World Defying Dan God Chapter 0414

Chapter 0414 Confrontation In The Night
Chapter 414: Confrontation in the night
Chen Xiang very quickly reached the area with the formation plate, only after he destroyed the formation plate below will he be able to fly away and avoid a fight with the Blood Warrior.

Hehe, who asked you to go against me, this is the price you will have to pay! Chen Xiangs palm slowly surfaced a white layer of light, along with the appearance of that light, the ground started to crazily shake.

Chen Xiang gave a loud shout, palm facing the ground, and used Dragon Force to cast Heaven Shaking Palm, its might was predictable, that powerful and enormous energy once again swept through the ground, and the land once again got turned over by Chen Xiang.

And the formation plate beneath him, also got hit by the Heaven Shaking Palm till it became dust!

This time Divine Martial Palace is going to bleed! Chen Xiang laughed, and jumped to the sky, released his Vermilion Bird Fire Wings, the pair of wings that are burning with fierce flames were very eye-catching in the dark sky, lighting the black night sky.

Just as Chen Xiang flapped his wings, a loud shout was heard from the ground: stop!

Chen Xiang didnt bother about that person and flew away as if nothing happened, that was the Blood Warrior from Divine Martial Palace, although Chen Xiang wanted to fight with that person, but he is rushing for time, if he was slow, he would be eliminated and he doesnt want to be eliminated in this kind of competition.

Watch the blade! the rapidly flying Chen Xiang was shocked, because in front of him was a middle-aged man standing there, this middle aged guy was standing on a hexagon shaped flying disc, with a golden blade on his hands, and slashed towards Chen Xiang, and blade shined brightly and countless blade shadows erupts from the blade.

Chen Xiang couldnt understand why this person suddenly appeared in front of him, luckily his reaction was quick, and quickly kept the Vermilion Bird Fire Wings, allowing him to fall down abruptly to dodge the blade shadows.

Bastard, you actually used weapons, then dont blame me for not being polite! Ever since Chen Xiang reached the Extreme Realm, he rarely had any chance to use Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to fight, seeing that the enemy used weapon, he definitely wouldnt have mercy

Chen Xiang willed, and the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appeared in his hands, at this point, he was already on the ground.

I originally didnt want to play with you, but since you wanted me dead so much, i dont care anymore.Chen Xiang already didnt care about the competition anymore, he only wanted to vent out the anger in his heart through his bodys fierce energy.

Long Xueyi said: the disc under his legs is not simple, it is able to conceal the users aura!

That person wielding the golden blade appeared before Chen Xiang, and said to Chen Xiang indifferently: I heard that your blade is very strong,but it turns out to be average!

Chen Xiangs brows congealed, only to see his blade slightly move, but the ground suddenly surfaced a thread like crack, passing through directly the crotch of the middle-aged guy.

That middle-aged persons complexion changed,although Chen Xiangs blade only slightly moved, but it was actually a slash, only because the speed was too fast, so fast that people could not see him slash with his blade at all.

Middle aged guy was still standing at the hexagon shaped flying disc, but he felt that the hexagon shaped flying disc was already destroyed the moment Chen Xiang waved his blade.

Chen Xiangs blade was not fast, but the power released was very unique, it was because he used Universal True Qi, through his precise control and Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Arts, it allows the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to chop out a thin blade strength, passing through the ground and directly chopped the middle-aged guys hexagon shaped flying disc beneath his feet.

The toy beneath you must be expensive! Chen Xiang laughed,his words had already enraged the middle-aged man, the middle aged man roared, waved his sword and darts toward Chen Xiang, his sword techniques were very ferocious, strings of beautiful chops were completed in a breath of time, and Chen Xiang could only block them.

This persons blade is also not simple!Chen Xiang had used a lot of energy in blocking, but it didnt ruin the opponents blade as he had expected.

Chen Xiang found out something weird after blocking several times, it was that before the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade even touched the opponents golden blade, it would be blocked by a strange shaking energy, the opponents attack speed was very fast, and Chen Xiang was only able to block but the shaking energy would always shake his hands until it was numb.

He told this to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, Bai Youyou then said: His blade has other peoples energy, the blade should be covered in a special energy made from Wang Quans True Qi, thats why it was so hard, furthermore it also has Wang Quans Nirvana realm energy.

Chen Xiang finally understood, why the blade was so scary, furthermore the person wielding it was a Blood Warrior.

Previously in the points competition, Qiu Sheng did not use True Qi, so he was unable to learn about Blood Warriors strength, and the middle-aged man in front of him was a True Qi based Blood Warrior.

Chen Xiang felt that both Blood Warrior and Herculean Clan are the same, they were able to turn the True Qi in their body into a special energy, fuses with their fleshly body, allowing the their strength to mix, and then burst forward, forming a very strong and domineering energy.

Lightning True Qi! Chen Xiang determined the opponents original True Qi, this middle-aged man hid it very well, and when he used True Qi, it would turn into another type of explosive energy, making it hard to determine.

Under the night sky, the ground was full of holes, blade light shinning, and Chen Xiang was only blocking, not even counter attacking, this made the middle-aged guy suspicious because he knew that Chen Xiangs strength wasnt at this level

The middle-aged man chopped, but this time Chen Xiang did not block, just when the golden blade slash is going to hit Chen Xiang in the waist, he was shocked because Wang Quan had said that he could not kill Chen Xiang, or else the consequence will be very serious.

Just when the golden blade slash was going to hit Chen Xiangs waist, he saw Chen Xiang explode into mist.

Chen Xiang used Water Mirror skill, using water to make an illusion, while he himself used his fastest speed to leave the place, just as the middle-aged guy was shocked, many water jar like thick water vines appeared from the ground and holds the middle aged guy, he has completely use the Black Tortoise True Qi.

I dont have time to waste with you! Chen Xiang slowly walked away, while slashing towards the middle-aged guys golden blade, the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade roar like from an angry dragon, shining with eye piercing Azure light, breaking the golden blade.

The golden blade without the middle age guys energy turned very weak, as such it was easily cut down by the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.

What do you want to do?the middle aged man didnt expect Chen Xiangs water vines were this strong, but during his struggle, the water vines were already showing signs of breaking, he only hated himself for being weak, if he didnt spend so much energy fighting before, he would have easily struggle free from the water vines.

Now he understood why Chen Xiang only blocked, it was all to waste his energy.

Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly, he backed up and his lips moved, chanting a weird curse, the middle-aged man saw the clouds surge, lightning roaring, the Spirit Qi from surrounding hundreds of li madly rushing towards here.

Heavenly Dragon Seal!Chen Xiangs eyes twinkled, and the sky sounded out a dragon shout, and a golden huge dragon claw drop down from the sky, hitting the middle-aged guy that was restricted by the water vine.

That instant, golden lights explodes, shining the sky bright, and the ground appeared a very huge hole, those dirt that was blasted up to the sky fell down like rain, the middle-aged man was covered in dirt as he was in the hole, he slowly wriggled his body, wailing.

And Chen Xiang already released the Vermilion Bird Fire Wings, flying in the night sky.