World Defying Dan God Chapter 434

Chapter 434 Devil Eye
Chapter 434 Devil Eye

Chen Xiang had not much understanding of Lanlan, all he knew was she was very fast and her hiding skills were very good.

Wang Quan earnestly wished that Chen Xiang and Lanlan, both would cause serious injuries to each other during the fight. If so, then it would surely increase the chances of his apprentice getting first and that mysterious reward as well.

Start! shouted Wang Quan.

Just as his voice fell, the audience around the arena sensed extremely bizarre energy fluctuations, only to see a blue brilliance emerging from Lanlans body before she suddenly disappeared!

Invisibility? It seems that this is Blue Blood Familys unique inherent ability. Everyone in Blue Blood Family has different abilities! said Wu Kaiming in shock and awe.

Now, stood at the arena was only Chen Xiang. And beads of sweat had also appeared on Chen Xiangs forehead, for he was unable to sense Lanlans existence. Even Long Xueyi was unable to sense her, it was as if Lanlan had suddenly moved far away from the arena.

Even Wang Quan and several other Divine Martial Palace elders as the referee also had a look of shock evident on their faces. They were sure that Lanlan had not left the arena because this arena was covered in multiple arrays. If someone left the arena, they would be able to tell from these arrays.

Xueren, can you deal with this Blue Blood Familys innate skill? asked Wang Quan, suppressing his voice.

A zombie-like tall and thin man who stood behind Wang Quan replied coldly, I can!

Suddenly, Lanlans mischievous laughter rang inside the area before Chen Xiang felt a sudden bout of burning pain from his back. Apparently, he had suffered a powerful blow which sent him flying immediately.

Chen Xiang hurriedly stabilized himself and let himself fall down on the ground, or else, he would be thrown down the arena, which would mean he had lost.

I cant sense her even when she is attacking! This little girl has hidden everything. Long Xueyi was very depressed, this was the first time she had encountered this kind of situation.

Chen Xiang hastily started to run back and forth around the arena, he was doing all he could to stall for time and think of some way to deal with Lanlans invisibility while at it.

However, a short while after he started running, a punch once again landed on his cheek. There wasnt any fire attribute energy behind it, but it brought an inexplicable burning sensation, which made him feel as if he was burning.

Even with Chen Xiangs sturdy body, a red bruise had already appeared on his cheek. Just from this, it was quite evident how fearsome that attack of Lanlan was.

When many Nirvana Realm experts thought of themselves encountering an enemy who knew invisibility and left no trace behind, a chill immediately ran down their spines. Anyone with an innate ability like Lanlans could surely become a top-rank assassin.

Lanlan was just in Spirit Martial Realm but she still could not be perceived with Nirvana Realm perception. This in itself was the solid proof of how fearsome Lanlans talent was.

Lets try Penetrating Heart Devil Eye! It does not release a devil beam, the devil beam is only congealed in your eyes through which you can see your opponents heart! proposed Bai Youyou.

When using Penetrating Heart Devil Eye, the divine sense would fuse with True Qi through some mysterious qi operation, a kind of power would be congealed in its users eyes that could allow its user to see the others heart, and then, it would release two powerful devil beams that would puncture the enemys heart, inflicting grievous injuries to the enemy.

Hua Xiangyue and Liu Menger were spectating from a distant building. It was the place allocated by Divine Martial Palace to some powerful experts to spectate the match. Liu Menger glanced at Hua Xiangyue, only to see Hua Xiangyue shaking her head. I also cant sense her. It seems it will be an arduous battle for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang suffered another round of attacks yet again. These attacks came from everywhere; apparently, Lanlan was punching and kicking Chen Xiang from everywhere by moving back and forth around Chen Xiang at high speed.

Junior Sister Lan, you sure are ruthless! Chen Xiang touched the blood trickling down the corner of his lips.

I am older than you, you should address me as Elder Sister Lan! said Lanlan, harrumphing softly before continuing her fierce round of attacks.

Her attacks were very fierce, yet none of the fluctuations could not be sensed, whatsoever. It was also what terrified many onlookers. Imagine yourself eating but some invisible and silent person launched a powerful attack on you, leaving you seriously injured if not dead.

Chen Xiang was only able to hold for so long by relying on the Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover. Not having been thrown down the arena could already be considered as very good.

Having adapted after some time, Chen Xiang gathered the devil beams of Penetrating Heart Devil Eyes in his eyes. Whereupon, his eyes radiated with bloody-red gleam at once, making his eyes appear as if they were two shining red rubies; they seemed very strange and scary.

Seeing Chen Xiangs devil-like eyes, everyone was terrified because that kind of red radiance looked extremely bizarre and evil. However, they were not releasing any kind of aura, whatsoever.

Very soon, a heart rocking before him appeared in Chen Xiangs eyes, whereupon, Chen Xiang simulated Lanlans figure through this hearts location.

What a fast speed! Seeing that heart moving towards him at an extremely fast speed, Chen Xiang hastily dodged. However, a punch still brushed past his cheek.

Lanlan was shocked because Chen Xiang had surprisingly dodged her attack just a moment ago.

I can see you! Chen Xiang mischievous laughter rang in the arena. Suddenly, the arena started to quake as Chen Xiangs fists burst forth with white radiance; surprisingly, it was the dragon force that could make everyone tremble in fear on hearing of it.

Chen Xiang had employed his strongest power, that in itself made it evident how important this match was for him!

Seeing that beating heart once again moving towards him quickly, the prepared Chen Xiang let out a low-shout before several thick water vines, like beams of light shooting from the ground, suddenly appeared from the ground, wrapping around Lanlan tightly.

Lanlan still believed Chen Xiang was fooling her earlier, but after discovering herself pinned down, she was even more surprised. She didnt expect that someone could actually locate her so accurately. Of course, she knew it was all because of those red eyes of Chen Xiang.

Everyone turned their gaze to the place where the water vines appear. And after seeing the empty space in between them, everyone knew Lanlan had been captured by Chen Xiang.

Immediately after, everyone saw a blue radiance suddenly appeared in between the vines, before the gap between the water vines began to enlarge slowly as if something was about to explode.

Chen Xiang didnt need a long time, just an instant was enough for him to burst forth with his strongest power and attack the enemy.

Lanlan, who was in the midst of freeing herself from the water vines, immediately started cursing in her heart upon suddenly feeling a light breeze blowing on her face. Whereas Chen Xiangs fists carrying terrifying dragon force were already coming to greet her.

Judging Lanlans head from her hearts location, Chen Xiangs punches directly connected with Lanlans head. In just a few blinks of an eye, hundred of those fierce, overbearing, and fast punches landed on Lanlans head. Following which, tender shouts filled with pain rang in the arena, giving rise to compassion in every listeners heart.

Whereupon, a faint blue light suddenly glimmered in the area; apparently, Lanlans invisibility skill had lost its effectiveness. Lanlans little face spotted with red swells, some even black and blue, and her pretty big eyes glittering with tears, fell in everyones eyes. Seeing that delicate and miserable appearance, everyone could not help but secretly curse Chen Xiang for being extremely cruel and merciless.

Bastard! cursed Lanlan tenderly. The water veins wrapped around her body turned into mist from the aftershocks, following which, Lanlan greeted Chen Xiangs punch filled with dragon force with her jade-like fist.

Their subsequent clash burst forth with a loud bang and a powerful qi that dashed to the sky, even through the arrays and into the clouds, before splitting the thick clouds in the sky into two.

Chen Xiang was pushed back by that mystical strength of hers, whereas Lanlan also didnt fare any better; her little mouth was stained with blood. Apparently, she had spewed a mouthful of blood just a moment ago. And currently, she was kneeling on the edge of the arena.