World Defying Dan God Chapter 0415

Chapter 0415 Endpoint
Chapter 415:Endpoint
The sky brightens, seeing the distant sun rise, Chen Xiang felt elated, he didnt know about others but he knew that it wasnt easy for him, he had went through ups and downs to arrive here, at this point he was already very near the end point.

Although he was delayed, he still thinks that he was the faster one, he estimated that he would at least be able to enter top ten.

Originally he believed that he could get first, but seeing that young girl Lanlans horrifying speed, he knew that he was too proud, this Kings Continent had quite a lot of young strong warriors.

He could guarantee that those in the top fifty in the points competition would have decent speed, if they did not get obstructed, they might have overtook him.

Thinking until here, Chen Xiang was furious, it was all because of Wang Quans delay his time by planning a lot of ambush.

Of course, thinking that on his way here, he also made Divine Martial Palace a lot of losses, he was secretly happy in his heart, because he can get to see Wang Quans angry yet helpless face.

The biggest reward this trip, was that he got the four formation masters memories, those memories are very precious, through Grasping Soul Devil Curse, Chen Xiang was able to imprint it in his own memory, after simple absorption, it would become his,others would need a lot of time to accumulate all those rich formation experience, but Chen Xiang could do it in a while.

It wasnt that formation masters were not a good option, it is just that it would take a lot of resources, especially during learning phase, furthermore, there is also some danger of formation exploding if there was a slight mistake during the setting up of formation or any other actions that is dangerous, Chen Xiang have heard that there was quite a lot of people who died when setting up the formation.

As long as he could efficiently use those precious memories, he could be a formation master in the near future, furthermore he had the Refiners Scroll, the spirit patterns in the Refiners Scroll were all regarded as treasures in the eyes of Liu Menger, after absorbing the memories of the four people, he had a solid foundation, now he only need to spend some time in this aspect again, after being skilled in formations will he be able to start refining weapons.

Chen Xiang was soaring above the clouds, although he had a pair of huge fire wings, he had the clouds as cover, so the people below couldnt see him, but with his strong Divine Sense, he was able to clearly observe the ground, on his way he found out twenty plus person going all out dashing, their speed was very fast, Chen Xiang guessed that they was continuously flying, not even stopping once.

Based on his calculation, even if they were running with that speed, it would be impossible to take ten plus days to rush here, he guessed that there was definitely some trickery here, maybe Wang Quan helped these disciples to cheat, since the distance is very big, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming would definitely not know what happened.

There was a lot of people in Divine Martial Palace, helping those disciples to cheat wasnt hard, even though this was the case, Chen Xiang was still able to overtake these twenty individuals, as he accelerates his speed, he discovered more participating martial warriors.

This competition eliminates thirty people, now that there are thirty people behind me, if nothing unexpected happens, i would be able to pass this round. Chen Xiang relaxed slightly, if he was eliminated because of Divine Martial Palaces tampering, he would be angry for a very long time, just thinking about this did not make him feel good.

Three days passed, Chen Xiang once again caught up on a few more people, and the ending point was just in front, it was a very tall summit, and the summit had flat ground, and on it is a very big bronze bell, as long as he sounds the bell, it will be counted as reaching the end point.

Although Chen Xiang could see, but there was still some distance, that summit was very high, directly piercing through the clouds, if it was running from the ground it would take very long to climb up to the summit.

Full speed ahead! Chen Xiang was worried that there would be unexpected accidents at the last moment, so he used up all his True Qi to fly, only to see his Vermilion Bird Fire Wings suddenly increased in size, and both his feet were shooting out Azure True Qi, this was the Azure Dragon True Qis wind energy, there would also be occasional violent thunder, increasing the explosive force, not to mention his speed.

There were some people sandong on the summit, from afar they saw Chen Xiang flapping the majestic Fire Wings, and his feet shooting out Azure Dragon Qi balls while flying, it made everyones countenance change, because these kind of speed speed and impact force was very shocking.

While Chen Xiang is flying over, he was banging the air producing bursts of explosion, originally the distance between him and the summit was still very far, but under his full speed dash, his speed had increased multiple folds, making him look like a flash of light, dragging the green red light, shooting straight for the summit.

Chen Xiang did a flip in the air, and beautifully landed on the summits flate ground, quickly walked to the bell and rang it

Hearing the bell resounded through heaven and earth, Chen Xiang gave out a long sigh of relief, after the resounding bell sound vanish, did they hear an elder shout: Chen Xiang, position fifteenth. .

Lanlan came beside Chen Xiang said lightly: fifteenth, you are so slow!

Chen Xiang laughed: brat, if you were blocked by a few Nirvana Realm warriors at the start, then surrounded and attacked by tens of thousands of Golden Griffins, and then your True Qi suppressed by four formation masters, and finally a Blood Warrior wielding a brilliant weapon to attack you, can you be this fast?

Luckily those guys are trash, those Nirvana Realm warriors have already been finished by me, those tens of thousands of Golden Griffins should be either dead or seriously injured. As for those four formation mastershaha, they were also stabbed by me, their meridians broken too, that idiot Blood Warrior who uses the Brilliant weapon got his weapon broken, and beaten heavily! Although there are a lot of obstacles, they were all useless.

While Chen Xiang was talking, he was looking at Wang Quan, Wang Quans complexion was not looking good, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaimings complexion were equally bad, because when they were waiting there, those who arrived early all said that there were actually no obstacles blocking them, and they came here easily.

But Chen Xiang continuously met with obstacles,furthermore it was targeted at him, there was even a Blood Warrior wielding a treasured sword to attack Chen Xiang.

Its unavoidable Chen Xiang! You are a guest of Kings Continent, of course we have to take special care of you, but you did very well, and returned the favor, a big favor.Lian Yingxiao laughed and said, Divine Martial Palace tried to steal a chicken with rice but lose everything instead, they lost a lot of warriors.

Chen Xiang was from Chenwu Mainland, and several big shots fro Chenwu Mainland were waiting here for him.

Hua Xiangyue smiled: Kings Continent is so hospitable, but you guys lost too much face, you cant even stop a kid with so many people, but still allowed him to get placed fifteenth, successfully passed!

Wang Quan, dont you think your method id very disgusting? If you dont like Chen Xiang participating in the Kings Martial Competition, you only need to say and i guarantee that he will withdraw. Is it necessary to use despicable means? Tell you what, dont think that because you are the highest person in power in Kings Continent that i wil be afraid! If there is a next time, i, Liu Menger will definitely fight it out with you!

Liu Mengers angry sentence carried a chill that lingers on the whole summit, this tall mountain was instantly covered in thick frost, that peculiar cold energy makes people have the urge to kneel down and worship

The whole summit was dead silence, Wang Quan frowned, and removes the strange coldness in his body, a lot of people couldnt understand why Liu Menger was this mad!