World Defying Dan God Chapter 0405

Chapter 0405 Dark Power
When Chen Xiang discovered that his attacks werent working, he retreated back by ten steps as he looked at Qiu Sheng with a solemn look. He knew that Qiu Sheng had some kinds of means through which he could absorb the strength of his techniques and was thinking of countermeasures to deal with that, otherwise, he would definitely lose this match.

Water vine! Just as Chen Xiang released those water vines, they disappeared, to his dismay, he couldnt even use them.

Qiu Sheng just looked at him with a happy smile: Brother Chen, is that all you got?

Having said that, Qiu Shengs figure instantly flickered before he arrived next to Chen Xiang and brandished a punch, striking upon Chen Xiangs cheek. His punch was terrifyingly fast, to Chen Xiangs dismay, he wasnt even able to gauge his actions.

The punch heavily landed on Chen Xiangs cheek, yet he didnt fly out but retreated a few steps. There wasnt even a bruise over his face; evidently, he had not suffered any grave injuries at all.

This time it was Qiu Shengs turn to be surprised. The punch he had just fired wasnt weak at all, furthermore, after the punch struck, Chen Xiang couldnt resist with any True Qi whatsoever as he had the ability to disintegrate any True Qi there was. However, Chen Xiang just retreated a few steps. Such a powerful impact had just made him retreat.

Chen Xiang touched his face as he slightly smiled: Thats all you got too! It seems, you can not use True Qi as well, because once True Qi comes in contact with you, it will all be melted away. Am I right!?

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang had not sensed any particular characteristics of True Qi, but he did sense a strange power. This power was quite strong but it wasnt True Qi. Chen Xiang reckoned that this power was what decomposed the True Qi.

Oh, you noticed! Thats right! I cant utilize True Qi, however, I have another kind of power, this power can allow me to congeal my True Qi in a powerful disintegrating power as well as allow me to have powerful strength, said Qiu Sheng.

Chen Xiang once again charged towards Qiu Sheng, his speed was still very fast and he had gathered Universe True Qi on his leg so that he could run at faster speed.

Watching Chen Xiang charging at him the second time, Qiu Sheng shook his head and said, No need, you better come up with your strongest attack, I want to disintegrate your strongest True Qi attack!

Just as he finished speaking, Chen Xiang had already jumped over and raised his fist and punched fiercely, smashing upon Qiu Shengs cheek.

Bang!, after Chen Xiangs punch landed upon Qiu Shengs cheek, it burst forth with a bone-cracking sound while Qiu Sheng flew to one side.

Qiu Sheng was aghast, he felt a few of his teeth break. Chen Xiangs punch was quite strong, which he found difficult to believe, however, soon, he thought of another possibility; what Chen Xiang used was physical strength.

Chen Xiangs physique was extremely strong. At the same level of cultivation, he was unbeatable. He cultivated the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise.

After attaining the Suppressing Devil Golden Body, his Immortal and Devil Body had soared to the tenth level. And when he stepped into the Extreme State, that vigorous ability had undergone baptism, while the Suppressing Devil Golden Body had advanced by 3 levels, and now, his Immortal and Devil Body was at 13th level!

Hei hei, dont underestimate me! Chen Xiang said with a laugh. He rushed at quick speed as he quickly made a charge and burst forth with powerful momentum which through his punch turned into a powerful strength.

Chen Xiang had noticed that Qiu Sheng had a weak physique because Qiu Sheng was quite thin. He reckoned that it was the result of cultivating that strange power. Thus in regards to the physique, Qiu Sheng was far inferior to Chen Xiang.

As Chen Xiang attacked again, Qiu Sheng immediately tried to jump, but just as he wanted to dodge Chen Xiangs punch, when Chen Xiangs punch had still not landed, Chen Xiang opened his mouth to roar as an azure aura spewed out from his mouth, along with an ear-piercing dragon roar that directly shook Qiu Shengs mind, making him feel a slight headache.

Azure Dragon Roar was created with True Qi, once it came in contact with Qiu Sheng, it dissipated and disappeared, but it also caused a spirit attack which slowed Qiu Sheng down a bit.

Taking advantage of the moment when Qiu Sheng was in a trance, Chen Xiang fiercely punched and his fist directly landed upon Qiu Shengs nose before he quickly punched again and again, and all of them landed dead right upon Qiu Shengs head.

Whenever Chen Xiang punched, he would gather a large amount of True Qi in his arm, which would, in turn, promote his punching speed and the momentum it carried, so that his punch was not only faster, it was stronger as well, causing the punch to have a fearsome power.

Chen Xiangs punch didnt have any True Qi, it just contained a terrifying momentum, which when landed upon Qiu Shengs thin and weak face, caused very serious injuries.

Just a while ago, when everyone was still discussing on how to deal with Qiu Shengs mysterious disintegrating method, they got to witness how Chen Xiang rendered Qiu Sheng with just his physical strength, unable to fight back.

As long as one could avoid True Qi contact with Qiu Sheng, anyone could attack Qiu Sheng. Indeed, it was a good method, however, the premise was that one had a powerful physique.

Originally, Chen Xiang has fallen leeward, but he had turned the situation around very quickly. Everyone incessantly praised Chen Xiangs rich experience, that he found a suitable way to deal with the enemy so quickly.

Having had his head fiercely beaten by Chen Xiangs mad punches, Qiu Sheng burst into fury and suddenly roared as a gray light flashed. Whereupon, a light gray thing was congealed over his fists, giving off the impression of a light gray glove. Qiu Shengs powerful punch landed upon Chen Xiangs chest which made Chen Xiang fly back.

Had it not for Chen Xiang bursting forth with True Qi to stabilize himself, perhaps he would have been flown off the stage.

Puff! Chen Xiang spat a mouthful of blood as he gazed at Qiu Sheng. Whereas both of Qiu Shengs hands seemed to be completely wrapped in gray, which was exuding a kind of bizarre power, making Chen Xiang incessantly shocked.

Qiu Shengs face had been battered black and blue, yet he didnt get angry, on the contrary, he smiled and said, For so many years, you are the first who had made me like this! Even if you wont unleash your strongest power to attack me, I will use my strongest attack to defeat you.

You can come anytime! Chen Xiang slightly smiled, without a sliver of fear whatsoever.

Qiu Shengs figure flickered before he swooped over. The smile on Chen Xiangs face suddenly disappeared, because Qiu Shengs punch had already landed upon his face ruthlessly. After he was hit, the punch also burst forth with an explosion, making his ear ring with a buzzing noise and eyes blurry, he was hit with a terrifying headache. Just as the left side of his face was attacked, the right side of his face was soon hit also.

Just a moment ago, as Chen Xiang had attacked Qiu Sheng, Qiu Sheng was attacking Chen Xiang in a similar way. However, his attacks were a lot more powerful as compared to that of Chen Xiangs.

Just after ten punches, Chen Xiangs consciousness was blurry, seemingly about to faint.

The power this guy is using is called dark power, he should have a dark vein, through which he is able to cultivate dark power. Certainly, someone must have guided him in cultivation, or else, he would have been unable to arrive at this step. If the person cultivating dark power deviated from the course, it could quite possibly lead him to his own death; it is very dangerous. Su Meiyao finally spoke.

People who have dark veins are quite rare. This is a very extraordinary pulse, which can congeal dark power by absorbing Spirit Qi. What makes it the strongest is that it can disintegrate True Qi, turning the True Qi back to its most primeval state before it is absorbed by the dark power user! Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang was already beaten to the point that he could not fight back, the offense of his opponent was simply too fierce. Not to mention, he couldnt even use his True Qi, not even the slightest.