World Defying Dan God Chapter 0011

Chapter 0011 Divine Exercise Strength Revealed
Chapter 11: Divine Exercise Strength Revealed

Chen Tianhu felt that Chen Xiangs True Qi was unusually strong, but he also had quite a unique breath, the likes of which he had never seen before. He gave this matter some serious consideration, then said, Let my son represent me in this battle! If he were to lose, then the patriarchs position will belongs to your brother, moreover he will also return that Thousand Year Blood Spirit Grass back to you.

Chen Tianhus proposal meant that he believed Chen Xiang had a chance of winning, which made Chen Xiang feel no small pressure in his heart. He turned around, looked at Chen Tianhu and saw Chen Tianhu showing a trace of warmth in his smile while nodding his heart.

Well then, allow me to come and settle this matter with my own two hands! Chen Zhenhua came from the crowd to the centre of the field while his face was full of contempt and his pair of eyes, which were looking at Chen Xiang, were filled with pride.

At such a young age, he had already entered the 5th level of mortal martial realm, Chen Zhenhua ignored Chen Xiangs young alchemist achievement while showing an arrogant approach. Seeing this many elders of the Chen family inwardly shook their heads, because they all know one alchemist has the potential to raise many powerful martial artists.

The seriously injured Chen Haohai with a sneer said: Young men sure are filled with youthful energy, if in the process of fighting what will happen if someone were to die? Accidently killing Chen familys talented alchemist, I will be scolded to death by those old fellows.

Chen Tianhu did not speak, he was seriously contemplating this.

Chen Haohai slightly smiling: If you are determined to make your alchemist son go to battle, and if by-chance some mishap happened in the middle of fight, everybody can only wonder that he had half-baked skills.

Rest assured, if I was injured or killed, it will be my own responsibility! Chen Xiang said, he knows if his father could not become the patriarch, even though his son is an alchemist, he still will be vigorously suppressed by Chen Haohai, because in the eyes of Chen Haohai he is a big threat.

Everybody clearly heard, this is what he said! Since it is this way, then let him first contest with my son, and if he wins against my son, it will be clear that he has the qualification to battle with my younger brother.

Chen Haohais face was filled with a happy expression, because he concluded Chen Xiang was not that strong. Even if he was able to win against his own son, it was impossible to win against his brother, after all his brother was in the 7th level of the Mortal Martial Realm.

Not only would he become the Chen family Patriarch, but also be able to recapture the Thousand year Blood Spirit Grass.

Chen Zhenhua after getting his fathers permission, with face full of contempt said, If you get seriously injured due to my carelessness, you cannot blame me. Who told you to bite more than you can chew.

Chen Xiang with an expressionless face, turned towards Chen Haohai and asked, If I win I can fight instead of my father, right?

Ha-ha-ha. Chen Haohai laughed, Yes, but you have to win first?

The people who were supporting Chen Haohai began to laugh.

Chen Zhenhua while performing the Kung Fu courtesy of covering ones fist, with a sneer said, I will not be lenient.

[ED: Kungfu courtesy of covering ones fist ]

Start! shouted Chen Tianhu with an imposing look.

As soon as the word left Chan Tianhus mouth, Chen Zhenhua quickly jumped and rushed towards Chen Xiang. His movements were gentle and elegant and his hands were held high facing the sky. But just a moment later, a fierce wind surged forth and a golden aura began circulating around his hands and it instantly formed into a giant golden axe.

The Chen familys High Grade Spirit Level Martial Skill, the [Heavenly Sun Axe Strike]. It can transform ones True Qi into a weapon with a strong offensive power! A person exclaimed, and a High Grade Spirit Level Martial Skill was difficult to learn, but its power was huge.

Chen Xiang stood there motionlessly, just staring at the incoming axe. When everyone was thinking that he was scared due to fierce Metal True Qi, and seeing that True Qi transform into a golden axe that was about to smash his head. Fierce Qi surged out from within Chen Xiang, and he opened his mouth and emitted a thunderous roar.

Similar to that of a dragon, it made everyones eardrum tingle. The most shocking thing was that what came out of Chen Xiangs mouth was a large amount of azure coloured True Qi, flying towards Chen Zhenhua and inundating him.

The True Qi transformed into an Azure dragon, the kind of diffusing vicissitudes of an ancient dragon and shocking everyone around. It could be seen that this True Qi was very strong and couldnt be practiced out from an ordinary sutra.

When Chen Xiang emitted the dragon roar, everyone present near the field became transfixed. They watched Chen Xiang with a face full of surprise, and if they had not witnessed Chen Xiang emitting this tyrannical True Qi, they wouldnt have believed it!

Chen Tianhu saw how amazing his son is, and it made him extremely proud, excited and slightly agitated. The complexion of Chen Haohai and his followers became extremely ugly, as they were well aware of how frightening that True Qi was.

Chen Xiangs [Azure Dragon Roar] instantly shattered Chen Zhenhuas [Heavenly Sun Axe Strike] like as if it were glass. The True Qi storm that surged from within his mouth contained a very frightening and destructive power. Chen Zhenhuas entire body was filled with bloodstains.

This [Azure Dragon Roar] was also from the [Azure Dragon Divine Exercise]. The dragon roar produced by Chen Xiang was similar to an original dragon's roar. Its might would devastate both a persons heart and soul. Also from within his mouth a lightning and wind storm burst forth, and the power of the wind was similar to a knife attacking the enemy. It was incomparably overbearing.

No one even dared to blink, for the fear of missing something and Chen Xiang did not disappoint them. Just moments after Chen Xiangs roar, his body flew like that of a dragon. Appearing instantly in front of the still dazed and panic stricken Chen Zhenhua.

Chen Xiang fingers stretched and an azure aura flashed from his arm, taking the shape of a dragons claw, strong and vigorous, and surged with the extremely tyrannical Azure Dragon True Qi. Just like how an eagle catches a rabbit as quick as lightning, he caught Chen Zhenhuas head and grasped it instantaneously. The claw opened abruptly, like a dragons claw! The claws were as sharp as knifes and the scales were clearly visible.

With the sudden appearance of an Azure dragon claw covering the head of Chen Zhenhua, a sharp and slaughtering Qi burst forth, and everyones heart shook. They all saw that after Chen Zhenhuas head was covered with the dragon claw, he emitted a pitiful loud scream, and Chen Zhenhua retreated a few steps while vomiting blood!

This was the [Azure Dragon Claw], the super strong offensive martial technique of the [Azure Dragon Divine Exercise].

Everyone saw Chen Zhenhuas bloodied body and his face was full of horror. They were having a very hard time believing what just happened. Chen Xiang defeated Chen Zhenhua in a flash and in such a beautiful way!


Chen Zhenhua fell down, and everyone was shocked. They felt cold in their spine and only now confirmed what had happened!

Abnormally powerful azure True Qi, a strange and frightening martial technique, emitting a tyrannical power and all of this was all done by Chen Xiang who did not even have a Spiritual Vein.

Chen Haohai watched his son getting severely wounded and he could not help but vomit blood. He saw Chen Zhenhua was still breathing and converged his Qi with his son. Although Chen Zhenhua was covered with multiple scars, he was not seriously injured, which showed that Chen Xiang was holding back.

Chen Haohai looked at Chen Tianhu with a face full of gratitude while Chen Tianhu just smiled at him.

This can only be blamed at his half-assed skills, its no wonder he got wounded so easily! Chen Xiang said dismissively.

Chen Xiangs expression in his eyes were clear, neither cold nor dull: I can now fight on behalf of my father!