, he could not help but to feel hateful towards his enemy. His eyes glowed brightly, and there was only one thing that crossed his mind right there and then, to kill Chu Li with a single palm strike.

Chu Li returned to the Public House quietly, and so did the grey-robed old monk.

He sat on his couch on East Garden, reminiscing the battle scene just now between him and Fa Yuan . He played back his foe's every move in his mind. He was analyzing Fa Yuan 's fighting style, so he could better counter him the next time they met.

If not for the Imminent Skyline move, he would have died in Fa Yuan 's hands. Such a young innate master, he could not help but felt fearful towards him.

Fa Yuanwas the first ever person to elude his Blade of Eternity. Innate masters were truly highly sensitive towards any incoming threat.

And his third stage Sentient Menace move, it allowed him to withstand his inner strength attacks, rendering the Blade of Eternity useless against him.

If Chu Li wanted to counter his Sentient Menace move, he would have to use a stronger blade than that. The most crucial part of all was an extreme focus and purity of his inner strength next time. If he had achieved innate mastery, Fa Yuanwould not have stood a chance against his flying blade.

The Spear Finger Strike was a demanding skill move. It was a shame that at his current stage, he would not be able to learn it. He could not blast out his inner strength yet, so if he tried to cultivate it, it would backfire.

Instinctively, he knew that his Sentient Menace would not be able to shield him from the Spear Finger. He would need to raise the levels of his Sentient Menace skill move.

Once his Sentient Menace move had reached Stage Four, he would be able to cultivate his meridians. By that time, his Infinite Sea of Azure move's powers would be quadrupled. It could even increase by five or six folds. With that amount of power, it would then be possible for him to overcome the strength of an innate master.

He put everything out of his mind. He shifted his focus onto cultivating the Art of White Tiger.

Mysterious energies started surging into his body from the realm of the skies above and the grounds below. They surrounded his blood and flesh, altering their properties. The next morning, if he would cultivate the Sentient Menace move again, his powers would improve by a huge margin.

If he continued the same routine, it would not take long before he could completely master the third stage. He felt very excited.

It was dawn. After finishing breakfast, Chu Li went to the Island of Jade. He pushed open the door of the small courtyard, and the first thing he saw was Su Ru, sitting at the small kiosk. Her yellow dress looked clean, the pure white tea cup in her hand complementing the beauty of her face.

Chu Li walked towards the kiosk, taking a seat right opposite to her.

Su Ru put down her tea cup and glanced at him, "We've found Gu Litong Gu!"

Xue Linge put a refilled teapot on their table, then stood behind Chu Li.

Chu Li opened his tea cup cover and took a sip, "Where?"

"White Stone Town."

"White Stone Town..." Chu Li searched in his mind, looking for the exact location of that town. He said in a low voice, "That will be thousands of miles away from here. Is he halfway there?"

White Stone Town was situated in between Chong Ming Town and Terence Town. And the Hu Ren Public House was in Terence Town.