White Robed Chief Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Appearance

Xu An Xia studied the silver bracelets and saw some carvings on the inner surface of the silver bracelets. He channeled his inner energy to his eyes and saw that the carvings were words, written on it was 8 words "Chen's Residence, Peaceful Well Lane, Chong Ming Town".

If one did not look at it carefully, one will think that the words were just decorations on the silver bracelets.

Xu An Xia looked at the unconscious Chen Si Yu and then looked at Jiang Chunyue Er.

Jiang Chunyue Er whispered, "Guardian Xu An Xia, please ask Master Chen Li to come over as soon as possible!"

"Got it!" Xu An Xia said gravely and nodded. He looked towards Hu Hai and Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, "Guardian Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, Clan Leader Hu Hai, I will go now!"

Hu Hai advised, "Young Xu, you should disguise yourself."

"Yes, understood!" Xu An Xia said somberly.

He strode out of the bedroom and returned to his house. He messed up his hair and changed into an old and worn-out gray clothes, a style entirely different from his usual obsessive tidiness.

He covered his face with dust so that people could not see his true face. He secretly left the house and went to the cattle and horse market in the town to buy a horse. He rode the horse and galloped for a day, entering the Chong Ming Town in the evening.

He found the house according to the address and stood outside to study the house. The house was old and average-looking. At a glance, people will know that this was the house of a middle-class family.

He took a deep breath, concealed his anxiety and fatigue and knocked the front door with the door knocker. Soon, an old man popped his head out and looked at him suspiciously.

"Old man, is this Chen's residence?"

"Yeah," the old man eyed him.

"I'm here to find Mr. Chen, Chen Lay. This is the authentication object," Xu An Xia handed over a silver bracelet.

The old man took the silver bracelet and closed the door, "Very well. Please wait a moment, mister."

Time flowed slowly, passing little by little.

Xu An Xia stomped his feet impatiently, seeing that the surrounding lanterns were lighted up the street was shrouded by light from the lanterns but there was no news from inside yet, made him wonder if the Association Leader was mistaken.

The day wore on like years, but the door never opened. The old man seemed to have forgotten about him.

He stomped his feet and paced. The Association Leader's condition was critical as they had used a method to draw out her latent capacity in order to wake her up, this method had made her injuries deteriorate dramatically. They could not save her at all!

If he delayed any further, he might not be able to see the Association Leader for one last time!

How he wished to just break into the residence of Chen, grab the collar of Master Chen Li and bring him back to Startling Cloud Association. However, his remaining rationality stopped his rashness.

"Squeak" the door opened and the old man walked out. He handed Xu An Xia a pair of silver bracelets and said, "My Master already know. Young mister can go back now."

After saying that he turned and was going to close the door.

Xu An Xia quickly stopped him, "Old man, please wait!"

The old man turned his head to look at him. Xu An Xia stared at the pair of silver bracelets in his hand and frowned, "Where is Master Chen Li?"

"Oh, my Master had gone out."

"Gone out?!" Xu An Xia asked hurriedly, "Where to?"

"The place you wanted my Master to go will be where he went," the old man said with a smile, "That's enough, boy. Go back."

Xu An Xia frowned and stared at his hand. The old man waved his hand to dismiss him, turned and closed the door.

Xu An Xia lowered his head and studied the two silver bracelets and realized that they were a pair. He quickly took out the other bracelet he brought and slapped his forehead. He actually did not realize that the original pair of silver bracelets was not a pair!

His heart was in his mouth. He did not know whether Master Chen Li went to the Startling Cloud Association or not.

As things stand, it meant he had found the right person. If that was really the case, he could not break into the house. He can only go back.

With that thought in mind, he turned and left Chen's residence. He leaped out of the town walls, found his horse and galloped back.

Startling Cloud Association, Cloud State Town.

The bedroom in Xu's residence was brightly lit, the chilly air in the room was bitterly cold.

Under the lights, a few copper basin filled with ice cubes were placed on the ground. The ice cubes were glittering in the light. The bedroom had become a cold room.

The room was that cold but Zheng Gong Lee Yuning and Hu Hai were sweating bullets, their faces paled.

Zheng Gong Lee Yuning stood beside the bed while Hu Hai was sitting on the bed, with both of their hands on Chen Si Yu's back. White vapor was coming out of their head and their foreheads were sweating profusely. Chen Si Yu's eyes were closed, motionless and unconscious.

Her face was as red as cooked shrimp. Her breath hot enough to burn.

Jiang Chunyue Er twisted the silk handkerchief with all her strength until veins were popping out of her hands. She stared at Chen Si Yu with her heart torn with anxiety, if this continued, the Lady will certainly be burned until dead!

"Elder Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, how is it?" Hu Hai wiped the sweat from his forehead and asked softly, feeling helpless and crestfallen.

Zheng Gong Lee Yuning stood motionlessly. The white vapor on top of his head steamed and surged. His long robe drenched.

Hu Hai was so anxious that he grinned, a feeling of helplessness rose in him.

This absurd palm technique was too powerful, they could not handle it at all. All kinds of miraculous pills and medicine were tried but they were of no use. They could only helplessly stare at the Association Leader as she slowly slipped closer into the abyss of death.

"Clan Leader Hu Hai...," Jiang Chunyue Er turned her head and looked at Hu Hai with pleading eyes.

Hu Hai shook his head with an anguished look on his face and let out a sigh.

Jiang Chunyue Er bit her lower lip hard, her eyes reddened.

A blue shadow flashed passed suddenly and Chu Li appeared beside the bed.

Jiang Chunyue Er's eyes widened instantly, she exclaimed, "Master Chen Li!"

Chu Li gave her a nod and Hu Hai a smile. He reached out a hand and grabbed Chen Si Yu's scorching wrist.

His brows knitted together immediately.

Hu Hai had no time to be surprised at his soundless levitation skill, he quickly asked, "Master Chen Li, can she still be saved?"

Chu Li put down her wrist, "I will try!"

"Elder Zheng Gong Lee Yuning!" Hu Hai called.

Zheng Gong Lee Yuning opened his eyes and nodded weakly. He released his palms and moved away from the bed.

"You've worked hard, Guardian Zheng Gong Lee Yuning," Chu Li said.

Jiang Chunyue Er supported Chen Si Yu while Chu Li sat down behind her. He put his palms onto her back and discharged a small amount of his inner energy into her which then split into two: one confronted the heated force in her body while the other flowed and circulated according to the heart technique of Crescent Cryptic.

Crescent Cryptic had the property of extreme Yin and extreme cold. Chu Li's inner energy flowed rapidly and in the blink of an eye, the force in Chen Si Yu's body cooled down and the heat seemed to decrease slightly. As time passed, the inner energy cultivated by Crescent Cryptic became increasingly cold and the heat slowly diminished.

Two hours later, Chu Li stopped channeling his inner energy and opened his eyes.

They were staring with widened eyes at Chen Si Yu, whose face had returned to the usual white color.

Chen Si Yu's eyelashes trembled as she slowly opened her eyes. When she saw Chu Li, her face broke into a smile.

Chu Li smiled, "Elder cousin sister, I have come."

Chen Si Yu just smiled.

Hu Hai let out a sigh of admiration, "Master Chen Li is awesome. Elder Zheng Gong Lee Yuning and I gave it our all but it was of no use. Once Master Chen Li came, this matter is solved instantly. I am truly impressed!"

Chu Li laughed, "If it were not for Clan Leader Hu Hai and Guardian Zheng Gong Lee Yuning's help in putting off the worsening of her injuries, it will be too late when I come."

He let out a sigh and shook his head, "That was such a vicious palm skill, it appears that you guys had provoked a powerful person."

"We are ashamed. We could not find out who he is," Hu Hai shook his head and said, "His body movement technique was strSiao Qiy fast. He defeated two Guardians and injured the Association Leader in the blink of an eye!"

Zheng Gong Lee Yuning had now finished meditating but he still looked pale and weak. He sighed, "This person was average-looking. I really could not recall who he is."

Chu Li said, "He wanted to kill elder cousin sister so he will come again."

"Master Chen Li, please stay for a few days," Hu Hai said, "If we don't exterminate this guy, we won't feel at ease!"

Chu Li glanced at Chen Si Yu who was staring at him with sparkling eyes and laughed, "Very well, I will stay for a couple of days."

Jiang Chunyue Er said excitedly, "Master Chen Li, I will go and clean a room for you!"

Chu Li smiled and thanked her.

Jiang Chunyue Er put a pillow behind Chen Si Yu first to let her sit up. Afterwards, she went out excitedly, with joy written all over her face.

Chu Li said, "Search the interior of the association first this assassin can find elder cousin sister right away so there must be someone from within that gave him the information."

"Humph, I will find out who this guy is!" Hu Hai ground his teeth.

Chen Si Yu shook her head and said, "Don't do it on a grand scale. The association had just calmed down for a few days. Don't cause the people to feel insecure."

It was not easy for her, as a woman, to convince the crowd, and her martial arts was not powerful too, thus, she needed to demonstrate great leadership skills and this took time to get the crowd to recognize it. Now, the first step was to let the association settle down.