World Defying Dan God Chapter 467

Chapter 467 Mysterious Whirlpool
Chapter 467 Mysterious Whirlpool

"If that Fire God Shrine really came from another world, it must have a very powerful transmission array that could move the entire Fire God Shrine along with a dragon.

Chen Xiang took out the Luo Tian Door and asked Long Xuyi to perform the God Travelling in the Nine Heavens" technique to determine a target point near Carefree Immortal Sea. Then, he began to rotate the rings on the disc.

After the Space Gate opened, Chen Xiang entered it and arrived at place where he heard sound of ocean waves and smell the oceans aura, after which his suppressed heart earlier became much relaxed.

He arrived at the sea, where there were rocks all over the place. He sat on a rock and looked at the endless sea and blue sky, with sea breeze blowing on his face. He didnt go to the Carefree Immortal Sea, but waited for Liu Menger. He wondered whether she could catch on him.

Did the Fire God Shrine exist one hundred thousand years ago? Chen Xiang asked. If the Fire God Shrine in the Mortal Realm specifically engaged on plundering other peoples fire souls, Chen Xiang would not allow such a power remain in the Mortal Realm, otherwise he would be targeted by this Fire God Shrine soon or later.

For example, if the Fire God Shrine knew that he had the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, he would be in a big trouble.

No, the Fire God Shrine was established after the Great War of the Three Realms. However, its headquarters is in the Heavenly Realm, so no matter how ancient the forces of mortals are, they cant defeat it. Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang picked up a rock and threw it towards the surging ocean. If the Fire God Shrine dares to come find me, I wont let him get through it!

As Su Meiyao saw Chen Xiang having such a resolution, she was slightly shocked. "Oh? Do you dare to attack the Fire God Shrine? If the branch of Fire God Shrine here is destroyed, other Fire God Shrines will be sent here. "

Bai Youyou also said in astonishment, "If you truly destroy a Fire God Shrine in the mortal world. It the news spread to the Heavenly Realm, then you will be against the Fire God Shrine on the heaven, which means you will encounter a lot of troubles when you go to the Heavenly Realm.

Chen Xiang smiled faintly, there is nothing to worry about. Since the Great War of the Three Realms is about to breaking out, the more Fire God Shrine coming here, the better it is!"

The Great War of the Three Realms would be a huge mess in the future. If too much Fire God Shrine were to gather in this world, it would only be a target for attack, and that would be our chance to get rid of it.

Im just talking now. You will know it when the time comes. Chen Xiang pulled off his clothes and jumped into the sea, waiting for Liu Menger to come.

He waited until dawn the next day, but Liu Menger didnt come, so he had to go to Carefree Immortal Sea alone.

The Carefree Immortal Sea was comprised of numerous large and small islands. It relied on the sea to develop, which means it also had a ability to explore the oceans.

Chen Xiang turned into a fish and quickly headed towards Carefree Immortal Sea. He had long since become familiar with the terrain before he came this time.

"The whirlpool appears every once in a while; could it be an entrance to a Profound Realm? I wonder if anyone has been inside before. " Chen Xiang was a bit worried. He was afraid that the White Tiger Divine Weapon would be taken away.

In just three days that he swam to the islands of Carefree Immortal Sea. He casually boarded an island and asked about the time of the whirlpool.

There were many small islands here, each one of which would be another one at a distance not far from here. It was spread throughout a large area. Chen Xiang estimated that there was at least one of the size of the Kings Mainland, while there was one city in each of the small island.

There were quite a number of outsiders arriving every day at Carefree Immortal Sea. Moreover, all the people in the Carefree Immortal Sea migrated from the Chenwu Continent. Chen Xiang speculated that those people were appealed by Xiao Ziliang through some methods, and it became a highly flourishing area after thousands of years of construction.

Carefree Immortal Sea must have some very unique resources. Otherwise, it wouldnt be able to cultivate such a powerful force in a short amount of time.

After a long time of asking about the small island, Chen Xiang inquired about the matter of the whirlpool. The locals met with fear, and most of them did not answer him.

"Could it be that the terrifying whirlpool concealed some secrets? Why do they all seems to see a ghost when I ask them about it? Chen Xiang felt hopeless in his mind. He casually found a hotel and asked for a room.

After the waiter led Chen Xiang into the room and was about to leave, Chen Xiang hurriedly stopped him. Wait.

The waiter was delighted. He knew that some people were very generous and always gave him some tips. He hastily turned around with a smile on his face and bent over Chen Xiang in the air.

Sir, can I help you? The waiter asked in a smile.

Chen Xiang first took out ten crystal stones and played them in his hand. Then, he whispered, I want to ask you something. If you can tell me, then its yours!

The waiter nodded quickly, Im going to tell you everything I know!"

Then firstly, I want to know something about the nearby whirlpool. Why were others so scared when I asked them?" Chen Xiang abruptly grabbed the waiters hand, because when he spoke of the whirlpool, the waiters face was completely pale.

"I I The waiter wanted to shout out, but he knew that Chen Xiang must be a powerful martial artist.

Chen Xiang took out a large pile of crystal stones. There were hundreds of them. He placed them on the bed and said in a deep voice, Dont worry, I just want to know about that big whirlpool. Tell me, then its yours, and theres absolutely no one who would know what youve told me!

The waiter looked at the crystal stones and nodded his head.

After Chen Xiang let go of him, he said in a low voice, "King Carefree doesnt allow us to talk about this matter. It was forbidden to talk for a few years. Once the Carefree Palace knows about it, they will send people to conduct a massacre. There was one time that many people in a city talking about it in public place, then the entire city was slaughtered!

When Chen Xiang heard this, he immediately understood why nobody answered him and avoided him away when he asked.

It turned out that talking of that would caused the entire city to be butchered! King Carefree was naturally Xiao Ziliang, and Carefree Palace was the core of the Carefree Immortal Sea. The whirlpool must contain a huge secrete, that Xiao Ziliang had to use such a brutal method to prohibit stories of the whirlpool from being leaked.

Where is the big whirlpool?" Chen Xiang hastily said.

Its next to a small island, but the whirlpool hasnt appeared yet. It occurs every other month, and every time its going to appear, the small island will be under strict regulation and no one is allowed to go to the sea!

The waiter told Chen Xiang the name and location of the island, and he hurriedly left the hotel after he knew the location of the big whirlpool.

It took him several days to reach the island. There were quite a few people on it, and it was very prosperous. There were many martial artists on it, all of which were strong.

Of course, Chen Xiang wouldnt wait to get there until the whirlpool appeared. Otherwise, he would encounter those Nirvana Realm martial artiest. Now, he transformed into a fish and swam towards the location of the whirlpool.