White Robed Chief Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Assassination

Chen Jiu Deng stared at Chu Li. He furrowed his brows and was still quite doubtful about it.

He was scared of Chu Li because his study room was infiltrated without a sound. Chu Li was surely not a normal person.

He had twenty-eight Protectors in the Public House that were on duty. Even a bird felt it hard to enter the area. It was no effort for Chu Li to break in, but the thing was he infiltrated without a sound.

The Startling Cloud Association wanted to help him become the faction leader and even found out about Chen Xuefeng, so they needed to be sure that he would not be willing to be controlled as a puppet by them.

Chu Li smiled.

"We chose you because you can handle the Rockwell Association. Chen Xuefeng is a genius. I'm caring for the ones with ability on behalf of the faction leader, I can't bear to see him die! "

"Such a confident tone."

Chen Jiu Deng coldly said.

By his age and his position, he would not have believed anyone. Only three people knew of Chen Xuefeng existence. Himself, his wife, and the faction leader.

What if this was the Clan Leader and Chu Li was not from the Startling Cloud Association but was the faction leader's spy?

The faction leader may have been the one who set this up!

"A lot of people in the Rockwell Association want to be the leader of the association. The three other Clan Leaders must be interested as well. Just that it's such a shame for Chen Xuefeng."

Chu Li said.

"Is Chen Xuefeng now..?"

Chen Jiu Deng scoffed.

"They don't know we already found him out. We're very cautious about this. The Clan Leader plans on making them powerful."

Chu Li said.

"This is a big issue. Give me two days to think about it!"

Chen Jiu Deng muttered.

"You still don't believe me."

Chu Li smiled.

"Fine, I'll help you kill the ShangWu Association's faction leader first!"

Chen Jiu Deng looked at him, skeptical.

Chu Li smiled.

"Shang Clan's leader must be your opponent. I can help you out as a sign of good faith!"

After he finished, he disappeared from the study room in a flash.

Chen Jiu Deng hurried stood up and opened the door. He rushed to the courtyard to see where he went, but he only saw the darkness of twilight with no one in sight.

He felt as if Chu Li never existed, as if he had a dream.

"Guards! Guards!"

Chen Jiu Deng shouted.

A bunch of tidy and neat guards rushed to the scene and stood under the stairs, looking at Chen Jiu Deng.

A beautiful middle aged woman slowly walked over. She had an elegant posture and sweet gestures.

"Master, what happened?"

Chen Jiu Deng looked at everyone. All the Protectors were there and no one was harmed. It was obvious that they did not know Chu Li had infiltrated the place. He helplessly sighed and waved off his hand.

"It's nothing. Everyone, back to work!"

Everyone felt baffled as they left.

The middle-aged woman walked towards him and looked at him from top to bottom.

'Master, what happened?"

Chen Jiu Deng shook his head and smiled.

"It's nothing madam. You're still weak, hurry and rest. There's no need to worry about all of this."

"I can't sleep. I feel ill at ease."

The middle age woman shook her head.

"Master, you should also remember to rest earlier. Don't tire yourself out. The most important thing is health!"


Chen Jiu Deng nodded.

The middle age woman held his arms and walk forward. Both of them had a walk in the backyard. She looked into the sky and quietly sighed.

Chen Jiu Deng knew she had something in mind. He waved his hand to tell the maids to leave.

"Madam, are you thinking about Chen Xuefeng again?"

He softly asked.

"Sigh.I don't know how he's doing now."

The middle-aged lady sighed.

"He went through a lot of hardship since he was young. Every time I see the youngsters in the faction, I'll think of him. I don't know whether he's safe or not right now."

"Don't worry Madam, Chen Xuefeng is very clever."

Chen Jiu Deng softly patted her hand.

The middle-aged woman shook her head.

"I could only console and comfort myself with the fact that we can't control one's death, only God can. He never had a good life living with an elder sister like me. I feel guilty when I think about it."

"If you're really worried, then let Chen Xuefeng return."

Chen Jiu Deng said.

"Are you sure you want to let him come back?"

The middle-aged woman hurriedly asked.

Chen Jiu Deng nodded.

"Yes. I'll order men to bring him back in two days."

"That's great!"

The middle age woman hurriedly nodded.

"I don't expect any success from him. I just want him safe and healthy. If he could get married and have his own children to inherit the name of Chen, it'd be perfect!"

Chen Jiu Deng kept quiet.

If Chu Li really wanted to help him, he might not let Chen Xuefeng out of his grip. If he did let Chen Xuefeng escape, he then would have had to actually worry about it.

Chen Jiu Deng hugged his wife as he turned and tossed himself around, pondering whether Chu Li sincerely wanted to help them or not. The Startling Cloud Association had quite the wild schemes. Their faction leader was a woman but she was quite ambitious!

But wild schemes were inevitable with a Master like Chu Li.

He fell asleep in a daze. He suddenly heard someone outside knocking on the door.

"Master! Master! Master! "

Chen Jiu Deng hurried sat up.

"What happened?"

He said in a deep tone.

"Master, the faction leader has called everyone to gather! He has an emergency that needs to discussed! Master needs to go over immediately. Remember to bring a lot of guards along!"

"Alright, I'll go over now."

Chen Jiu Deng, still dizzy, patted madam and said softly:

"I need to go out for a while. I have something to do, you should sleep first."

The middle-aged woman opened her drowsy eyes and muttered:

"Has something happened?"

"It's nothing."

Chen Jiu Deng smiled as he patted her.

The middle-aged woman dizzily went back to sleep.

Chen Jiu Deng left the bed softly and wore his robe. He opened the door carefully and walked out of the room. The middle-aged butler hurried walked towards him.

"Master, it's really urgent."

"Don't wake madam up, even it's serious!"

Chen Jiu Deng replied in a deep tone.


The middle age butler hurriedly replied.

Chen Jiu Deng arrived at the living room. One teenager hurriedly stood up and fist saluted.

"Glad to meet you Clan Leader Chen. The faction leader urgently gathered everyone and wanted Leader Chen to bring along the guards. We'll go over this immediately. The faction leader is waiting."

"Young Chui, what happened?"

Chen Jiu Deng asked.

Young Chui looked at his surroundings.

"There's nobody else here, just tell me!"

Chen Jiu Deng pushed for an answer.

"Clan Leader Wu has been assassinated!"

Young Chui sighed as he shook his head.

"He's dead."

Chen Jiu Deng's expression changed as he thought of Chu Li.

"Who did it?"

He asked.

"I don't know."

Young Chui shrugged.

"The faction leader is angry now. He doesn't know who did it. When the guards heard the noise and rushed over, the assassin had already escaped!"

"How could this even happen!"

Chen Jiu Deng's face soured as he left in large strides.

All the guards hurriedly followed behind him.

Chen Jiu Deng waved his hand.

"You guys stay here and protect the residence!"

"Clan Leader, the faction leader ordered you to bring the guards along with you so the assassin wouldn't be able to kill the other clan leaders!"

Young Chui found it difficult to say.

Chen Jiu Deng shook his head.

"I'll be fine. The residence can't be completely empty. That's my final decision. Let's go, Young Chui!"

He walked in large strides, only leaving with two guards behind him. The others returned to their position.

They knew Chen Jiu Deng was concerned about madam, so they aroused their wills to prevent the assassin from mounting a surprise attack when they were concentrating.

Chen Jiu Deng went out of his residence. He did not ride a horse, instead using his levitation skill. He met the other two Clan Leaders, the Shang Zhi Clan Leader and Shang Hu Ren Clan Leader.

They were bringing all their guards with them. It looked like a show.

He entered the main hall and saw the faction leader, Mah Thong, sitting on the armchair. His expression was so deep and gloomy, it was as if there was water dripping down. His body was filled with fiery anger. It looked like he was going to explode.

Chen Jiu Deng entered the main hall.

"Leader, how is Clan Leader Wu?"

He quickly asked.

"He's dead!"

Mah Thong was tall and muscular. He had a jujube red face and almond-shaped eyes with silkworm-like eyebrows. He looked majestic.

"Have we found out who did this?"

Chen Jiu Deng asked.

"We haven't!"

Mah Thong scoffed.

"The bastards!"