White Robed Chief Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Finding the Informant

"If that rat was not eliminated, I feel uncomfortable!" Hu Hai frowned, "Damn it, if I find out who it is, I will definitely kill him!"

Chen Si Yu said, "There is more than one informant, I'm afraid."

"Hai," Hu Hai sighed and looked at Chu Li, "That can't be helped. It's hard to tell what's going on in the minds of other people. Who knows what they're thinking, we treated them so well but they are just insatiable. This is how a human being is!"

"They had been harboring evil intentions when they first join the association," Zheng Gong Lee Yuning said, "No matter how good we treated them, it will be uselessClan Leader Hu Hai, how do we find the informant?"

"Check out who was on duty on that day and interrogate each of them!" Hu Hai scoffed.

Chen Si Yu furrowed her long and thin eyebrows.

To do so would hurt their feelings and also be detrimental to their morale. Moreover, it may not be effective. If it was effective, then there would be no informants in the first place.

Zheng Gong Lee Yuning stroked his beard without saying anything. He was a Guardian and this was not within the scope of his job, thus he would normally keep quiet.

Chu Li said somberly, "Leave it to me I will search through the association once and try to catch the informants."

"If it is Master Chen Li, then that would be best!" Hu Hai guffawed, "but"

Master Chen Li's martial arts was formidable, but the identification of informants was not about killing or fighting. It would be useless no matter how good his martial arts was. To solve this matter, he required a meticulous mind, profound understanding of the underlings and he needed to observe their facial expressions in order to detect if there was any out of the ordinary. These informants were vulpine and treacherous people. It would not be easy to catch them off guard and let them show their true colors.

Chu Li said, "I will try."

"How are you going to do it?" Chen Si Yu asked in a soft voice.

Chu Li answered, "Let them come in in groups of 10 and give them some money, this will reassure them."

"Just like that?" Chen Si Yu asked.

Chu Li continued, "Let them tell their names and you just say a few words to them."

"Okay," Chen Si Yu slowly nodded.

Hu Hai widened his eyes, opened his mouth to say something but he bit his tongue.

Chu Li turned his head to look at Hu Hai and Zheng Gong Lee Yuning.

Zheng Gong Lee Yuning rose to his feet and smiled, "Association Leader, since you are fine now, we will go back and arrange the matter. Would it be alright to give each person ten taels?"

Chen Si Yu pondered for a moment, "We will reward them according to their performance. If their performance is good, give them more. If it was just average, then give them less. This will stimulate their fighting spirit."

"Very well, then those who were just average will be given 10 taels while those with outstanding performance will get 20 taels, what do you say?"

"That's fine," Chen Si Yu nodded her head, "Thank you, Guardian Zheng Gong Lee Yuning and Clan Leader Hu Hai, for your help this time."

"Association Leader, it was our negligence," Zheng Gong Lee Yuning shook his head and sighed, "Association Leader, please punish us!"

"It's not you guys' fault. It's because he's stronger than us, all of us could not handle him," Chen Si Yu smiled and waved her hand, "Guardian Zheng Gong Lee Yuning, Clan Leader Hu Hai, you guys go and arrange the matter first and once you are done, go to rest early. You guys are exhausted because of me!"

"Then we will take our leave, Master Chen Li," Hu Hai gave a fist salute and bade farewell.

Chu Li smiled and gave a fist salute too.

There were only three people left in the house. Jiang Chunyue Er quietly went out to wait outside the house.

Chen Si Yu sighed, "I was really at a loss"

Chu Li waved his hand, "You should have called me earlier! was everything all right recently?"

"It was okay, I finally found my feet as the Association Leader," Chen Si Yu's face broke into a smile.

"It's hard-won," Chu Li gave a sigh of admiration.

To be able to come this far was no easy feat for Chen Si Yu. For a woman to become the Association Leader, even if Hu Hai and the guys were convinced, the other members of the association may not be convinced. Their opponents will often use this to tease and mock them to let them feel ashamed.

Chen Si Yu shook her head and sighed, revealing a tired look, "I never thought it would be so difficult."

Chu Li said, "Everything is the most difficult in the beginning. After overcoming this hurdle, it will be plain sailing."

"This time's assassination, I fear it will not be the last time," Chen Si Yu told Chu Li, "My martial arts does not pass the test, and this is a fatal weakness."

Chu Li nodded.

After all, it was the strongest that ruled in this world. If your martial arts were not strong enough, the people will not acknowledge you no matter how high your status and authority were. Otherwise, the imperial court would not be so vulnerable and needed the help of the Public House to deal with the people from the martial arts world.

"It's a pity that my aptitude is not good enough," Chen Si Yu sighed.

Chu Li pondered without saying a word.

There were only two ways he, currently, can help others to improve their martial arts: one was to help the other party to cultivate, and second was the Torso-Refining Pill. However, both were a slow process that required time. There were no methods to allow them to attain better martial arts overnight.

However, there was one more method, that is, the Pill of Energy, but this method was too extravagant, it will not be enough no matter how much money he had.

Pill of Energy was a Spirit Medicine possessed only by the Public House. It was made from a unique formula that outsiders do not know. However, to his knowledge, the Spirit Herbs required were not rare and its cost was not that high too, but the process of its production was very difficult.

It was different from the usual pills as it required a special technique of refining. For the usual pills, as long as the correct proportion of herbs was put together, cooked, and finally, mixed the medicinal juice with honey, a pill will be formed after the mixture was formulated into a pill.

Pill of Energy was different, the ingredients needed to be added in a sequence according to their composition. Moreover, it needed a meticulous duration and degree of heating. Its refining and production process was very difficult, half of it depended on one's experience, another half relied on luck. Even cooking was almost impossible to produce the same taste, not to mention decocting medicine.

Now it seemed that if he wanted to develop his own forces, he required lots of Pill of Energy. He would have to try making it. Once he went back, he needed to plant some Spirit Herbs and see whether he can use his past life's experience to analyze the composition of the Pill of Energy and try refining and producing it on his own.

As long as he can make the suitable tools, as a physics researcher, it will not be difficult to analyze the Pill of Energy's content. However, it will be difficult to produce the experiment tools.

Chen Si Yu said, "No one can help others in their martial arts training, I will work hard to cultivate."

Chu Li said, "I will think of a way. There are not that many this type of martial arts master, don't worry!"

Chen Si Yu let out a soft sigh, there was constantly a feeling of powerlessness and its source was her weak martial arts.

Chu Li, through his Omniscient Mirror, saw people by twos and threes enter the residence of Xu, arrived at the front of the main hall and stood there. Their number increased little by little, quietly standing in front of the main hall.

Startling Cloud Association can become the number one association in the Cloud State Town was not by chance, these people's spirits were far better than the ordinary people, silently standing in front of the main hall, exuding an overbearing air.

Xu An Xia came to the outside of the house to report that the people had assembled and to ask whether to bring over the silver.

Chen Si Yu said, "Let's go to the main hall."

She stood up and Jiang Chunyue Er quickly came over to support her.

Chen Si Yu waved her hand, indicating that she did not have to help her. Her internal injuries had recovered and the short moment just now had given her some time to recover some of her strength. She walked steadily and slowly to the main hall and sat down in the armchair.

Next to the armchair, several large boxes were opened and inside the boxes were rows and rows of silver ingots, glittering with silver light.

Chu Li sat at a remote location, he did not wish to reveal himself in front of the members of the association, not letting them know of his existence.

Chen Si Yu glanced at him. Although she was curious, she knew Chu Li had his own reasons for his actions, thus she did not ask. Chen Si Yu waved her hands, "Let them come in in groups of 10."

"Yes," Xu An Xia turned and gave the order.

A group of 10 people, with their heads held high and their chest puffed out, entered the hall and gave their names haughtily.

Chen Si Yu smiled and nodded, gave them the silver ingots, and then waved to let them retreat.

She turned her head to look at Chu Li and Chu Li nodded his head.

Chen Si Yu was relieved. She waved her hands again and the next group of 10 came in, giving their names one by one. Chen Si Yu smiled and nodded, studied them for a while and gave out the silver ingots. She said a few encouraging words and waved her hand to indicate them to leave.

There were 520 people and they gave out a total of 8,000 taels.

Chu Li used the Omniscient Mirror to look at their thoughts.

A human being, in the face of silver, will feel excited and the feelings that were hidden in the depths of his heart will emerge. Chu Li, at a glance, will know who was faithful, who was disloyal and who harbored malicious intent.

When all 520 people had been seen, Chen Si Yu was a little tired. She let Hu Hai and the others go back home to rest as Chu Li was here with her and this made her feel at ease.

Hu Hai and the others had confidence in Chu Li's martial arts. They left with curiositycan Chu Li really find out who were the informants with this method?

Chen Si Yu went back to the bedroom. Chu Li gave her a piece of note, written on it was 10 names.

Chen Si Yu frowned and looked at the list, she looked up and asked, "All of these are the informants?"

Chu Li slowly nodded.