World Defying Dan God Chapter 0409

Chapter 0409 Blue Blood Clan
Chapter 409:Blue Blood Clan
Wang Quan shouts Start!

Fifty young warriors instantly shot out like an arrow from a bow, disappearing from view in a flash, running out of the Spirit Hall squares gates, through the alleys and roads within the city so fast that everyone already lost vision of them.

Lets wait at the destination! said Wang Quan

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming nodded, originally there were quite a number of upper heads coming from other continents, but they left after knowing that the competition was a boring race, they only wanted to watch sparring, particularly Chen Xiangs sparring in hope that they might be able to witness the key points of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art.

Just as Wang Quan was going to fly towards the destination, he felt that far ahead, was a gush of weak heat, when he looked over,all he saw was a ball of fire red light, taking a closer look, you will be able to see a pair of huge flame wings released by Chen Xiang.

As expected this fellow used this method Gu Dongchen shook his head and laughed.

Humph, his actions are suicidal Wang Quan gave a low humph and disappeared.

Chen Xiang released his Zhu Que flame wings once he reached went out of the city, now he have the ability to increase the size of the wing but he didnt need to do so as it would make the wings less flexible and the energy consumption increases too,although the speed will be faster, he still thinks that smaller will be more appropriate.

Even so, his Zhu Que flame wings is now already twenty zhang wide, from afar it looks very scary and the heat emitted is able to make people feel uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang flapped his flame wings , and he instantly turned into a ball of fire red light and disappeared into the clouds above,his original speed was quicker than others so there was a lot of people behind him, but they all got jealous in their hearts when they saw Chen Xiang use that horrifying speed to fly in the air.

He he, ill make my move first, make sure you guys dont lose to this foreigner. a cute and beautiful young girl wearing blue dress laughed, while behind her back appeared a pair of small light blue wings that looked like translucent butterfly wing, with a tint of faint colour.

The young girl flapped her pair of small wings and proceeds to enter the forest, shuttling through nimbly while giving out clear laughters and excited shouts, this girl was the one who questioned whether they could fly previously.

Hearing that the girls voice vanish, everyone knew that they were left very behind already, now that they were outside of the city, they all use their fastest speed without any restraints to rush towards the destination.

Some were like a raging bull, rampaging in the forest, knocking over a lot of trees, although these peoples speed was very fast but in an instant many trees in the forest got knocked over

As Chen Xiang was flying in the sky he didnt know about the fierce competition below, now he was the fastest, everytime his wings flapped it would allow him to traverse a huge distance, after gliding for a while he would flap his wings again like an eagle looking very elegant and easy

Feels good, when will those Golden Griffins come out, it is starting to get boring. Chen Xiang laughed carefreely

Hey, are you an idiot?sounded a females voice, this shocked Chen Xiang abit.

Chen Xiang turned his head only to discover that a young girl in blue dress appeared beside him, he still remembered this girl as she was the one who asked Wang Quan whether they could fly.

The translucent wings behind the girl in blue dress is constantly flapping, unlike Chen Xiangs,sometimes when her pair of small wings flaps it would release a faint blue aura, making it look very nice.

You are the idiot.Chen Xiang laughed,this girl was very cute, as he had a beautiful melon like face, peach small mouth and a pair of big eyes shining with curiosity, looking at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang saw that in there is a faint trace of blue light in her eyes but her eyes is black.

Why did you call me an idiot? You are the idiot, flying so high up! The young girl stuck her tongue out, seeing that cute looking small tongue, Chen Xiang had in impulse to reach and hold it.

Chen Xiang laughedyou are talking with me, an idiot, doesnt that mean that your brain is also not right, you are also an idiot! You are an idiot amongst idiots haha, you big idiot!

The girl was unexpectedly not angry, she only gave a charming humphI am only flying up here to warn you, but you dont even appreciate it!

Chen Xiang was startled for a second, laughing:hehe, sorry! Many thanks lady, but who let you ask me whether i am an idiot the first thing you come up!

The young girl laughed cutely:This is the first time someone called me lady, little guy, in sisters eyes you are nothing but a bird that just hatched!

Chen Xiang once again size up this young girl, only to discover that other that unreasonably huge chest, she looked like a fourteen fifteen year old girl in every other aspect.

Then big lady, how old are you this year? Dont you think its uninteresting hanging out with a bunch of kids

Sister is now five hundred years old already, your master is very knowledgeable, didnt he tell you that in the Kings Continent exists an ancient tribe?the girl played with her hair tips while flying.

Chen Xiang immediately flped through his memories, and he quickly remembered that Huang Jintian once said, that there was a clan where people doesnt grow up in Kings Continent but needs the be conceived for five hundred years, when it borns it will be at True Warrior strength.

Blue Blood Clan?if it wasnt for this young girl, he wouldnt have linked it together.

Your master had once beat the Blue Blood Clans strongest person before! Therefore i must defeat you, dont belittle me, i also possess the Kings bloodline and mine is a special bloodline!the young girl laughed:relax , ill have mercy on you then.

Chen Xian suddenly remembered that in the leaderboard third rank name:Your name is Lanlan?

I am the forever young Lanlan! Ever Since i was born, lived for twenty five years, i still look like a smelly kid, i will never be able to grow up anymoresaid the young girl regretfully.

Chen Xiang thinks that this girl is very interesting, he smiled:Lanlan, the Dali clan is similar, you dont need to worry!

Lanlan shook her head:no, our Blue Blood clan and Dali clans freak are different,we are like normal people, when it is time to grow up we will grow up.

Well ill stop talking, ill move ahead first!Lanlan stuck her tongue out towards Chen Xiang, made a ghost face and rushed down, speeding up instantly throwing Chen Xiang behind.

Seeing Lanlans speed, Chen Xiang was shocked!

This girl is also a freak! Furthermore she acts cute about it.Chen Xiang said towards Long Xueling,the Long Xueling following him was also a super old person, acting like a girl is more deceptive than Lanlan

The sky was very dangerous, and Chen Xiang is gonna find out soon, because he can detect a few very strong aura in front, furthermore it was all at Extreme realm.