World Defying Dan God Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Kings Palace
When Chen Xiang manage to arrive at the entrance of the palace, an old man suddenly walked out from within, welcoming him with smiles.

Little Brother, are you the recent champion of Kings Mainland! that old man asked, smiling.

Chen Xiang nodded his affirmation. I am, but I dont know why I have to come here!

That old man answered, Its better if you dont know. Come with me!

Chen Xiang could only follow that old man to a stone room. Standing inside which was a middle-aged man, who waved his hand to the old man. Whereupon, that old man withdrew from the room. The door of this stone room was also closed completely.

The middle-aged man was dressed very simply. His long hair was draped over his shoulder. With a gentle look and a slight smile on his face, he gazed at Chen Xiang.

From the beginning, the Kings Mysterious Realm was very mysterious. And after Chen Xiang had arrived here, his curiosity was piqued even more so by the sight of the Kings Palace. What he could not understand was why a group of people were willing to stay here for thousands and thousands of years. Rich as the Spirit Qi in here was, staying in here would be rather monotonous.

After staring at Chen Xiang for a while, that middle-aged man finally opened his mouth, Its very difficult for me to believe that there is still someone willing to come in here. I have waited for a long time. My wait has not let me down! Your physique is very good. Although you have expended a lot of your True Qi, I can still see that your True Qi must have been very vigorous. You deserved to be the champion of the Kings Martial Arts Assembly! It looks like you are far better than those who have come before you.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips into a smile as he said, All I knew was that the champion will receive this mysterious reward, therefore, I came in!

That middle-aged man smiled and asked, So to say, when you came in, you knew it would be dangerous?

Yes, but I am not afraid! Now, shouldnt you tell me what that reward is? Chen Xiang asked. He was a bit fatigued and wanted to leave this place sooner.

The middle-aged man nodded. After all, young people were all extremely curious. Now, after having arrived at such a mysterious pace, Chen Xiang would want to know some things naturally.

This Kings Mysterious Realm has a long line of history. Its also the place where the Human King was born. We are the guardian of this place! This Kings Palace is also the base of Human King in the mortal world. So, in order to cultivate some good seedlings, the Human King will choose some Kings Vein martial artists from the Kings Mainland to come here using some ways, where they will receive the Human Kings inheritance and become a martial artist of Kings Palace! that middle-aged man explained.

Chen Xiang was momentarily stunned. He could not help but ask, So to say, there is a Kings Palace in the Heavenly Realm as well?

Thats right! However, it is just a young influence! One of the reasons why the Human King established an influence in the Heavenly Realm is to let many Kings Vein martial artists have a safe harbor once they arrived in the Heavenly Realm! And since you can come here, it means your bloodline is outstanding. You will be zealously nurtured by Kings Palace, as such, your bloodlines power would be inspired to the most perfect form.

Hearing this, Chen Xiang was secretly laughing in his heart, for he wasnt a Kings Vein martial artist. Now he came to realize why anyone who entered the Kings Mysterious Realm never came out.

Some people dont have the guts to come in. Such timid people would never get the approval of the Kings Palace. Therefore, anyone who dares to come in will be considered a member of the Kings Palace! Of course, you can still leave this place, but if you stay here, you will receive better training. Here you will be cut off from the outside, your heart will be cleansed and your passion will be restricted, you can cultivate the dao of martial arts in serenity, indifferent of fame and wealth, the middle-aged man said in a peaceful voice.

Chen Xiang said, a bit embarrassed, Senior, Im sorry to say that I am not a Kings Vein martial artist, I am also not a citizen of Kings Mainland. I was only invited by the Divine Martial Palace to participate in the Kings Martial Arts Assembly, which I won luckily!

The middle-aged mans eyes went wide in surprise as he looked at Chen Xiang with disbelief. Thats impossible! The Kings Vein martial artists would not have declined so much? How could they possibly be defeated by martial artists from other mainlands!?

Senior, if you dont believe it, you can ask the Divine Martial Palace lord! Chen Xiang heaved a sigh and said. He believed that this middle-aged man must have secluded himself from the outside world in day to day life. However, he had made the Divine Martial Palace aware of this palace nevertheless, therefore, the Divine Martial Palace didnt dare to mess with the reward.

Although Chen Xiang only saw two people after having arrived at this enormous Kings Palace, he was sure that there were still many super powerful old codgers in here. More importantly, all of them were Kings Vein martial artists. Such a strength sure was extremely formidable. Now he came to understand why the Kings Mainland remained unscathed during the last Great Battle of Three Realms.

The Divine Martial Palace is just a branch of Kings Palace. For many years, they have been responsible for hosting the Kings Martial Arts Assembly. I believe that they should not have made a mistake! Its just that you have surprised me so much. You were actually able to defeat the Kings Vein martial artists of my Kings Mainland. the middle-aged man surprisingly believed Chen Xiang so soon.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, You really should manage that Divine Martial Palace a bit. Your Kings Vein martial artists havent declined at all. It just that there are some people who have the power to hide the truth from the masses. They want to manipulate the entire Kings Martial Arts Assembly!

The middle-aged mans face was lined with furrows after hearing this. Are you telling the truth?

Chen Xiang made a harrumph in a low voice as he said, In order to get the first, the Divine Martial Palace Lord haphazardly gave the Evil Skeleton Martial Soul which was a relic of the Devil Lord Evil Skeleton to his treasured apprentice

Next, Chen Xiang began to narrate what he saw and his own experience when he participated in the Kings Martial Arts Assembly to the middle-aged man. Because he reckoned that this middle-aged man should be the Master of this Kings Palace. Currently, the Divine Martial Palaces atmosphere wasnt very good. If this continued, something big might happen.

For instance, Wang Quan could seize other mainlands to fulfill his own ambitions and expand his influence. This wasnt impossible at all.

The middle-aged man was secretly furious but there was no change in his expression or his voice, for it still hadnt been verified.

After hearing everything, the middle-aged man said, lamenting, Men are not what they were in the times of long ago! I will send someone to investigate it clearly. Little Brother, its a pity that you arent a Kings Vein martial artists, you wont be able to receive Human Kings inheritance.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, Its alright, I have my own teacher anyway. If the opportunity presented itself in the future, I want to compare notes with the Kings Palace martial artists.

I wonder whats the name of Little Brothers sect? only now did the middle-aged man wanted to ask the origins of Chen Xiang. However, he also appeared to be less concerned about it.

Extreme Martial Sect and my teacher is Huang Jintian, Chen Xiang answered right away.

Just as the name Huang Jintian entered his ears, the middle-aged man was totally started. He said, So it was like this. In other words, you cultivate in Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, you have Yin and Yang Vein?

Chen Xiang nodded his affirmation. He didnt expect this middle-aged man to actually know of his teacher.

A sharp gleam immediately flashed past the middle-aged mans eyes as he looked at Chen Xiang thoughtfully. Then, he said, Although you cant become a member of the Kings Palace, I will still give you a reward, it can be regarded as a compensation!

A reward? Chen Xiang originally believe he had to return empty-handed, but now he was secretly excited. This Kings Palace was the strongest existence of the Kings Mainland, they sure wont be stingy in their rewards.

The middle-aged man raised his head as he looked at a huge crystal ball in the stone room. Only now did Chen Xiang discovered this thing. But he didnt think that this was a treasure.