World Defying Dan God Chapter 466

Chapter 466 Fire God Shrine
Chapter 466 Fire God Shrine

Hua Xiangyue quickly changed into a more convenient white tights. Chen Xiang noticed that he was just like Hua Xiangyue who liked to hold chest tightly when wearing a tight, which made him feel very distressed.

Xiangyue also likes that. Arnt you afraid of being tightened too much to get hurt? Chen Xiang curiously asked, but the reply he received was indeed a blank eye from Liu Menger.

It cant hurt, you can rest assured! Liu Menger snapped.

Chen Xiang chuckled, "Where did you hide Xianxian and Youlan? I miss them so much! "

Theyre all focused on cultivation now, especially Youlan. She said that she will compete with you once she leaves the seclusion. This girl really wants to beat you. Liu Menger sighed and said.

Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders. Lets go.

The location of the White Tiger Divine Weapon was in the direction of Carefree Immortal Sea. After Chen Xiang and Liu Menger confirmed their direction, they guessed that the divine weapon was within a large whirlpool of the ocean. However, it was merely their guess, and they could only confirm it when they got there.

Liu Menger took out the Jade Lotus Frisbee and carried Chen Xiang away from the Divine Weapon Palace.

After leaving the Divine Weapon Palace, Liu Menger quickened the speed of the Jade Lotus Frisbee, while Chen Xiang felt comfortable lying on top of it and sucked the charming fragrance of Liu Mengers body.

After two hours, the Jade Lotus Frisbee flew up to the clouds, and Chen Xiang began to become unsure of his honesty.

Just as Chen Xiangs hand was about to reach out, Liu Menger abruptly stood up. She stopped her flying plate and looked in a certain direction with an extremely solemn expression.

Whats wrong?" Chen Xiang hurriedly asked. When he saw Liu Mengers reaction, he knew that something important must have happened.

"Its an urgent message from Gu Dongchen, which is usually used to gather the sects headmasters. He mentioned the Fire God Shrine in his message! It seems like the people of the Fire God Shrine have arrived at the Mortal Martial World. " Liu Mengers voice was icy cold. She knew that the Fire God Shrine was specifically looking for people who possessed fire spirits, but she wasnt afraid.

From Elder Dan, Chen Xiang learned that this group was extremely abominable and powerful, but why would they come to the Mortal Martial World?

You go first on yourself. You shouldnt have any problems with your current strength, do you? Liu Menger said.

Id like to see the people from the Fire God Shrine too!

Liu Menger firmly rejected, "No, youre too weak now; you cant hide your fire soul. Itll be very troublesome. if those people observe it. You should escape this in Carefree Immortal Sea first.

Seeing that Liu Menger was so serious, Chen Xiang couldnt help it. Elder Dan was originally from the Violet Moon World, and he came to Mortal Martial Word to escape from Fire God Shrine. Strength of Elder Dan was strong then, and Fire God Shrine was very powerful for him. However, the strongest guy in Mortal Martial World is Huang Jintian from the True Martial Realm.

To keep in a low profile, Chen Xiang didnt fly with the Vermilion Bird Flame Wings, but jumping up from the mountain forest below, while Liu Menger also took the fastest speed she could get to reach the Divine Martial Palace.

Elder Dan had said that the hands of the Fire God Shrine wouldnt reach here, but they did, which would probably bring a lot of disasters to the Mortal Martial World, whereas Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou must know something about the Fire God Shrine.

"Sister Meiyan, Sis Youyou, you must know something. Now that theyre here, so its fine to tell me! Chen Xiang stated.

"The Fire God Shrine is a large force on the Heavenly Realm, as well as the only medicine giant in the Heavenly Realm. We only know that this Fire God Shrine has a very positive image! We are still not sure that if they are the organization that especially plunder the fire spirit! " Bai Youyou said.

Elder Dan fled to this place to escape from them, but now Elder Dan is very strong, so he shouldnt have to fear them, not to mention my master is here! Chen Xiang was extremely worried about this, because Elder Dan, Liu Menger and himself all had fire spirit.

Su Meiyao said, The Fire God Shrine is indeed very strong. However, in the Heavenly Realm, the strongest is merely the one who is able to pass the Nirvana Tribulation. But dont forget that all the Fire God Shrine in the mortal world can communicate with the Heavenly Realm. They have many powerful martial arts and knowledge.

Just like the Kings Shrine that has started cultivating its influence sphere in the Mortal Martial World. However, the Kings Shrine has just begun, but the Fire God Shrine has been existing since very ancient time. It spreads throughout the world. Now that theyve arrived here, they probably got sent from other worlds. "

This was the strength of the Fire God Shrine, because behind him was a powerful force of Heavenly Realm. Although the resources needed to be sought in mortal world, they could definitely make many outstanding martial artists and dan refiners with the knowledge and martial arts they mastered

"Liu Menger, I stop you from going for your own wellness. If that Fire God Shrine really is that kind of powerful appearance, Im sure they will do something against the True Martial Sect once they know that you have Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. Such a power that spreads over multiple worlds dont even dare to attack the whole world, not mention a single sect. Bai Youyou said in cold.

Fight against a world! The Mortal Martial World was a very large realm! However, Chen Xiang didnt doubt what Bai Youyou has said.

"It seems like I have to hide for a while, Chen Xiang sucked in a deep breath.

If he wanted to hide, he could guarantee that no one in the world would ever be able to find him. It was a bird task for him with help of Long Xueyi and the divine techniques he has cultivated. He used to escape from hundreds of Divine Path worriers.

Of course, he had an Luo Tian Door, which was also a perfect weapon to escape!

Chen Xiang didnt know why Gu Dongchen was calling on giants of these sects, but he was certain that the Fire God Shrine would come. Otherwise, Gu Dongchen would not know anything about the Fire God Shrine.

He hadnt been running for long in the forest when he heard a faint dragons roar. Although it was faint, it was still quite frightening.

It is a dragon!" Long Xueyi screamed and scrambled out of the left arm of Chen Xiang.

"The voice came from far away! The dragon is not in its senses, and its voice does have even the slightest bit of vitality. It should be controlled, but this is just a low-grade dragon! " Long Xueyi frowned and said, with displeasure full of her face, This guy lost all the face of us dragons. He even gets itself controlled!

Chen Xiang said, Could it be one in the Primordial Holy Land?

Long Xueyi shook her head and said, "Absolutely not. I remember the sound! The dragons voice was made under stimulation. Seems like it has been controlled by someone with a hard approach. "

Could it be brought here by the Fire God Shrine? Chen Xiang immediately thought of this, which surprised him internally.

Its quite possible. The Fire God Shrine is in conflicts with dragons in the Heavenly Realm. If they find those dragons that have just evolved in the mortal world, they would definitely attack them! Although the dragons are powerful, humans can still defeat them by using formations or siege Su Meiyao said.