White Robed Chief Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Flaming Sun

Chu Li smiled, "Surprised?"

"How could there be so many?" Chen Si Yu furrowed her eyebrows at him, "Especially this Chen Xue Feng"

Chen Xue Feng was her valued confidant. He was originally loyal to her husband and later turned to her after he died. He was agile as a worker and cautious as a speaker. Since she was appointed as the Association Leader, she had entrusted him with heavy responsibilities and would like to train him up.

She never thought that, in this list, there will be his name!

"Chen Xue Feng," Chu Li thought for a moment, "He was not aligned with Equal of Heaven Association, it was Rockwell Association."

"The Rockwell Association...," Chen Si Yu's eyebrows knitted together even tighter, "The Rockwell Association of the Town of Clouds?"

"Must be it," Chu Li said, "He is the spy of Rockwell Association. He goes undercover for a long period of time and has been waiting until he reaches the upper rank to give a fatal damage to the association. Is there a deep animosity between the Startling Cloud Association and the Rockwell Association?"

"It was 20 years ago, Rockwell Association was originally a faction in the Cloud State Town," Chen Si Yu recounted, "Afterwards they were defeated by Startling Cloud Association, so they had to leave the Cloud State Town and go to Town of Clouds. I've never thought that they did not give up all this while."

"They are farsighted and prudent," Chu Li let out a sigh of praise, "This Rockwell Association cannot be underestimated. Hai we really can't belittle people with talents!"

"They, as a foreign faction, can gain a firm foothold in the Town of Cloudsthey are incredible," Chen Si Yu nodded her head lightly.

She was an Association Leader, thus, she knew how difficult it was for a foreign faction to gain a firm foothold within the local. Cloud State Town often had foreign factions, and Startling Cloud Association would suppress and drive them out, and in the end, none gained a foothold.

"It is a pity," Chen Si Yu eyed Chen Xue Feng's name.

Chu Li asked, "Is he really a talented guy?"

"He is shrewd, sharp, tactful, and possesses strong ability," Chen Si Yu sighed, "I favored him and was going to promote him to Clan Leader, but who would have thoughtjust thinking of it makes one feel terrified."

Chen Xue Feng hid his true colors too well. If she had promoted him to Clan Leader and he rebelled, the Startling Cloud Association would weaken considerably and foreign factions would take advantage of it and this would be the end of Starling Cloud Association.

Chu Li pondered, "If he is indeed talented, we can make him change sides!"

"Change sides?" Chen Si Yu frowned, "Can you use him without worry?"

Chu Li laughed, "Human beings have weaknesses. Once we seize his weakness, he will devote himself to us!"

"What is his weakness?" Chen Si Yu asked, "I expect Rockwell Association had seized his weakness, otherwise, he would not devote himself to them. Chen Xue Feng had joined the Startling Cloud Association for eight years now. He can be regarded as an old member."

Chu Li searched his memories and said slowly, "He has a sister. They depended on each other for survival since young. She married a Clan Leader of Rockwell Association. Thus, if we want to let Chen Xue Feng change sides, we need to start with his brother-in-law."

"A Clan Leader," Chen Si Yu shook her head and said, "It's impossible to bribe him."

This kind of people, who were in the high positions, was difficult to bribe. If they did not have enough bargaining chips, as he was already a Clan Leader, why should he transfer his allegiance to Startling Cloud Association, and moreover, his foothold in the association will be unstable. If it was a position higher than Clan Leader, she would not give it to him.

Chu Li said, "We don't have to rush, Rockwell Association had no intention to strike at the moment, we will just pretend that we didn't know of their plan and continue to utilize him as usual. When I come next time, I will go and take a look at him, we will definitely be able to find a weakness."

"Good," Chen Si Yu scoffed, "If we can make Chen Xue Feng change his allegiance to us, we will snuff out Rockwell Association!"

She set her eyes not only on Cloud State Town but also Town of Clouds and Ascending Cloud Town. If they wanted to make Startling Cloud Association grow, they cannot confine to Cloud State Town. Instead, they need to go out of the town and expand their territories.

Chen Si Yu lowered her head to continue reading the name list, "Chen Hao is the traitor this time?"

"Yes, he is the informant of Equal of Heaven Association," Chu Li sighed, "Equal of Heaven Association had made a great sacrifice this time. They enlisted the help of a top-notch martial arts master to kill you."

"Who is it?"

"Flaming Sun PalmLuo Feng!"

"Flaming Sun Palm?" Chen Si Yu sucked in a breath of cold air, "No wonder!"

Chu Li was surprised too. He never thought that Rockwell Association can enlist the help of Flaming Sun Palm. They really could not be underestimated.

Since the last time he returned to the Public House from this place, he had been gathering the intel of the martial arts world, so he was well-aware of the happenings in the martial arts world. Flaming Sun Palm was a well-known Innate Master. People did not know his face, but they were aware of the formidable power of the Flaming Sun Palm. There were famous people too who died under the Flaming Sun Palm.

Chu Li was curious: Cloud State Town was just a medium-sized town and it was located in the Path of Chong Lee Yuning. Path of Chong Lee Yuning was located in the far east of Great Ji, thus its location was very remote. Flaming Sun Palm was usually active in the Central Plains and rarely came here.

Chen Si Yu looked up at Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled, "Don't worry, I will handle him!"

"It is said that he is very cunning," Chen Si Yu frowned, "You can barely catch a glimpse of him, it will be difficult to find him."

Flaming Sun Palm had killed many people and he had numerous enemies. Therefore, to be able live until today, he must be prudent, cunning and wary. Almost nobody can find him.

She suddenly clapped her hands, "Lure him out again?"

"He is cunning and wary, he won't take the bait that easily," Chu Li said, "Mobilize our informants in the Equal of Heaven Association."

Chen Si Yu grinned, "How did you know I have informants in the Equal of Heaven Association?"

"Planting spy in each other's forcesisn't this what the factions in the martial arts world always do?" Chu Li laughed, "I'm sure that you have informants in other factions. Otherwise, your association wouldn't be the number one association in Cloud State Town!"

Chen Si Yu chuckled, "It's just as you said Jiang Chunyue Er!"

Jiang Chunyue Er came at the sound of her name, "Yes, my Lady?"

"Go and find the informants in the Equal of Heaven Association, tell them to help find the location of Flaming Sun Palm!" Chen Si Yu instructed.

Jiang Chunyue Er hesitated, "How many informants my Lady wants to mobilize?"

"Two," Chen Si Yu said, "Tell them to be careful!"

"Yes," Jiang Chunyue Er answered and left quietly.

Luo Feng was a haggard looking middle-aged man, with a sickly and tired face. His face still retained remnants of his youthful look, thus he was still quite handsome.

He sat in an inn in the Cloud State Town. In the empty second floor of the inn, there was only a beautiful maid standing behind him who poured him some wine from time to time. There was no one else.

He held the silver cup in his hand and gently swirled the fine wine in the cup, its aroma appealing. He sat near the window, looking at the people on the streets of Cloud State Town came and went. He had a the-world-was-drunk-but-I-was-still-sobered kind of prideful feeling.

When he made a move, he would always cover his face with a black cloth, but normally, he would take off the black cloth, so no one had ever thought that this sickly man was the top-notch martial arts master in the martial arts world. Unbeknownst to everyone.

He looked at the streets below for a moment, and sighed, "Wine!"

"Master, you should drink less," the beautiful maid advised softly.

She knew that Master's body was not good, it would be inappropriate to drink more than three cups. If he drank in excess, it will be detrimental to his health.

"This girl, such a killjoy!" Luo Feng gave her a resentful look.

The beautiful maid's translucent and bright eyes were delicate and charming, "You really can't drink anymore. You should take care of your own body!"

Luo Feng shook his head in frustration, "Fine. Fine. I will listen to you!"

The beautiful maid gave a charming smile and took away his cup.

"After eating this meal, we will leave," Luo Feng took a deep breath and said seriously, "We should not stay here for too long!"

"In this place, there is nothing for Master to worry about," the beautiful maid laughed, "There are no top-notch martial arts masters here at all."

"Do not be careless," Luo Feng shook his head, "they are not that easy to deal with. Being able to become the number one association in this town, they must have an ace up their sleeves. We should keep our guards up."

"Yes, Master," the beautiful maid giggled, "I admire Master's wariness!"

"You only know how to say flatteries!" Luo Feng looked askance at her, "The most ludicrous people are those who think they are invincible. There are countless of martial arts masters in this world and none of them can say that they are invincible!"

"Master, where should we go?" the beautiful maid asked with a smile.

It was mid-afternoon, there was only the two of them in the inn, so they were not afraid that outsiders will hear.

"We will go to Town of Clouds to take a look first," Luo Feng scoffed, "I have an enemy there!"

The beautiful maid said, "We will go now?"

"It can wait until we had our fill of food and drinks," Luo Feng patted the beautiful maid's small waist, and scoffed, "that guy had weakened over the past few years. So, it will be very easy to deal with him!"

The beautiful maid gave him a flirtatious look and twisted her slender waist.

A blue shadow flashed and Chu Li suddenly appeared behind Luo Feng.

Luo Feng's hair stood on end. He promptly pulled the beautiful maid into his arms, banged open the window and shot out.