White Robed Chief Chapter 97

Chapter 97: The Expansion

"Then we'll just kill Huang Hai?" Hu Hai clenched his teeth, "The bastard is too hard to handle!"

Hu Hai had lost many things because of Huang Hai. He had used him to the fullest extent, enabling Equal of Heaven to rise up from its ashes. Only Xu Zhichun can pressure Huang Hai.

After Xu Zhichun passed on, they became scared of Huang Hai.

Luo Feng looked at Chen Siyu.

Chen Siyu muttered for a while and gently nodded her head, "Very well. They cannot operate without the leader and it'll be easier to break them apart. Luo Feng, I'll leave this to you!"

"I'll end him." Luo Feng said.

Chen Siyu looked at Cheng Changfeng, "Leader Cheng, can you clearly track down Huang Hai's location?"

"No problem!" Cheng Changfeng replied in an instant.

The Hurricane Clan was in charge of gathering information and assassinations, so they know the Equal of Heaven Association quite thoroughly. Tracking Huang Hai down was not a difficult task for them.

"We need this mission to be as discreet as possible. To track down Huang Hai, we can only have two people on this at most." Chen Siyu said.

"Understood, Lady Chen Siyu." Cheng Changfeng fist saluted.

It would have grabbed unwanted attention if they used too many people.

Chen Siyu looked at everyone else, "Anything else?"

"Lady Chen Siyu, if Luo Feng succeeds, we'd better make our move right then and there." Hu Hai said, "A fighter is powerful because of their initiative, whoever strikes first gets the advantage!"

Chen Siyu murmured to herself.

"Do you have any other plans, Lady Chen Siyu?" Hu Hai asked.

"Is it possible to make the Equal of Heaven Association collapse from within?" Chen Siyu darted her eyes around and looked at everyone, "If they busied themselves over a power struggle..."

"It may be possible!" He Shou nodded, "Huang Hai's situation is much like ours before Xu Zhichun died! He's intelligent and powerful; No one under him has any power of standing against him. Only one problem though, he has a son!"

"Two, actually." Hu Hai scoffed.

Chen Siyu's gaze darted around the hall, "Like father like son. The two of his sons are useless but still a threat to us. Clan Leader Hu, can you kill them?"

"No problem!" Hu Hai pounded own chest and laughed, "Those two are playboys. Killing them is as easy as reciting letters!"

"The operations must happen around the same time." Chen Siyu said, "We must fake it to look like it happened because of their personal grievances."

"Leader Chen Siyu." Luo Feng said, "We don't have to be so meticulous. We can just kill the father and the two sons while they're home."

"That's too risky." Chen Siyu retorted

Luo Feng's body movement technique was fast and his palm technique was great. He could kill a person with just one strike. It would have been already considered dangerous if he merely assassinated one person, but assassinating three people was a completely different matter; it would definitely cause a ripple. They could not underestimate Huang Hai's self-defense. Even if Luo Feng had a high level of skill in martial arts, his life would still be at risk if he were forced into dealing with bad circumstances.

"Hah...it would be great if Master Li were here!" Hu Hai sighed.

Chen Siyu smiled, "Don't always expect Master Li to come and help us. He's a busy man, after all."

Chu Li had said something to Chen Siyu before he left; he told her that she could take down the Equal of Heaven Association with Luo Feng's help. She may not have paid much attention when he said it, but Chen Siyu still valued the statement a lot.

"I'll do it, Lady Chen Siyu." Luo Feng said.

"...Very well. Luo Feng, we'll assist you."

"It's fine, I don't need it." Luo Feng waved off his hand.

"The more people there are, the more probability of a mistake. It'd be better if I did it alone."

"....Alright, I'll listen to you, Luo Feng." Chen Siyu slowly nodded her head.

Lights from the many lamps lit within spilled over the main hall of the Xu Residence, so much so that it resembled the morning.

Chen Siyu and the others sat in the center of the main hall, deathly quiet. A pin drop would have been clearly audible.

Ah Mei was wearing a green gown. She was quietly sitting on Luo Feng's seat with her back and waist straightened, handkerchief in both her hands. She stole glances at the door very frequently.

All the seniors of the Startling Cloud Association were there, except for Luo Feng.

Hu Hai broke the silence, "Elder Cheng, are you okay with this?"

"My information is absolutely correct. Huang Hai has a disciplined daily routine; he wakes up early in the morning and goes to his clan after breakfast. He then goes home for dinner and reads some books before sleeping. There's nothing special." Cheng Changfeng replied.

"He doesn't go to the New Moon Brothel?" Hu Hai twitched his mouth.

Cheng Changfeng shook his head, "Huang Hai isn't interested in women."

"Then what's the meaning of living then!" Hu Hai scoffed.

Zheng Gongming stroked his beard and smiled, "Did you think that everyone's same as you? You hungry, perverted ghost!"

Chen Siyu gently coughed as she gazed at them.

Hu Hai embarrassedly laughed and changed the topic, "Luo Feng probably chose the most dangerous time to make his move! I personally think that it'd be best to start halfway through the journey. It'd be easier for us."

"That's because the Masters are much more willing to do things because they're brave." He Shou scoffed.

Hu Hai laughed, "Are you still unconvinced, Elder Ho?"

"I wouldn't dare!" He Shou waved his hand, "I've already accepted the fact that I've lost to Luo Feng. I'm just angry at myself for being so useless!"

"Then work harder to cultivate your martial art skill!" Hu Hai said, "What's the big deal? Your fist technique is also quite common. Remember to go and find a better fist technique to cultivate! "

"Easy for you to say!" He Shou impolitely remarked, "Where would I even start? Martial Arts guidebooks are rare treasures! Do you think that they just arrive at your feet whenever you ask for it?"

"Erm" Hu Hai tilted his head and thought for a bit, "I heard that the Reign Estuary Fist Hu Pingyang arrived the Town of Clouds, is that right?"

"Yes." He Shou nodded.

The famous Masters were like late generation movie stars. People would gaze upon them wherever they went. There would be people treating them warmly and well as they welcomed the Masters as the owner of the land in order to foster a good relationship. Most Masters would have had news of their arrival no matter what except for Luo Feng, who was a Master who kept a low profile.

"Hu Pingyang" Hu Hai stroked his beard and looked at Zheng Gongming, "Elder Zheng, this fellow probably isn't a good character. Shall we kill him off and give He Shou a brand new fist technique?"

"Nonsense!" Zheng Gongming stroked his beard as he shook his head.

Ah Mei was still gripping her handkerchief tightly and stole frequent glances at the door. She could not help but feel the increasing worry in her heart.

The Master went to fight the Equal of Heaven alone, and it could not be an easy task. If he made any mistakes, he would definitely die!

He glanced at everyone in the hall, and she knew that they were chatting to hide their worries. Not about Luo Feng, however. They were only worried about the outcome.

She understood that Luo Feng was trying to make his allegiance clear, as well as build his standing within the faction.

"Elder Zheng, what do you mean!?" Hu Hai yelled.

"That's just impossible!" Zheng Gongming replied.

"How is it impossible?" Hu Hai said, unconvinced, "Hu Pingyang's Heart Fracture Fist is stunning! We'll just kill him and find his guidebook!"

"How do you know he has the guidebook?"Zheng Gongming gently took a sip of his tea, "What if he didn't bring it along with him?"

"With a character like that? It wouldn't matter if we killed him or not, the world would be a better place either way! " Hu Hai scoffed.

"I don't think we can get away with it scot-free." Zheng Gongming said.

"We have Luo Feng with us now. It shouldn't be a problem!" Hu Hai said.

They wouldn't have dared to provoke Hu Pingyang before Luo Feng joined. Hu Pingyang's popularity was to be expected, but he only survived until then because of the high level of skill in his fist technique.

Zheng Gongming felt lazy to reply Hu Hai and shut his own eyes.

Hu Hai, however, felt unconvinced and widened his eyes instead.

Chen Siyu waved her delicate hand, "Well then Clan Leader Hu, if it were you, would you bring your guidebook along wherever you went?"

"Of course not!" Hu Hai exclaimed.

Chen Siyu stared angrily at him.

Hu Hai laughed "But the possibility still stands, doesn't it?"

"I really appreciate your kindness but I can't accept it. It's fine even if I don't have it!" He Shou said.

A blue shadow flashed and Luo Feng stepped into the main hall lightly with a serious expression. He fist saluted Chen Siyu, "Lady Chen Siyu, I haven't left you disappointed, luckily!"

Everyone jumped up all of a sudden.

Hu Hai said loudly, "Elder Luo, you've succeeded?"

Luo Feng nodded and stood in front of Ah Mei. He smiled at her as Ah Mei pursed her red lips.

"Haha! This is great!" Hu Hai laughed, "Just great!"

"Are you okay, Luo Feng?" He Shou hurriedly asked.

Luo Feng nodded, "He didn't even last a single move!"

"Lady luck has smiled upon us, the Startling Cloud Association!" Hu Hai laughed, "Lady Chen Siyu, it's time for us to start!"

"Everyone, move to execution!" Chen Siyu gently ordered.

"Yes!" Everyone replied and fist saluted Luo Feng. Luo Feng gently nodded.