White Robed Chief Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Wipeout

Chu Li pulled Gu Li Tong and disappeared in a flash from the house.

Gu Li Tong could not open his eyes because the force of the wind was weighing down on his eyelids. Through a small gap between his eyelids, he could only make out distorted lights and shades, he could not see anything else. Only the screaming of wind could be heard. Under the gale, they stop abruptly and charged forward repeatedly, an urge to vomit developed in his chest and that feeling gradually solidified and became more intense.

After a few moments, Chu Li jerked to a stop. Gu Li Tong could no longer hold back the urge to throw up, he bent down and hurled once, then a few more times on the ground.

Chu Li studied the small courtyard in the distance and shook his head.

Hu Ren Public House' Protectors still would not show themselves, they were really patient. They were having wishful thinkingthey will wait for the two parties to fight to exhaustion and carry out a sudden attackit would be easy to overcome those exhausted Protectors.

Gu Li Tong used a handkerchief to wipe his mouth, raised himself and his face turned bitter.

He found himself standing on the roof. The round moon shining brightly and the night breeze blowing gently, the breeze cool and refreshingwhat a beautiful night.

Chu Li stood with his hands clasped behind his back, his blue robe blowing in the wind. He gazed off into the distance, lost in thoughts.

Gu Li Tong shook his head mentally.

Chu Li had the title of the youth champion. At first, he thought it was ridiculous that a mere Scribe was called the youth champion, but now, it seemed that the rumor was truehis levitation was incredible!

Chu Li activated his Omniscient Mirror and focused his attention on checking out the situation, trying to see if they still had anything up their sleeves so as not to benefit the Hu Ren Public House.

After examining the situation thoroughly, he let out a sigh of relief.

The manpower of Hu Ren Public House was divided into three batches: Gu Li Tong's original four Protectors, 20 Protectors who attacked directly and 20 in the ambush who were just 200 meters from the courtyard.

Chu Li was being very careful, for fear that Lu Yu Zhao Lung divided her manpower into four and he was also afraid that there will be Grandmasters.

Fortunately, everything was under control.

40 people crowded and fought in the small courtyard. Both parties were equally matched, both could not win against each other and ended up in a stalemate. As time passed, the strength of the two sides was being worn down, they struggled on with great difficulties. They were both waiting for their backups.

The leader of the 20 Protectors of Hu Ren Public House, who was responsible for the ambush, was a middle-aged rough man. He was like a lion, with a pug nose and big eyes with a piercing gleam.

He squatted in the shadow of a corner of the walls, listening motionlessly and intently.

He counted the time anxiously. He could not let his team suffer significant injury or death, nor can he let his opponents have too much strength. Therefore, he must find the best opportunity to wipe them out in one go and in this way, he would have distinguished himself with a great merit!

If he attacked now, his team will not suffer great damage but the people of Yi Public House would have the strength to escape and this meant failure.

The goal this time was to exterminate the opponents. They went to great trouble to set up this trap, and at last, they got the opportunity but if he were to scare away the opponents, then this was his incompetence. Not only did he not make a contribution, he would have made a big mistake.

If the attack was too late, the Public House's loss would be too great. Those Protectors' fury would burn him to death and Lu Yu Zhao Lung might not be able to keep him alive!

"Big Brother Hu, do we attack now?" the person next to him asked in a low voice.

The middle-aged man shook his head.

"The Lady had planned very carefully with every conceivable possibility taken into account. This time, we will give them the third degree!" someone snickered.

The middle-aged man turned and glared at that person, "Keep your voice down!"

"Big Brother Hu, you are being too cautious. How can the fools from Yi Public House see through the Lady's ploy?"

"Don't underestimate the Yi Public House!"

"I believe they had no idea that this is a trap!"

"The deed is not done yet, don't count your chicken before they hatch!" The middle-aged man said gruffly, "Keep it down, you guys. Keep an ear out for the situation there. If we are late, we will be in trouble! "

The crowd quieted down and rubbed their palms and fists together, getting ready for a good fight. A meritorious service was right in front of them, waiting for them to reach out and grab it!

Chu Li already read the middle-aged man's thoughts from a distance away.

He was also waiting for the best chance. He wanted to be ahead of the rough middle-aged man and take them down immediately, not giving them a chance.

Time passed slowly, a quarter of an hour was like an hour long.

Chu Li threw something into the air all of a sudden.

"Bang!" a deafening sound filled the night sky and a glistering golden sword appeared in the night sky, adding radiance and beauty to the moon.

20 Protectors of Yi Public House rushed out from the dark, dashing into the small courtyard.

Their martial arts were better and on top of that, they had ample of vigor, hence, they easily slaughtered the opponents after they got into the courtyard.

In a blink, the Protectors of Hu Ren Public House fell one after another. When the middle-aged man reacted and brought his men into the courtyard, 20 plus Protectors of Hu Ren Public House had been annihilated.

As soon as the middle-aged men broke into the courtyard and saw this situation, he immediately roared, "Withdraw!"

Chu Li let out a long and loud cry.

The Protectors of Yi Public House who were originally in pursuit stopped.

Chu Li turned his head towards Gu Li Tong and smiled, "Brother Gu Li Tong, it is done. Let's go!"

Gu Li Tong was baffled, he did not hear the sound of fighting from the courtyard as they were quite far from it.

Chu Li pulled him and appeared in the courtyard.

"Brother Chu Li!" all the Protectors of Yi Public House greeted him with excitement and high spirit.

Chu Li had the title of the youth champion in the Public House and this time, he grasped the opportunity wonderfully, he was truly amazing.

Chu Li gave a fist salute and smiled, "Dear Brothers, thank you for your hard work."

"It was nothing." They returned the gesture.

"Brother Chu Li, why didn't you let us pursue them?"

"To be content is a virtue. If we were to continue pursuing, we can't guarantee that there will be no more traps."

"That's an issue to take note of. This Hu Ren Public House is too treacherous!"

They had come to grief quite a few times because of this. It was impossible to guard against their dirty play. Chu Li's wariness was right.

This time, they killed more than 20 Innate Masters and this kind of huge victory was rare.

"At Last, we got back at them!" everyone was happy and even those injured smiled.

Chu Li said, "Everyone withdraws from this place as soon as possible."

"We will follow Brother Chu Li's instruction!" The crowd complied.

Chu Li suddenly furrowed his brows and waved his hand, everyone stopped talking and looked at him.

Chu Li frowned, "They really came back for us. Run towards the south, quick!"

They supported the wounded men and rushed out of the small courtyard. They followed Chu Li and ran towards the south.

A middle-aged man, who followed beside Chu Li, was the Protector who had the highest prestige among the Protectors, Cheng Wen Hui.

"Brother Chu Li, what's wrong?" Cheng Wen Hui asked in a low voice.

Gu Li Tong was held by two Protectors, each at his side, Chu Li did not have to guard Gu Li Tong by himself.

Chu Li replied, "They have another ambush."

"Luckily, luckily!" Cheng Wen Hui broke out in a cold sweat, "This Hu Ren Public House!"

Each time they were against the Hu Ren Public House, they always fell for their plot and suffered losses. They despised and despaired, there was even a hint of fear.

Chu Li said, "Four ambushes, they are really formidable!"

From the Omniscient Mirror, he saw that the fourth batch of martial arts masters also had 20 Protectors. They were scattered in all parts of the town: some hid in houses, some were hidden in inns, and there were also some on the streets.

After receiving a signal, they gathered rapidly but they still wasted some time, and this gave Chu Li the opportunity to run away.

Chu Li greatly admired this tactic of scattering the soldiers imperceptibly, it was seriously quite impossible to guard against it. Clearly, Hu Ren Public House ran the town effectively, and they usually did it secretly.

Chu Li led them towards the south and suddenly turned to the east, changed to north, and then to the west, moving in circles, even Cheng Wen Hui and the other Protectors were dizzy from turning round and round. Finally, they escaped out of the town into the boundless forest.

Chu Li led the way in front, they threaded through the woods and, from time to time, jumped up the treetops, moving rapidly under the moonlight.

They were all Innate Masters, with never-ending inner energy, thus, they had extraordinary endurance. They ran for half a night in one go and only came to a halt when dawn came.

Chu Li's flapping blue robe fell down, he turned his head and grinned, "Well, we finally get rid of them. Let's take a break!"

All of them released a sigh of relief and laid down lazily under the trees, even Innate Masters could not bear it after running for such a long time.

Gu Li Tong felt like his whole body came apart.

He was held by two Innate Masters during the run, although he did not use any energy, going against the wind was like horse riding, making him uncomfortable all over.

Chu Li came to Gu Li Tong's side, "Brother Gu Li Tong, you are about to reach your destination."

"Where to?" Gu Li Tong scoffed.

"Zhao Jing Hai Town it is not far from here, we will arrive tomorrow."

Gu Li Tong kept quiet and closed his eyes.

Cheng Wen Hui smiled, "Brother Chu Li, you can send Brother Gu Li Tong. I will bring the others home!"

Chu Li did not say a word.

Cheng Wen Hui continued, "After crossing Howling Wind Town, there will be people to aid us. I will be cautious!"

This time, they made Hu Ren Public House suffer great loss, thus, Hu Ren Public House will definitely try to encircle and suppress them in a crazy manner, mobilizing all forces to annihilate them.

Hu Ren Public House was increasingly powerful and prosperous in recent years and they had infiltrated Chong Ming Town largely. Cheng Wen Hui did not know when martial arts master from Hu Ren Public House might appear, and this was quite impossible to prevent, so he had to be extra careful.

Chu Li glanced at Gu Li Tong and at last, sighed, "We will go back together."

"Brother Chu Li, it wasn't necessary," Cheng Wen Hui declined.

Chu Li shook his head.

Cheng Wen Hui did not push the matter. He felt guilty too. Lu Yu Zhao Lung was much more intelligent compared to Master Siao Tie Yingshe was truly formidable. It was said that the Third Lady's intellect was better than the average people too. It was too bad that she only supervised the Public House's discipline, thus, she did not have the chance to exhibit her intelligence.

"I can go on my own, you don't need to escort me!" Gu Li Tong opened his eyes.

To that, Chu Li just smiled.

Gu Li Tong scoffed, "All their thoughts are on you guys, they will not care about me."

"Not necessarily," Chu Li shook his head.

After resting briefly, they continued their journey with Chu Li leading again.

The original distance was only about 1000 miles, but they were going round and round, so they ran for more than two thousand miles. It took them five days before they return to the Public House.

On the way, Gu Li Tong was escorted to the Zhao Jing Hai Town Defense Prefecture and he became the prefecture's gardener.