World Defying Dan God Chapter 0417

Chapter 0417 Evil Demon Mysterious Realm
Chapter 417: Evil Demon Mysterious Realm

Chen Xiang learnt from the memory that Divine Martial Palaces medicine garden only has one Fruit of Fortune, and it is still hanging on a dead tree, furthermore, there is unexpectedly some Five Elements True Elemental Pill and Foundation Building Pills precious materials, there was two White Jade Lotus and two Life Returning Grass, other than those, there is also quite a lot of herbs to refine Middle and High Grade Profound level Pill, it was basically a treasure trove.

This made him drool, and he wished to ransack if immediately, but it was only wishful thinking because there is a few Nirvana Realm warriors guarding it, once he was caught, it would be over for him.

Because Kings Continent had a huge natural barrier, so the Three Realms Great War back then didnt have any impact on them, thus they were able to keep some rare herbs and martial skills, making their background very abundant, worthy of the first Continent in the mortal world.

Three days of rest ended very quickly, as Chen Xiang made in into top twenty, he was able to go to the next stage,no one knew anything about the next stages content, so he and the rest are waiting at the summit for further announcement.

Wang Quan didnt come, instead it was Elder Ding who came, even without thinking everyone knows that Wang Quan didnt want to show his presence in the face of other strong warriors so as to avoid apologizing, so hiding was the best choice right now.

This is the last stages elimination round, the four person with the best results will move on to the fight in martial arts, and the last man standing will be rewarded. Divine Martial Palaces Elder Ding said.

Chen Xiang looked at the other warriors, and discovered that a there a number of them are Wang Quan disciples, they all have an air of arrogance, but their strength are pretty good, if not they wouldnt be able to reach this stage.

This stages content is more unique, and will have a certain danger. In this stage, you will be sent to a mysterious realm that is detaining evil demons, the realm is called Evil Demon Mysterious Realm, many years ago, our Kings Continent warriors captured and detained them, as of now there is quite a number of them Evil Demons in the realm, the strongest should be at peak Extreme State, and none at Nirvana Realm, this is personally verified by us, Divine Martial Palace.

Hearing that this stage was this scary, Chen Xiang and others had different complexions, some were worried, some were excite and Chen Xiang was very calm, if it is really in a mysterious realm, he wasnt any afraid, because he is very confident in this hiding ability.

In there has a kind of Extreme State evil demons, they all have a demon core within their bodies, this demon core contains very pure white energy, and it is equivalent to our Dantians True Qi Ball, it stores huge quantities of pure True Qi and Life force, with a lot of uses! Once inside, you will need to find and kill those evil demons, you will be ranked according to the amount of Demon Core you have obtained, and those demon cores will be yours to use too.

Chen Xiang secretly nodded, this was considered good, these Demon Cores made him want to stir up trouble, because it contains all of Extreme Realms energy, the best way to use it was to lay down formations or refine weapons, while the life force within the demon core can be extracted to refine pills, when refining pills, you can add a little in and the pills healing effect will be better.

Elder Ding, can we have confront each other when we are inside? Lanlan asked.

This Yes, you can have conflicts, but i believe everyone is clear that having a confrontation is a waste of time and wields no benefit. But sometimes when martial arts sparring will be necessary to solve a conflict, for example, two people finding the same evil demons at the same time

Chen Xiang asked: what if someone died during the confrontation? Blade and knives have no eyes.
This is same as the previous preliminary contest, no one will be blamed for dieing, if you are scared of death, you can quit now. Elder Ding said.

Chen Xiang suddenly felt a number of cold gazes filled with killing intent staring at him, these youngsters was always with Wang Quan, they were all Wang Quans disciple, all of them were Blood Warrior, so their strengths were all unfathomable, furthermore they are not even the abit scared of Chen Xiang even after hearing what Chen Xiang did on his way here, they were all the same, they dont think highly of Chen Xiang.

Thus, Chen Xiang determined that those youngsters arent simple, after going in, he need to be alert against those guys.

If you are scared, you can choose to withdraw now! Elder DIng looked at Chen Xiang and rest of the young warriors, waited awhile and still no one withdrew, they have already reached this stage, if they were to withdraw now it will not be worth it.

Ok, you can start entering now, the time limit is ten days, at the last day, in the sky of the mysterious realm will appear an exit, all you need to do is jump higher and you will be able to exit.Elder Ding said.

Liu Menger transmitted her voice to Chen Xiang: Little rascal, you better be careful, those demons strength arent weak, and try to avoid having any conflict with disciples of Wang Quan.

I know! Chen Xiang replied, seeing Liu Menger care so much about him, he was very elated in his heart.

Elder Ding said: first one to go is Lanlan, we will let you in according to the ranking,one will enter every two hour..

Hearing this rule, Chen Xiang was cursing in his heart, but he was unable to say anything, because there was another five people behind him, those people will take longer to go in.

Chen Xiang was ranked fifteenth, so he needed to wait more than twenty hours, this was already one day worth of time, he was already behind others by one day plus.

A ball of white light gradually opened, space power gushes out, following a smell filled with evil spookiness, now Chen Xiang and others know why they needed to come her, because there was a mysterious realm here, and opening the gate to the mysterious realm was easier here.

Divine Martial Palace had kept quiet about this realm so long that even the four formation masters didnt know.

Ill go first! Lanlan smiled tenderly, and jump into the gate, there wasnt even a hint of nervousness, it is hard to believe that such a cute girl like her was not scared of those evil demons.

At this time, people gradually left, because there was nothing to watch this stage, it was all happening in the mysterious realm, Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue nagged at Chen Xiang over and over again, before leaving together, only Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming stayed to wait for him to go in.

Chen Xiang waited here for a day and a little more, but he was able to keep calm, he was absorbing the memories during this time, those things will be very helpful to him, this would allow him to have a solid foundation on formations and weapon refining.

Chen Xiang, its your turn! Elder Ding said.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes, and walked over while smiling.

This gate is able to transport all twenty of you to different places, so you dont need to worry about getting ambushed as soon as you reach there, hopefully you will once again get good results. Elder Ding said to Chen Xiang, he was not like Wang Quan who hates Chen Xiang to the bone, he was still acceptable of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang nodded, and stepped over the gate, everything blacked, and he soon arrived at a dim world, in was filled with thick death Qi in here, but what draws the attention of others is that the plants here was filled with vitality, he was able to see a lot of tall trees, and some dark colored strange flowers, all and all the atmosphere here wasnt as bad as he had imagined.