World Defying Dan God Chapter 0068

Chapter 0068 Jiu Duzhi
Chapter 68: Jiu Duzhi
Translated by: Ash
Edited by:TheNo1Fan and inallisticbunny

Listening to this, the Jiudu Gang leader, as if listening to a joke actually laughed. Following right after him, all the black robed men around him also started laughing. Their laughter was very ugly, and absolutely terrifying.

Your father came quietly, which is why it cost us dearly. If we had taken early precautions then he would have died, but now in your case we have taken these necessary measures. There is no doubt that you will certainly die. Jiudu Gang leader said with a sinister laughter.

You are able to come here then you should have not encountered Song Nanming, its your good luck But you coming here is also the same as death! Of course, Ill will not let you die so easily, Ill use poison to slowly kill you, and even use you to threaten the Chen family

Chen Xiang interrupted him and said I met Song Nanming and this also means that I also experienced your proud Jiudu Gang, but it seems that they are not very formidable.

Chen Xiang words made the triumphant Jiudu Gang leaders complexion suddenly sink, and with an unbelievable look on his face said, Brat, I know youre formidable, but the fact that youre still not dead under the siege of hundreds of groups of the Jiudu Gang would mean that you would have to be in the tenth level of Mortal Martial Realm!?

I admit, your embroidery needle technique is not bad, pretty dangerous, but in my eyes they are only the acrobatics of a child! Said Chen Xiang, who was originally was smiling, but suddenly his smile disappeared and his face turned into a face that was full of slaughter Qi: Im not in the tenth level of Mortal Martial Realm but Im able to kill a tenth level Mortal Martial Realm expert!

Immediately after speaking, in Chen Xiangs one arm suddenly surged out an invisible Qi aura, which was congealed out from Universal True Qi, if their divine sense was not strong enough then they simply couldnt find this frightening True Qi.

When the Jiudu Gang members had just discovered Chen Xiang action, Chen Xiangs fist already fiercely struck out, and rushed forward. Because the speed was too fast, a majestic force struck from the air above, emitting a deafening explosion, and the whole ground broke as it was unable to bear this strong force and the spreading of the Qi undulation which shook and smashed everything it past, this made the entire palace hall to fiercely shake.

Chen Xiangs punch, in blink of an eye, burst out and also accurately struck on top of that old man chest, but what made Chen Xiang surprised is the fact that the Jiudu Gang leader actually did not fly out, and instead, in that moment, the Jiudu Gang leader released a Qi aura and withstood that fierce power of Chen Xiangs.

You Jiudu Gang leader hadnt anticipated that Chen Xiang would act so suddenly and with this much frightening power. In his own opinion, this power was comparable with several tenth level Mortal Martial Realm experts. He vomited a mouthful of blood, as Chen Xiangs fist had seriously injured him.

Attack, kill him.

As the voice faded, Chen Xiangs fist suddenly turning golden, and glowing True Qi flowed in the veins inside. The place that his feet landed on was smashed, as the extremely powerful True Qi madly surged out from his body, Chen Xiang punch out a fist once again.

[Dragon Aura Fist]. This is an [Dragon Slayer Divine Martial Skill], and its power can only be imagined, not to mention the fact that it was formed by using Universal True Qi.

Stop, Im from the Hundred Poison Sect He hadnt even finished speaking, and yet Chen Xiangs fist, which was like a ball of golden aura, thunderously struck on the Jiudu Gang leaders head, violently flying and hitting him.

True Qi containing extremely, strong destructive power struck on that head, and the head, together with the upper body was blown into pieces of meat in the blink of an eye, at the same time, countless flying needles flew towards Chen Xiangs body.

Chen Xiang did not deal those hidden needles at first, as he knew that all of the hidden weapons were pushed through by pouring True Qi in them, and as long as it was only this strong, he could accurately deal with them.

Either directly using powerful True Qi to burst open them, or by controlling them was the only way to deal with these hidden weapons.

Chen Xiang had a strong divine sense which he soon released, and those countless flying steel needles coming from all around became perfectly distinguishable for him, because in his eyes those steel needles all became slower.

This time, Chen Xiang unlike before didnt use any True Qi to resist these steel needles, but with his divine sense directly manipulated these poisonous needles, and stopped those needles and suspended them entirely in the air.

Humph, you only have this same attack pattern? Chen Xiang coldly spoke, and from his body surged out a horrifying scorching Qi. He used this scorching Qi and billows of flame to start burning everything all around him, and in blink of an eye all those steel needles burned down entirely.

Those Jiudu Gang members were all shocked, as they thought their hidden weapons were very powerful, unexpectedly so was the Chen Xiang. During their preparation in attempts to launch a second wave of hidden weapons, Chen Xiang had suddenly disappeared in the fire sea inside.
As they raised their head to look up in the air, there was a huge burning palm, spraying a hot Qi undulation, as if a big mountain was pressuring down on them!


The huge burning palm pressed down, producing violent and thunderous explosions, and pressing hundreds of group of gangs in the great hall, and turning them into meat patties followed by a flame incineration.

Chen Xiang once again entirely released his Zhu Que True Qi and transformed it into a huge palm, and inside this large hall the entire Jiudu Gang group was killed by the following explosion!

In the eyes of a 10th level Mortal Martial Realm expert, ordinary people are like ants. It also isnt an exaggeration that a 10th level Mortal Martial Realms strength compared with a 8th level Mortal Martial Realms strength is extremely strong. Although Chen Xiang is at the 8th level of the Mortal Martial Realm his strength displayed was neck and neck with martial artists of the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm and even the 10th level mortal martial realm, the complete state of Mortal Martial Realm.

Chen Xiang came out of the hall, arrived outside and again used his terrifying power, capable of smashing a mountain, and completely destroyed the Freewind Mountain top!

Coming down from the Freewind Mountain, Chen Xiang immediately operated the [Tai Chi Divine Exercise] and converged his irascible slaughter Qi, otherwise, just after killing a group of people, he looked like a slaughtering human fiendgod.

Chen Xiang just came down from the mountain and entered the forest inside, and found one thin middle-aged man was in front of him. This man who had a plain appearance, wearing a clean white robe with a beard on some places on his chin, seemed like an ordinary man.

But when Chen Xiang saw this middle-aged man, a sense of dread could not be helped but be born in his heart. This middle-aged man had quietly appeared near him, moreover Chen Xiang wasnt able to see his strength, and Chen Xiangs intuition also told him that this middle-aged man was one very dangerous figure.

I did not expect to even find such a genius in this secular world, even to have a True Qi wing type martial skill, and have such an amazing inherent potential for alchemy. Even your strength is enough to be shocking, if you can enter the True Martial Realm, you certainly would be the most promising young man. Said the middle-aged man, with a deadpan expression, and his voice also didnt even have an ounce of feelings.

Who are you? Asked Chen Xiang, looking defensive.

That middle-aged man revealed a very stiff smile and said, My name is Jiu Duzi, the founder of the Jiudu Gang you just destroyed, yet you say who I am?

Chen Xiang was surprised in his mind. He knew this Jiu Duzi was here for a very long time but still didnt act, and even watched the Jiudu Gangs destruction which he himself had established.

One can clearly understand the goal of this Jiu Duzi from this attitude, he was only waiting for Chen Xiang to consume his True Qi so that he can easily deal with Chen Xiang. As he would rather destroy his own clan, this showed how important he regarded Chen Xiang.

10th level Mortal Martial Realm! Chen Xiang solemnly said.

Good eyesight. Jiu Duzi coldly smiled, looking at the burning palace hall on the mountaintop, and said contemptuously, For me in this world, I simply do not care about anything related to the Jiudu Gang as I only set it for recreational purposes.

You have consumed a lot of True Qi! Rest assured, I will not kill you, Ill take you back to Hundred Poison Sect and present you as a gift to the Sect Elder, and theyll like you very much, but prior to this you must hand some things to me or Ill let you experience what is called a living death. After speaking Jiu Duzi face turned completely ruthless.