World Defying Dan God Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Kings Mysterious Realm
Seeing Wang Quan in a towering rage, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming hurriedly arrived beside Chen Xiang, lest Wang Quan fling caution to the wind and attacked Chen Xiang.

What about my rewards? Chen Xiang was even more concerned about this. He did come here for that Fruit of Fortune, after all.

Taking deep breaths, Wang Quan managed to suppress the fury and hatred in his heart. He took out a jade box and handed it over to Chen Xiang. As the winner of this years Kings Martial Arts Assembly, this is your reward on behalf of my Divine Martial Palace.

Chen Xiang opened the box immediately to check and saw a fist-sized pure white fruit inside. It was the Fruit of Fortune. Although it was not emanating any kind of aura, whatsoever, when Chen Xiang touched it a bit, he could feel a bizarre Spirit Qi inside.

It sure is the Fruit of Fortune, Su Meiyao said, after having confirmed.

Watching that precious Fruit of Fortune falling in Chen Xiangs laps, some of the alchemists and young martial artists felt extremely jealous. They were feeling envious of Chen Xiang for being able to obtain such good thing at his age.

The final winner of Kings Martial Arts Assembly turned out to be a martial artist from overseas, which made many native martial artists of Kings Mainland feel very shameful. There were many who hated Chen Xiang, but they had no choice but to acknowledge Chen Xiangs strength. Just from the square he was in, it was quite apparent that Chen Xiang was extremely strong. After all, that Sun Xueren was a level higher than Chen Xiang.

There should be one more reward, right! Chen Xiang said. He was also quite curious about that mysterious reward.

Hearing this sentence, Wang Quan was started a bit before he replied, You have to come with me! Also, you need to keep it a secret!

That wont do! Of course, Gu Dongchen couldnt allow Chen Xiang to go alone with Wang Quan. Wang Quan had a deep-seated hatred for Chen Xiang. It was impossible not to worry.

Wang Quan coldly said, I also dont want to! I dont want to regret it later. As much as I want to kill this brat, I dont dare to act recklessly in regards to this matter!

This proclamation made Chen Xiang think of the Kings Mysterious Realm. It was a very mysterious place. Chen Xiang reckon that there were some powerhouses still inside the Kings Mysterious Realm.

Its alright, dont worry about me! Chen Xiang smiled at Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, assuring them. The Kings Martial Arts Assembly was held once every decade, yet no one knew what this mysterious reward was. And everyone who did get this reward had to keep it a secret.

Judging from Chen Xiangs bearing, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming could only let Chen Xiang follow Wang Quan. By the sight of this scene, many onlookers curiosity was piqued, for they didnt even know about that mysterious reward.

Chen Xiang, following Wang Quan, left. Whereas Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were surrounded by a group of powerhouses, asking about that mysterious reward. However, they couldnt get any answer, which added much to their curiosity even more so.

Wang Quan brought Chen Xiang into an enormous palace. This palace was magnificent yet not luxurious. There was a strong ancient aura to it. Apparently, it was a relic from the distant past.

After entering, Chen Xiang, following Wang Quan through many secret passages, finally entered the heart of this tall and magnificent palace.

Wang Quan, I think you should go and meet my teacher! Chen Xiang suddenly said.

Hmph, why? Wang Quan coldly harrumphed. At present, he could not wait to crush Chen Xiang to death. However, he didnt dare so. If he could, he would have done it a long time ago.

Chen Xiang could also see that this mysterious reward was of paramount importance, or why would Wang Quan be so cautious.

The martial soul you gave Sun Xueren was actually an evil martial soul, called Evil Skeleton Martial Soul! Dont you know? Chen Xiang coldly smiled as he asked.

So what? Sun Xueren didnt do anything bad with that evil martial soul. Only his character appeared to be indifferent, thats all, Wang Quan said disapprovingly.

You might not know but this Evil Skeleton Martial Soul was a relic of a guy name Devil Lord Evil Skeleton. His soul and consciousness were actually inside itI dont need to say anymore, and you arent an idiot as well. You should be well aware of what are the consequences if the Devil Lord Evil Skeleton is resurrected and is allowed to flourish!

Upon hearing Chen Xiang, Wang Quan trembled a bit and stopped. He no longer said anything and continued leading Chen Xiang through various secret passages.

Wang Quan sure knew about Evil Skeleton Devil Lord, he very well knew that the Evil Skeleton Martial Soul belonged to Devil Lord Evil Skeleton. However, he had never expected for Devil Lord Evil Skeleton to resurrect in this way. After carefully analyzing the unusual changes in Sun Xueren after Chen Xiang had ripped Sun Xuerens arm away, he was sure Chen Xiang was telling the truth. At that time, he too believed that there was something wrong with Sun Xueren.

When Chen Xiang had killed Sun Xueren, that slowly growing Devil Lord Evil Skeleton was also killed by Chen Xiang. If he had allowed that Devil Lord to secretly prosper, the subsequent consequences would have been disastrous!

After following Wang Quan through many secret passages, even Chen Xiang had no idea where he ended up. However, he was still inside the huge palace, it was the one thing he was still sure of.

At this moment, Wang Quan led him into a huge hall. At the center of this hall was a teleportation array.

Stand in the center, I will teleport you to a place. I hope you can still come back. Of course, it is still not too late for you to back out, Wang Quan said.

Just as Chen Xiang placed his foot forward, he withdrew it immediately. What do you mean? Explain it clearly, will you? Wont this teleportation array teleport me to the Kings Mysterious Realm?

Wang Quan answered coldly, You sure know more than you should. That old madman must have told you! To tell you the truth, the Kings Martial Arts Assembly has been held many times over tens of thousands of years, but not many people know about the Kings Mysterious Realm!

Do you know why?

Chen Xiang shook his head in response.

Because most of the people who won first are afraid to step into the teleportation other. They are afraid to enter the Kings Mysterious Realm. I too was a champion of Kings Martial Arts Assembly once, but I also gave up the chance to enter the Kings Mysterious Realm!

Chen Xiang slowly took a deep breath before asking, Why?

Because those who had entered have never come out, ever! All I know is that anyone who enters will face Kings trial which is very dangerous! Now, are you sure you still want to proceed?

Chen Xiang nodded his agreement. I want to go.

Having said this, he walked to the center of the teleportation array without further ado.

Pinching a talisman, Wang Quan said, I have recorded what you just aid a moment ago. If you dont come back, I can still prove my innocence!

While Wang Quan spoke, a dazzling white light flashed from the teleportation array before Chen Xiangs figure disappeared. He had been teleported to the Kings Mysterious Realm!

Chen Xiang didnt fear any trial, the slightest bit. As far as he was concerned, it was a means to improve his strength. Not to mention the fact that he was now in Extreme State. He could leave the mysterious realm through the Luo Tian Door at moment notice. If he felt that something was wrong, he could escape momentarily.

At present, he wanted to see whats so mysterious and terrifying about this Kings Mysterious Realm!

After having his sight dazzled by the white flash of light, Chen Xiang appeared on a plain. And on the distant horizon of the plain was a tall and huge palace. Looking from afar, he looked like a tall mountain rising straight from the prairie. Even from this far away, Chen Xiang could still feel its grand and imposing aura.

Hei hei, welcome to the Kings Mysterious Realm. Little Brother, I would still have to ask you the trouble to enter the Kings Palace yourself! a gentle laughter floated into Chen Xiangs ears, echoing continuously.

Kings Palace? Chen Xiang could not find anything terrifying about this place as Wang Quan had said. Putting his mind at ease, he ran towards that distant palace.