White Robed Chief Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The Competition

"It's funny to hear such rude words!" Chu Li smiled, shaking his head.

He glared at Gu Litong and Zhou Yuting, and shook his head.

"I believe you were planning to spread a rumor until it became fact? Huh.. rather than using such a vulgar method, wouldn't it be better to focus on the better things?"

"You have no rights to judge me!" Zhou Yuting sneered.

"Let's talk about you, Chu Li. Chasing fame to the point of insanity. You date commit such a crime!?"

"Zhou Yuting, I think it would best serve you to keep your mouth shut."

Chu Li looked towards Gu Litong and said:

"Seems like it is better to meet in person rather than to hear. I didn't think you'd be someone like this. I'm disappointed. Very disappointed."

"Is there anything you'd like to say?" Gu Litong scoffed.

"Gu Litong, are you able to raise the orchids?" Chu Li replied.

"What do you mean?" Gu Litong frowned.

"I am worried about you." Chu Li smiled as he shook his head.

"Tricks as low as this? Did you think that I was not prepared? The Moonlight Orchid isn't an easy plant to raise!"

Gu Litong's expression soured.

"I thought it had already adapted to the weather?"

"Yes. But some of their personalities need special attention to be understood, since they are fragile in nature."

"How insidious. You still had a backup plan, Chu Li!" Gu Litong sneered.

Chu Li nodded.

"This is satisfying! How delightful. hahaha!" Lee Yue laughed his heart out, picked up his cup and drank.

Gu Litong and Zhou Yuting's expressions take a turn for the worse. They stared at Chu Li angrily.

"Gu Litong, I'll give you an extra year. Would you be able to figure out the way to breed the orchid?" Chu Li shook his head.

"Of course!" Gu Litong scoffed.

"I would have succeeded earlier, but the floral house had run out of orchid!"

"That's great! We'll supply the Moonlight Orchids for Gu Litong. Once a month, twelve per year. And we'll have to see if Gu Litong can succeed!"

"Since you've already figured it out, why even worry about it!" Gu Litong exclaimed.

"You are lacking in confidence, Gu Litong." Chu Li smiled.

"Don't get ahead of yourself, Chu Li. Luck is not always on our side." Gu Litong replied coldly.

Luck truly is required to successfully breed the Moonlight Orchid. Gu Litong had already done a whole year of research, but was lacking in notable progress. He had even bought soil from Moonlight Island, which proved to be useless.

He guessed that the island had a secret method of breeding Moonlight Orchids. Even if the environmental factors were perfectly replicated, the orchids still wouldn't grow without the secret method.

"You'd better be careful, Chu Li."

Zhou Yuting scoffed.

Chu Li tilted his eyebrows.

"Are you threatening me, Zhou Yuting? Are you trying to incite a fight..?"

"Of course I wouldn't disobey the rules of the Public House!"

"But the people from the outside might not be so compassionate."

"Then I'll tell the judiciary first!" Chu Li shook his head.

Zhou Yuting's trick was vulgar. Completely unrestrained.

"You think the judiciary cares about you!?" Zhou Yuting said, delightfully.

"I was only joking!"

Chu Li laid down his wine.

"If I'm injured no one will be able to care for the Moonlight Orchids. A lot of them will die. Think about it, how much will you lose? Will the Public House protect you just because you're Mr. Zhou's son?

Zhou Yuting looked apprehensive.

"Let me tell you something, Zhou Yuting."

Chu Li muttered.

Zhou Yuting looked at him impatiently.

"Other than your family, you have nothing. Being happy even while being used by Gu Litong? Mr. Zhou would surely roll his eyes if he had known about this.."

"Silence!" Zhou Yuting shouted.

"Don't talk about my father!"

He hates it the most when people say that he relies on his father to become who he is today. Every word Chu Li said was like a knife that stabbed his heart.

"Zhou Yuting, what are you without Mr. Zhou? You believe that you can get everything with your own hands?"

"Chu Li!" Zhou Yuting stood up and hit the table.

"You're asking for it!"

Chu Li readjusted his seat and had a sip of wine.

"Zhou Yuting, it was only a few statements of the truth. Comparing this with what you claimed earlier? This isn't worth the time!"

"Chu Li! Just you wait for it!"

Zhou Yuting stormed off.

Gu Litong followed Zhou Yuting, afraid that he would do something foolish. Chu Li must hold back his anger for now. The Public House will not let it pass that easily.

"Haha!" Lee Yue laughed, he is incredibly overjoyed

Chu Li smiled. He finally has some backup. Having a higher post in the Public House is definitely the key point to be more confident while facing the others. Or else he can only be bullied by them.

Both of them drank happily. They went downstairs and had a nice walk in town after their meal. They arrived at a very tall building.

The lights shine glamorously, like a palace in the sky. A sound much like silk flows from the sky.

"Here's The New Moon Brothel! Let's have a look inside." Lee Yue enthusiastically invited them to have their turn inside to widen their horizons.

Chu Li shook his head and his hands. He had not completed his foundation building. It is not suitable for him to lose his virginity now.

"Huh" Lee Yue shook his head and sighed, as if Chu Li had missed out on something he would regret.

Two of them walked back. They went to the south door of the Public House.

Strands of lantern shone bright like the dawn. There is a large red door with palm-sized bronze screw shinings, and guardian lions on both sides, looking fierce and stunning.

Gu Litong and Zhou Yuting stood in front of the Guardian lion to the left, and waved their hands to Lee Yue and Chu Li.

Lee Yue scoffed.

"You two fools. What do you want from us!?"

Chu Li walked closer, wrapping his fists and greeting the both of them.

"Is there something you want to see me about, Gu Litong, Zhou Yuting?"

Gu Litong saw Chu Li's elated expression, and sighed in silence as to how truly insidious the Public House is.

"This disingenuous b*stard! D*amn it!" Zhou Yuting screamed in his head.

Gu Litong cleared his throat and smiled.

"Chu Li, I still cannot accept the fact. I still believe that it was a stroke of luck. I would love to challenge and learn from you."

"What would you like to practice?"

"Pearl of Cloud, has Chu Li heard of it beforehand?"

"It lightens the body and helps in detoxing. It can even enhance technique of levitation. Quite the spirit herb, being ranked seven."

"Yes, the Pearl of Cloud is hard to even be found. I have seeds on me currently. You could try to plant it and see."

"Gu Litong had succeeded?"

"With luck, yes." Gu Litong nodded proudly.

An eighth-ranked Scribeian had successfully bred a ranked seven spirit herb, and a rare one, on top of that. He truly matches his title as a genius.

"With luck." Gu Litong nodded proudly. An eighth-ranked imperial guardian successfully bred a ranked seven spirit herb, and this is even a very rare spirit drug, he matches his title as a genius.

Zhou Yuting handed a bag of seeds to Chu Li. "Take it, these seeds are very precious!"

Chu Li waved his hand off, unwilling to accept. He smiled, "Such a great plan Brother Gu Litong made. What about this? If we were to compete, then we will let the Thousand Herb Garden come out with a challenge!"

Since Gu Litong had already grown these seeds, it would just be a draw if he succeeded. On the other hand, if he failed, then he would be below him.

Since he had the scripture of life and death, and he was definitely not gonna be careless, there would be no point in accepting this challenge.

Zhou Yuting grunted. "Are you afraid of losing?"

Chu Li looks at Gu Litong, "Since we are going to compete, we shall do so fair and square. No using all these crooked paths."

"... Okay, I am in!" Gu Litong agreed.

Chu Li was cunning, he couldn't set him up. Now he had no choice but to win fair and square.

Chu Li replied, "Deal."

He entered the Public House with Lee Yue, and rowed back to the east garden.

Lee Yue shook his head madly, "This Gu Litong is such a nasty person!"

Chu Li nodded.

Gu Litong was a man with a petty mind. He couldn't accept anyone else, and loved disobeying the rules. These kinds of people needed to be punished hard, until they couldn't resist.

Gu Litong wanted to destroy Chu Li completely. From his physiological well-being to his confidence in his gardening skills. He wanted to completely annihilate any remaining self-esteem he might have in himself.

Chu Li went back to the Moonlight Orchid parterre, knowing that the Dream of Pearls mattered the most. The competition between him and Gu Litong was just a pastime, giving himself some form of entertainment.

The next day was just peaceful. However, on the morning of the third day, Chu Li was touching the Dreams of Pearls, training his minute pulse technique. The aura emanating from the Dreams of Pearls was purer than that of the Moonlight Orchid.

Chu Li was confident in building his foundation within three months.

A sound soft, gentle footsteps could be heard, Chu Li activated the omniscient mirror and could tell that it was Su Ru who was walking towards them gracefully in her apricot gown, waving.

Chu Li stood up and wrapped his fist, "Chief Su Ru."

Su Ru gently waved her delicate hand, "Don't mind it, did you bet with Gu Litong Zhou?"

Chu Li nodded. "I had no other choice. He sounded aggressive. If I didn't accept the declaration he would look down on the East Garden."

"That's true, we couldn't let the grandeur of the East Garden be weakened." Su Ru frowned.

"But you should be concentrating on the Dreams of Pearls!"

Chu Li pointed at it, "They are growing quite well!"

"Huh, is this the Dreams of Pearls?" Su Ru widened her eyes, flabbergasted, "Is it real, it is growing this fast?"

"They are like fireworks, breathtakingly beautiful, yet only temporary."

It lived in a barren land, a place where almost no one was around. It broke through the soil in a month, blossomed, and at the end decayed along with the branches into the soil, leaving nothing behind much like a dream.

You might be lucky enough to find its seed, but it would be way rarer to have the luck to give the flower a precious time.

More importantly, the Dream of Pearls only bloomed at night, and for one night only. Even if someone were to actually see it, they would also think that it was only bearing fruits and not blooming."

"Can you really make it bloom?" Su Ru promptly asked.

Chu Li nodded.

"... Then I will wipe my eyes and wait!"

"Chief, you are trying to remind me about the timing to pluck the flower, aren't you?"

"Seems like you actually know."

"I will pay attention to it, I will not miss the blooming moment."

"If you could actually pluck a Dream of Pearls, you have pretty much done a great accomplishment! Lady Siao will definitely award you generously!"

"I will try my best!"

"Trying your best is still not enough, you need to make sure it is perfect!"

"...Understood." Chu Li slowly nodded.

Su Ru's eyesight got off the Dream of Pearls, "The Thousand Herb garden is now having a big fight, they are having a hard time figuring it out what to let you guys plant."

"This probably won't cause so many troubles?"

"They are arguing quite badly, aren't they?" Su Ru shook her head as she said, "Lady Siao is getting out of patience and wants me to make a decision."

Chu Li smiled. "What has Chief decided?"

"The Fairy's Beard I think." Su Ru said, "It is the most luxurious food to the house, but it no longer in existence. There are still some of the seeds in the Public House."

"The Fairy's Beard" Chu Li tried to look for it within his memory bank.

It was a kind of unique plant, worthless and useless to human, yet was a wonderful remedy to the horses. It can enhance the body conditions and strengths of the horses.

The Fairy's Beard's survival rate of living was naturally low, it needed all the conditions to be perfectly right to grow even one small piece of it. Until now, no one has yet to figure out their properties and habits. Some said that it needed to be watered with fresh blood, some said that there should be a huge change in the temperature, and some even said that that the manure of the king's horse was required as fertilizer. There were all kinds of speculations pertaining to the precise requisites, yet none of them had been confirmed

"Chu Li, can you grow it?"

"What is the rank of this spirit herb?"

"Probably around rank six."

"I can try."

"Cool, so we agreed on it!" Su Ru rubbed her delicate palms and said, " Okay, that's all. I shall go now!"

She waved her hand and left gracefully. It seemed slow, yet she disappeared before Chu Li knew it.

Chu Li let out a sigh of admiration, her technique of levitation was so wonderful, it was truly admirable!