White Robed Chief Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Insights

The sun was setting and the sunset's radiance coated the lake.

Chu Li had just returned to the East Garden when Su Ru arrived and took him to the Guardian of Jade Island.

They had just arrived downstairs when they heard the sound of zither in the air. The sound was fierce, with a hint of killing intent.

He turned to look at Su Ru.

Su Ru sighed and whispered, "Lady Siao Qi had a fight with Master Siao Tie Ying."

"Because of me?"

"Yes," Su Ru whispered, "Master Siao Tie Ying was not pleased."

Chu Li smiled. He had somewhat guessed the reason. He used the Omniscient Mirror to look at her and saw how it happen.

Gu Li Tong was driven out of the house by Master Siao Tie Ying personally, and Master Siao Tie Ying's employment standard was someone with both ability and integrity. If it was someone who had the ability but lack integrity, he will not enlist that person.

According to Master Siao Tie Ying, Gu Li Tong had been kicked out of the Public House, therefore, he was no longer a member of the Public House, it would be his fate no matter he lived or died. Moreover, Hu Ren Public House was not trying to kill him, they were just trying to take him in so it was unnecessary for them to do anything.

The news of Chu Li bringing people and killed 20 Protectors of Hu Ren Public House was spread to the Public House and Master Siao Tie Ying was furious.

If possible, it was better to not provoke that madwoman Lu Yu Zhao Lung. Hu Ren Public House had great influence and it was not a force that Yi Public House could afford to go against, thus, they should try to avoid having a conflict with Hu Ren Public House as best as they could and recuperate and build up strength.

Now that they initiated the attack, that woman, Lu Yu Zhao Lung, will definitely retaliate in a crazy manner. Since Hu Ren Public House lost 20 people, they will kill at least 40 of them to avenge!

This matter was ordered by Siao Qi arbitrarily, ignoring his authorityshe was being unruly!

Master Siao Tie Ying had intended to punish him but Siao Qi did not agree, thus they fought.

Siao Qi blamed Master Siao Tie Ying for being pedantic. That woman, Lu Yu Zhao Lung, kept pushing her luck, she simply did not know that there was a limit, and trying to be friendly with this type of woman was just ridiculous.

Yi Public House could never compromise out of consideration for the general interest. If they let Lu Yu Zhao Lung feel some pain, then there will be harmony to speak of. Now, the morale of the Protectors in the Public House was low and this situation was bad.

Siao Qi was responsible for the domestic mattersto discipline and manage the customs of the Public House, while Master Siao Tie Ying oversaw the external mattersto operate the mobilization of Protectors.

Siao Qi saw that Yi Public House was always handicapped by Hu Ren Public House and she finally could not endure it anymore, therefore, she made this move.

Su Ru warned in a low voice, "Be careful, the Lady is not in the best mood!"

Chu Li asked, "Is she okay?"

Su Ru waved her hand and chuckled, "This is not the first or second time they had a fight. They fight for a few days and after two days they will be good again, but you have to avoid Master Siao Tie Ying!"

"Well, I happened to need to focus on my training in Sentient Menace."

"Good, better stay in the courtyard and don't come out."

"No problem."

The two entered the Tower of Stargazing and went to the third floor.

Siao Qi was facing the window, with her back towards them. She was sitting in front of a table, playing the zither, her beautiful back made Chu Li's heart pound.

"My Lady," Su Ru called in a soft tone, "Chu Li is here."

The sound of zither stopped abruptly. Siao Qi turned around, her gorgeous face cold and emotionless.

She pointed a delicate finger at the opposite white cattail hassock.

Chu Li went over to sit on the cattail hassock and looked at her quietly.

A whiff of nice incense from her drifted into his nose, it made his heart stir. Her attractive eyes gazed at him, "You did a good job this time."

"It was a close call. Lu Yu Zhao Lung arranged four batches of manpower."

Siao Qi nodded her head slightly, "She is a great tactician. She is very difficult to deal with."

"Hu Ren Public House has infiltrated most of our land," Chu Li gave a heavy sigh, "The whole Path of Zhao Jing Hai was almost infiltrated all the way, it was truly shocking!"

Siao Qi's face turned grim.

Chu Li said, "Whenever something happens, they can intercept our communication. We must prevent this!"

Siao Qi's eyes flashed.

Chu Li sighed, "The whole Path of Zhao Jing Hai almost become their backyard garden, and this is just the Path of Zhao Jing Hai, the several other paths of the Public House probably were not better off!"

In this world, there were 12 Paths, each Public House guarded a Path and each Path was divided into six Side Path, the road they passed through was the Side Path of Zhao Jing Hai.

Su Ru tugged at his sleeves.

Chu Li pretended to not see it and continued, "Up until this point, we have no safety and security to speak of for the Protectors, if this was spread, people will become anxious and fearful, you will never know what the consequences are!"

Siao Qi's face became even more forbidding.

Su Ru whispered, "Stop talking!"

Chu Li acted as if he did not hear and continued, "My Lady, if this was to continue, the Yi Public House will exist in name only and be at the mercy of others!"

"Shut your mouth!" Siao Qi scoffed.

Chu Li looked at her quietly.

Siao Qi's face was dark and she said in a cold tone, "I didn't think that the situation was so serious!"

Su Ru asked, "My Lady, it wasn't as serious as that, right?"

Chu Li sighed at her, "It's worse than what I said. Think about it, when Lady Siao Qi goes out, they can assassinate whenever they want, this is how terrible it is!"

"Lady Siao Qi's Protectors were enough to deal with them," Su Ru scorned.

Chu Li shook his head, "They can cope with ten people and 100 people, but what about 200? They can mobilize manpower whenever they want, unaware. Treating our Public House as their own!"

Su Ru was speechless.

Siao Qi sighed after a while and shook her head.

Chu Li spook no more, speaking too much had no benefit.

"What about Gu Li Tong?" Su Ru changed the topic.

Chu Li answered, "He is at the Zhao Jing Hai Town."

"It will be very difficult for him to come back," Siao Qi knitted her brows, "Big Brother will not let him."

"Actually, he is a talented guy. My Lady, why didn't take him under your command?"

"His character is still lacking, he can't be trusted with big responsibility," Siao Qi explained.

Chu Li sighed, "It's a pity."

He can actually use Gu Li Tong as he had the Omniscient Mirror, he can see his thoughts anytime, any slight changes will be detected by him, and he can make him know his place whenever he wanted. Moreover, Gu Li Tong had a fatal weakness. With his weakness in his hands, he did not have to worry about Gu Li Tong becoming rebellious.

"Observe him for a while," Siao Qi pondered, "If his performance is good, then transfer him here."

Chu Li revealed a smile.

Siao Qi also had the ability to look into people's thoughts, so she dared to use Gu Li Tong.

It was exactly because she had such a capability that made her aware of the fact that looking into other people's heart and finding someone with both ability and integrity was too demanding. Thus she was tolerant and open-minded, this was different from Master Siao Tie Ying who was arrogant and self-important. Both of them had conflicting style in their conducts.

Siao Qi looked at him quietly, "Chu Li, this time you did a good job, but it was regrettable that you will not be able to get rewarded."

Chu Li laughed, "You are too polite, my Lady."

Siao Qi said, "From now on, you need to stay in the Public House and do not go out. Both the Temple of Tempest as well as Hu Ren Public House and Lu Yu Zhao Lung will seek revenge in a crazy manner!"

"Very well, I will stay in the Public House and practice my martial arts."

"Next month, the Second Lady will go to Zhao Jing Hai Town to celebrate her birthday," Siao Qi frowned and said, "You will go too."

"Zhao Jing Hai Town?" Chu Li frowned.

Su Ru quickly asked, "My Lady, isn't it too dangerous?"

Both the Temple of Tempest and Hu Ren Public House wanted to kill him, if he were to go out, would it not be suicidal?

Siao Qi said, "Train your Sentient Menace until the third level within a month, and in addition to your Imminent Skyline, you will have the ability to protect yourself!"

Although she did not practice Sentient Menace before, she was aware of the changes it brought, with the advancement of each level. Once he reached the third level, it will be difficult for blades and swords to hurt him as his inner energy can remove the harm inflicted by more than half and in addition to his Imminent Skyline, it will be more than enough for him to protect himself.

Chu Li gave a reluctant look, "Third level... I'm afraid that will be difficult!"

"Anyhow, do as you see fit," Siao Qi said plainly.

Chu Li saw that there was a painting on the table, he smiled, "This is Lady's masterpiece?"

Siao Qi lifted the painting and gave it to him.

Drawn on the painting was a fierce tiger descending the mountain, giving out a grandeur and ghastly aura, it appeared as if it will leap out at any moment.

Chu Li breathed, "What a malicious aura!"

An idea formed in his mind, he vaguely felt that this painting might be beneficial to him. Watching the tiger and attaining its grandeur aura, it might be useful in the cultivation of the Art of White Tiger.

"Not even close," Siao Qi said, "After seeing Lu Bo Yuan's drawings, I understand for the first time what a malicious aura is."

Chu Li asked, "My Lady has Lu Bo Yuan's paintings?"

Lu Bo Yuan, the former dynasty's great master of painting, was particularly good at drawing tigers. Others drew the tiger's skin, flesh, and bones while he painted a tiger's aura and divinity. His tiger painting was known as the best masterpiece, it was priceless.

"I have a few. Would you like to see them?"

"Can I please take a look?"

"Su Ru, send the paintings to him in a while," Siao Qi said, "Grant them to him for a month."

"Thank you, my Lady!" Chu Li was overjoyed.

Siao Qi waved her hand.

Chu Li took the hint and excused himself.

He returned to his small courtyard on the Guardian of Jade Island, pushed open the door and went in. The sunset's radiance dyed the small courtyard red, Xue Ling was in a white casual wear, training the eight forms of Crescent Cryptic. She turned her head when she heard the sound of door opening, her pretty face revealed a surprised expression.

Chu Li teased, "What are you gawking at?"

Xue Ling quickly stopped her training, "Master, when you came back?"

"I just came back," Chu Li went into the living room.

Xue Ling followed inside, "Have you eaten?"

"Yes," Chu Li sat down in the armchair in a laidback manner, and let out a long sigh of relief. The entire journey of hunting and escaping was very tiring, and now he can finally relax.

Xue Ling busied herself, with nimble hands and quick feet, she soon brewed and served him tea, and after that, she went to prepare his meal.

When Chu Li finished his cup of tea, Xue Ling had made four dishes, she served it and went to bring out a jar of fine wine. She poured him a glass and said, "Master, please grab a bite first, I will prepare something better for supper tonight."

Chu Li smelled the tempting aromas and gave a satisfied nod. He ate his meal and drank the wine while listening to Xue Ling telling him about the happenings in the Public House for the past few days.

"Creak," the door of the courtyard was pushed open and Su Ru strolled in.

She was carrying a long box with a dark purple luster. When she saw Chu Li enjoying his meal with a satisfied look on his face, she giggled, "You sure know how to enjoy yourself! Here, the paintings!"

Chu Li lowered his wine glass, went over and took the box from her.

Su Ru handed it to him, "There is a total of 10 pieces of Lu Bo Yuan's paintings, you must be extra careful with them, do not damage them, the Lady treasured them very much. If it wasn't for your meritorious deed this time, the Lady might not be willing to take it out!"

Chu Li grinned from ear to ear, he caressed the long dark purple box and said, "Of course, of course!"