White Robed Chief Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Recruitment

With the beautiful maid in his arms, Luo Feng leaped into the air and turned to look behind him. A blue figure appeared in front of his eyes and Chu Li's palm hit his chest lightly.

Luo Feng and the beautiful maid seemed to be hit by a giant log and they went flying.

"Bang!" Both of them hit the opposite antique shop, breaking the signboard and door.

Screams can be heard from the shop.

Luo Feng turned over and rose to his feet. He pulled the maid up and shot out. Disappearing even before the people in the shop can run out.

"Master?" the beautiful maid cried out in his arms. She saw the blood from his mouth, "You are injured!"

Luo Feng closed his mouth tightly, gritted his teeth and ran as fast as he could. He turned to look behind and found that there was no silhouette of Chu Li. He was relieved and at the same time, he scoffed, "Not enough to die!"

The beautiful maid in his arms pulled out a porcelain vase, poured out a pill and stuffed it into his mouth. After that, she hugged him tightly and did not speak.

Luo Feng ran out of Chong Ming Town in a single breath and came to a forest. He sank to the ground and sat down below a pine tree, letting out a long sigh of relief.

The beautiful maid pulled out a silk handkerchief from her sleeve and gently wiped the blood from his mouth, "Quickly rest for a while and channel your inner energy!"

"It does not matter," Luo Feng shook his head and murmured, "Ah Mei, we are in trouble now!"

"Master, please don't speak first, quickly channel your inner energy," Ah Mei urged.

Luo Feng sighed, "My injury is not serious it will be our downfall this time!"

"Master, please don't say such depressing words. Had we not escaped just now!" Ah Mei shook her head and consoled him, "In this small Cloud State Town, there won't be any top-notch martial arts masters!"

She did not believe her own words too. She saw the scene just now: the man appeared all of a sudden and disappeared in a flash, it did not seem like levitation, it was more like hallucinations. Confronting a master of martial arts with such a levitation would be very difficult to escape from and they would not know when that martial arts master will appear again for a surprise attack. It was impossible to guard against this martial arts master.

Thinking of that, she turned her head to look around, for fear that Chu Li might suddenly appear.

Luo Feng was talking and channeling his inner energy at the same time.

The extreme Yang and extreme just inner energy flowed and circulated, intertwining with the extreme-Yin and extreme-supple inner energy in his body. This inner energy was very strange, it was like an ice-cold current that cannot be neutralized no matter what.

Ah Mei did not speak anymore, afraid that she will disturb Luo Feng who was focusing on cultivating his inner energy.

Luo Feng meditated for a quarter of an hour but his brows were knitted tightly together. The current of cold air still could not be eliminated, it was as refined as the inner energy of a Grandmaster!

"How is it?" Ah Mei saw him opening his eyes and asked in a hurry.

Luo Feng said, "Let's go to Town of Clouds!"

"Sure," Ah Mei swiftly nodded.

Cloud State Town was now a dangerous place, they cannot stay there anymore and the sooner they left the better.

Luo Feng stood up, pulled Ah Mei into his arms and utilized levitation to thread through the forest, he did not dare to take the main road.

Ah Mei laid in his arms and sighed, "Master, I was holding you back."

Luo Feng was running through the woods on the treetops as if he was riding the wind and floating in the air. He looked down at her, "Don't say that, you didn't hold me back!"

"If I'm not here, then you will not be hit by his palm."

"I still wouldn't be able to dodge it," Luo Feng scoffed, "His levitation is too good."

"Do you think he will follow behind us?"


"He really followed us?"

"He definitely will not give up chasing me!" Luo Feng scoffed, "So what! If the worst comes to the worst, I will fight with him!"

"Which enemy is he?" Ah Mei asked in a low voice, "A martial arts master with such skills should be very well-known, and he is so young too!"

Luo Feng frowned and contemplated.

He was doubtful too, where exactly did this guy come from? He was so young yet his levitation was very good, he must be very famous in the martial arts world, but there was no young skilled martial artist in the martial arts world that was well known for his levitation.

This guy's levitation was too odd, he definitely was not a nobody, but he had no fame at all. He was heavy-hearted: this anomalous situation was not good, it meant that the other party's background was complex and unpredictable.

Ah Mei asked softly, "Could he be from the Cloud State Town?"

"Startling Cloud Association?"

"Yes, didn't you gave the Association Leader of Startling Cloud Association a palm strike?" Ah Mei perked up, feeling all the more convinced that she had guessed right, she quickly added, "He hit you with his palm too, to take revenge!"

"It's quite reasonable," Luo Feng slowly nodded.

After that, he shook his head again, "A small association like Startling Cloud Association would not have such powerful master of martial arts!"

Ah Mei murmured, "Master, don't you think it is weird that Startling Cloud Association, as the number one association in the Cloud State Town, has such a young female Association Leader with average skills in martial arts?"

"It's indeed a little odd," Luo Feng furrowed his brows and nodded.

Ah Mei continued, "If she did not have a top-notch master of martial arts to help her in the dark, how is she able to conquer the Startling Cloud Association? The Startling Cloud Association's current members are all senior members during the founding of the association and the former Association Leader's wife can overpower them? I do not believe it!"

This world was a man's world and women's status were naturally lower. If a woman did not have absolute power, men will never submit.

"That guy is behind Chen Si Yu?" Luo Feng looked down at Ah Mei.

Ah Mei blinked and nodded firmly, "I am very certain it is him!"

Luo Feng frowned.

His palm strike was intended to kill Chen Si Yu, and he guessed she could not be saved anymore, but this guy's palm energy was very refined, if he was on time, Chen Si Yu will not be dead, was that why that guy did not take his life?

However, this resentment will not be so easy to resolve as he originally had the intention to kill Chen Si Yu, the other party might want to kill him too.

Ah Mei's eyes glinted and she murmured, "Why did he not deal a death blow? Master, he might want to recruit you!"

"Hmm?" Luo Feng looked at her unexpectedly.

Ah Mei laughed, "Why did he show mercy? He must have other intentions and when I think about it, he must have come to recruit Master. The martial arts masters in Startling Cloud Association are limited, if there is the help of Master, there will be a significant increase in the strength of the Startling Cloud Association!"

"It's just wishful thinking!" Luo Feng scoffed coldly.

"Is it really just a wishful thinking?" a clear voice sounded in his ears and all hair on Luo Feng's body stood on end. Luo Feng turned and struck out his palm.

His palm caught Chu Li's shadow only, he realized his mistake, turned and swung his palm behind again. A blue shadow flashed and his palm once again landed on a shadow while Chu Li appeared on a treetop ten feet away.

The pine tree swayed in the wind, Chu Li stood with his hands behind his back on the treetop, a longsword tied at his waist and his blue robe flapped in the air. He slowly raised his right palm, in his palm was a head ornament glowing in a soft light.

Ah Mei quickly touched her raven black hair.

Luo Feng saw the head ornament and felt that it was familiar. He saw Ah Mei's action and lowered his head to look at her hair. His face turned grim. That head ornament was Ah Mei's!

His heart sank. This was only a head ornament, the other party was trying to say that he can kill Ah Mei if he wanted to, effortlessly. He can withstand his palm strike but Ah Mei absolutely cannot withstand it, she will die with just one palm attack!

Chu Li smiled and looked at Luo Feng, "What do you think?"

"Who are you?" Luo Feng scoffed coldly.

Ah Mei's bright eyes studied Chu Li and she was very surprised at his young age. An Innate Master with such a young age and being able to win against Master, he must be a peerless genius!

Chu Li said, "I'm Chen Lay, but let us talk about you, Brother Luo!"

"If you want to fight, let's fight!" Luo Feng scoffed, "I will entertain you!"

Chu Li said, "I have a proposal, would Brother Luo like to hear?"

"Spill it!" Luo Feng frowned.

Chu Li said, "Startling Cloud Association would like to invite Brother Luo to become the Ambassador for three years. What do you think?"

"Dream on!" Luo Feng sneered, it turned out to be as Ah Mei said.

Chu Li smiled, "If it is not because Brother Luo did not leave Miss Ah Mei behind in the midst of danger, I will not use my palm to attack just now, but a sword and I would not be standing here speaking to Luo Feng!"

Luo Feng's face turned forbidding.

Ah Mei smiled, "Thank you, Mr. Chen but my Master is no ordinary people. Can the Startling Cloud Association afford to recruit my Master?"

"10,000 taels of silver annually. What do you think?" Chu Li smiled, "Miss Ah Mei is blessed!"

If Luo Feng left Ah Mei behind and fled, he will kill Luo Feng right away and not recruit him. After all, he will not be at Chen Si Yu's side. He cannot rest assured, in case Luo Feng harbored evil intentions.