World Defying Dan God Chapter 0408

Chapter 0408 Golden Lion Eagle
Chapter 408:Golden Lion Eagle

No one knew when did the Three Great Realm War started, but Chen Xiang could tell from the Elder Masters upper head that there is still a period of time, otherwise they wouldnt be nurturing disciples calmly, for example, Gu Dongchen, he bought quite a big amount of foundation pills from Chen Xiang already.

Chen Xiang planned to nurture a team of True Warriors, consisting of around hundred men, he was only planning now. He neeed to collect better Spirit Ingredients to refine better pills after the end of Kings martial arts competition, at that time he will also need to rely on better pills rather than just foundation pills.

Ten days of rest passed very quickly, Chen Xiang followed Gu Dongchen and Wu kaiming to Kings Continent one day earlier, currently Chen Xiang is inside a city in Kings Continent, he have not visited other places in Kings Continent, he also did not dare to walk around by himself to avoid trouble.

Chen Xiang arrived at a luxurious hall, there was forty-nine other Kings continent warriors inside, Chen Xiang recognized a few of them, it was those who always follows Wang Quan around, Chen Xiang guessed that their points are also very high.

Seeing Chen Xiang arriving, those forty plus young disciple all looked towards Chen Xiang, this made Chen Xiang felt weird as he realised that he looked like a rabbit, being targeted by a group of wolfs.

Within the group of forty-nine young disciple, there was ten plus ladies and Chen Xiang didnt know that Kings Continent ladies were so powerful that so many made it in the top 50.

Ok, now ill now announce the info about the next stage, this is a test to test you guys! This stage focuses on speed, and those who makes it to the appointed destination wins. Wang Quan said
Upon hearing, Chen Xiang laughed in his heart, he participated in a speed competition hosted by Tai Wu Clan before,and he directly used Zhu Que flame eagle to fly, achieving first, so right now he could also use this again.
Let me explain the rules, on the way to the destination, there should not be any conflicts and blocking of others to proceed! also , the road to the destination are filled with obstacles, for example, Spirit beasts raised by us will attack and stop you. Or Spirit Warrior in Extreme realm disciples will also try to stop you, you will need to defeat them to continue forward. Of course, if you have the ability, you can also shake them off

While Wang Quan is explaining the rules, Chen Xiang saw Wang Quans look, and scolded in his heart, he guessed that Wang Quan will definitely take special care of him, at that time there would probably be a lot of things to block him from continuing.

Can we fly? asked a lady timidly

You can fly, but travelling in air is more dangerous, you guys should be aware that our Spirit Hall has raised a bunch of Golden Lion Eagles,although they are only grade ninth Ping Stage spirit beasts, but when they group up, it is even dangerous for those at Extreme Realm Wang Quan said.
Chen Xiang isnt afraid of these things at all, and he even planned to see what the legendary Golden Lion Eagles are like,from books that he had read, it is said that this Spirit beast had the body of a tiger, wings of an eagle, claws of an eagle, eye of an eagle,a beak for a mouth and a body of a horse with adamantine feathers but it is very light, and its flying speed was also very fast, when they group up, they were like the overlord of the sky.

Upon hearing that they will be intercepted by Golden Tiger Eagles, everyone was slightly surprised, they all knew what the result would be if they were to meet with groups of thousands of Golden Tiger Eagles.

Thousands of Golden Tiger Eagles? Chen Xiang was shocked when overheard this from the soft discussions made by Spirit Hall disciples.

Golden Tiger Eagles? Hehe, this kind of things cannot evolve at all, it will forever stay at Spirit Beast realm and never make it to a Bi Xuan Beast Long Xueling laughed in disdain.

Just then, Wang Quan shouted:Ill give you one more hour to prepare, now i will give you all a map, once you reach there all you have to do is knock on the big bell there and it will count as you have reached there, only the first twenty can proceed to next stage, the others will be eliminated

Chen Xiang held onto a map, both Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming frowned when they saw that the destination was very far and they need to cross multiple mountains and huge rivers to reach tit.

Thats is almost half of the Kings Continent, it would take at least a year using a normal steed to get there.said Wu Kaiming

Even riding a steed takes one year! Chen Xiang exclaimed:Kings Contient sure is big, i wonder how long would it take to reach there with my current speed?

Chen Xiang continued to look at the map,as he would definitely be flying in the sky, so he had no need to know the situations at the ground.

Little martial uncle, those Golden Tiger Eagles speed is very fast, you would probably get caught up even if you use the flame eagle said Wu Kaiming
Chen Xiang laughed:you have belittled me, I have confidence in my speed.

Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen shook their heads, as they did not have a lot of understanding towards Chen Xiangs speed

Long Xueling gave a charming humph and said:relax, I dare to say that those things that cannot even evolve wont be faster than you! You baddie, didnt you say that you wanted to build a batch of True Warrior army? Shouldnt you need a sort of ride

Chen Xiangs flinched, saying:army? That uses too much resource, i cant afford it! About 100 men is enough.

Cheh, only a hundred men? You have to have at least three thousand! That should be imposing enough, i believe you can do it. Long Xueling laughed.

Three thousand True Warrior! It definitely is imposing enough, but that would not only need mere three thousand foundation pills, but also help of other pills,but the strength of stage one or two True Warrior is not enough, Chen Xiang believe that they should be at least at True Warrior stage three.

If you promise me to make three thousand True Warrior forces, i will bring you to find Golden Flying Tiger, it is much better than those mixed bred Lion Eagles, if you dont believe me you can ask Little Bai Hu

Bai Zhenzhens delicate voice sounded:master, what Long jiejie said is true, Golden Flying Tiger can become a Xuan Beast, and it is easier to tame than those Lion Eagles, but it is very rare and very less in amount!

There is no need to worry about the amount, leave it to me.Long Xueling smiled

Chen Xiang gave out a bitter laugh:army of three thousand men, im afraid that i dont have enough time, it will need a lot of foundation pills and good seedlings to make it happen.

There will definitely be enough time, the Three Great Realm War wont start any time soon, even though there is a crack, judging from those factions that let out the news, they definitely think that there is still time for them to prepare. said Su Meiyao.

Chen Xiang sighed:Alright, ill try my best to plant more ingredient for foundation pill.

Resting time is over, Chen Xiang and group were brought to the square, they will start racing from here to the distant finishing line.