White Robed Chief Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Assassination

Under Chu Li's two-pronged help, Xue Ling soon broke through the Opening Meridian Realm and reached the Breaking Acupuncture Points Realm. Crescent Cryptic was powerful thus the power of Breaking Acupuncture Points Realm was quite strong, with this, she can win against rank eight Protectors.

During the day, other than practicing the eight forms of Crescent Cryptic, Xue Ling also chose a palm technique called Dark Yin Palm. It was also one of the top-notch martial arts.

The power of top-notch martial arts was strong but it was not easy to cultivate as it required a better comprehension, and Xue Ling's comprehension was just average but luckily, she had Chu Li's help. Chu Li would enlighten her on her cultivation from time to time to trigger her comprehension, hence, she can train quite fast too.

Since she had not reach Innate Mastery's Boundary, Xue Ling could not display the power of Dark Yin Palm, therefore, she could only concentrate on surprising her opponenther palms contained poisononce her opponent was hit by her palm, frost will invade her opponent's body and destroy his body's balance of Yin and Yang.

She will be able to display the power of Dark Yin Palm once she reached Innate Mastery's Boundary and her inner energy can be transferred out with the help of materials.

The combination of Dark Yin Palm and Crescent Crypticextreme Yin and extreme coldwill produce striking power. Even someone who was stronger than her will not be able to withstand the power of that combination. The only person who can withstand it was someone who had practiced the exact opposite of her heart techniqueextreme just and extreme Yang.

Since Chu Li had set his mind on training her, he did not go easy on her. After breakfast and an hour of free time, he would make her practice Dark Yin Palm with him and Chu Li would use various martial arts to attack her.

He had a lot of top-notch martial arts stored in his mind and now, he demonstrated each of them, even though they were not as powerful due to his lack of familiarity with it, Xue Ling still could not withstand its power, thus, she was either hit by a fist or foot, stabbed by a sword tip or even cut by a blade.

Even if the sword was made of wood, it still hurt to be hit by it. Chu Li steeled his heart and he did not go easy on her. After being hit once by the sword, it will hurt for as long as half a day. This was all for the sake of triggering her full potential.

Xue Ling gritted her teeth and persevered. She was determined to train until she successfully attained unparalleled martial arts, and beat the martial arts masters in the martial arts world. Since the beginning, she had trained hard but the results were insignificant and the progress was minor. She only had her perseverance to keep her going after her confidence was shattered.

Now, Chu Li gave her important pointers without reservation and she knew that this was a rare opportunity, thus, no matter how great the suffering was or how many troubles she had to go through, she still seized the opportunity and cultivated hard.

Her Crescent Cryptic progressed by leaps and bounds, her meridians became increasingly tough and her inner energy flowed more smoothly and fast. Her understanding of Dark Yin Palm gradually deepened and she felt as if she was transforming entirely on a daily basis.

Despite the unbearable pain and agony, she still continued to practice hard every day.

Chu Li was impressed by her, he thought she will only last for a couple of days and give up, but she was someone who became braver with every obstacle she met. She was a self-cultivation maniac.

A month had soon passed, Chu Li was wondering, the Second Lady should set out soon, although he did not know the exact time, he guessed that it will not be too long.

Startling Cloud Association, Cloud State Town

Residence of Xu family was engulfed in gloom.

Guardian Xu An Xia and Zheng Gong Lee Yuning were sitting in the main hall, no words were spoken, and the heavy atmosphere hung over the main hall.

"Bang!" the door of the main hall was pulled open and the Clan Leader of Thunder Clan, Hu Hai strode in, his fat yet robust body was agile and swift. He sank into the armchair and his weight caused the armchair to produce a squeaking sound.

"Damn it!" Hu Hai gritted his teeth, "It must be the Equal of Heaven Association!"

"Clan Leader Hu Hai, what is the use of saying this now?" Xu An Xia glanced at him snappily.

Xu An Xia was quite young and normally he did not dare to be so rude towards Hu Hai but now that rage was burning in him, he became agitated and grouchy, even a slight tension can cause him to fly into a rage.

Hu Hai glared at him and scoffed, "It was all because of the uselessness of the two of you!"

Xu An Xia clenched his teeth but he did not refute.

Zheng Gong Lee Yuning's handsome face turned dark, he stroked his beard and sighed, "It was indeed our derelictionwe failed to retain him!"

"There was only one guy?" Hu Hai asked, "There's really only one?"

"Yes, this person's body movement technique was strangely fast, and his palm energy was extremely weird!" Zheng Gong Lee Yuning stroked his beard and frowned, "I have never heard of such a palm skill, with an inner energy that resembled fire."

He recalled the scene at that time: a silhouette in blue flashed and appeared in front of him, he hastily struck out a palm but the other party's palm energy was like a stream of lava that poured into him and his meridians were instantly burnt. His inner energy could not stop it, leaving it to cause havoc in his body, thus he was injured instantly.

In the blink of an eye, the silhouette broke through the two's block and a palm strike landed on the back of the Association Leader. The Association Leader became unconscious straight away and until now, she had not woken up, she had been given all sorts of Spirit Herbs but it was all to no avail.

He was very worried. This martial arts master entered the Ascending Cloud Town and no one was able to stop him. Irrespective of which factions, once they get the martial arts master to join them, it will be a great threat to the Startling Cloud Association and their position as the ruler.

Hu Hai frowned, "This is weird. Where did such a martial arts master come from?"

Xu An Xia said, "A master like this can't be anonymous. He must be a famous martial artist."

"Hai," Hu Hai sighed, "We don't know if the Association Leader can overcome this ordeal. Our Startling Cloud Association was really down on our luck!"

"Hai...," Zheng Gong Lee Yuning stroked his beard and shook his head, his face grim.

They took turns to heal the Association Leader, using their inner energy to suppress the raging inner energy in the Association Leader's body. However, they can only suppress it and not dispel it. Her injuries were increasingly severe, and if this goes on, the Association Leader might die.

Xu An Xia frowned, "It was unfortunate that we could not find Master Chen Li!"

"Only the Association Leader knows how to contact Master Chen Li!" Zheng Gong Lee Yuning shook his head.

"The most urgent task now is to find a way to let the Association Leader wake up, even if it is just for a while!" Hu Hai frowned, "Otherwise, our Startling Cloud Association will be doomed!"

He felt that only Master Chen Li will be able to stop that guy, otherwise, even if they had cured the Association Leader, they will still not be able to escape from that vicious guy's hand!

"I have an idea," Zheng Gong Lee Yuning muttered under his breath, "However, this idea not only would not help with Lady Chen Si Yu's injuries, it will even worsen it, I fear"

"We will use your idea! Look at what time it is now, Elder Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, and you are still dilly-dallying, we will just settle for that!" Hu Hai interrupted him, "Lady Chen Si Yu is still in a struggle for survival, you should hurry up!"

Xu An Xia stared at Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, "Guardian Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, could it be?"

"I can't guarantee," Zheng Gong Lee Yuning sighed.

"I will bear whatever responsibilities there is!" Hu Hai exclaimed, "Don't be so wishy-washy, if the Association Leader is awake, she will agree with my decision. Hurry up, Elder Zheng Gong Lee Yuning!"

"very well," Zheng Gong Lee Yuning nodded slowly.

The three entered the bedroom and Jiang Chunyue Er was sitting beside the bed. The one lying on the bed quietly was Chen Si Yu with her face facing upwards in serenity. Her face was drunken-like red, her breath short yet fast and her chest moved up and down vigorously.

Jiang Chunyue Er stared at her anxiously and worriedly, and from time to time, dipped the warm towel into the water to cool it again, and then placed it on her forehead.

Chen Si Yu's breaths were scorching.

Hu Hai said, "Miss Jiang Chunyue Er, we will find a way to let the Association Leader wake up!"

"Yes," Jiang Chunyue Er stood up to move out of the way.

Hu Hai looked at Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, "Elder Zheng Gong Lee Yuning!"

Zheng Gong Lee Yuning hesitated and said slowly, "Under the circumstances, we had no choice but to go with this unwise decision!"

He went and stood at the bedside, regulated his breath for a while, and then pressed his index finger gently onto Chen Si Yu's forehead.

Everyone in the room stared at them with widened eyes, breathing lightly and dared not make any noise.

10 minutes later, Zheng Gong Lee Yuning released his hand with an ashen face and staggered backward. Xu An Xia quickly supported him.

Hu Hai asked hurriedly, "How is it, Elder Zheng Gong Lee Yuning? Is it successful?"

"The Association Leader will wake up soon," Zheng Gong Lee Yuning managed a weary smile, "But she won't be awake for too long. Her injuries will drastically worsen, so she could not hold out for too long."

"We understand," Hu Hai quickly said, "The Association Leader will know what to do!"

Suddenly, a soft moan came out from Chen Si Yu's mouth. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the crowd blankly.

They gathered at the bedside and stared nervously at her.

"My Lady, you finally woke up!" Jiang Chunyue Er was so happy that she wept.

Chen Si Yu's eyelashes trembled while she glanced at her and the three of them at the bedside, "Clan Leader Hu Hai, Guardian Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, and Guardian Xu An Xia, I was hurt?"

"Association Leader, your injuries are severe. Would Master Chen Li be able to heal you?"

"Who was that person?"

"We have still not identified that person," Hu Hai shook his head, ashamed. "That guy seemed to jump out of a stone, there was no news about him at all, and we could not stop him, in the event that he came again"

He smiled bitterly, "We can only ask Master Chen Li to help!"

"Very well," Chen Si Yu nodded her head slightly, "Jiang Chunyue Er."

"My Lady!" Jiang Chunyue Er wiped her tears.

"My jewel box," Chen Si Yu's breath was weak but her words can be heard clearly.

"Yes, My Lady," Jiang Chunyue Er quickly rose and took out a rosewood box carved with flower patterns, simple yet beautiful.

"Guardian Xu An Xia!"

Xu An Xia answered in a rush, "Here! Association Leader?"

Chen Si Yu said, "In the jewelry box, there is a silver bracelet engraved with the address of Master Chen Li. Take the silver bracelet and go to see Master Chen Li. Let Master Chen Li take care of the rest of the matter."

"Yes, Association Leader!" Xu An Xia nodded quickly and looked at Jiang Chunyue Er.

Jiang Chunyue Er opened the jewelry box, took out a pair of silver bracelets and gave it to him.

Chen Si Yu looked at Hu Hai and Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, "Clan Leader Hu Hai, listen to Master Chen Li's instruction after he comes back."

"Yes, Association Leader," the two said gravely.

Chen Si Yu gave a faint smile, and once again, closed her eyes and became unconscious.