World Defying Dan God Chapter 471

Chapter 471 Earths Core
Chapter 471 Earths Core

Chen Xiang rushed for straight three days, along which he killed many strange beasts. When he reached the end, he didnt see anything but a stone wall.

Did I ignore something along the way here? Chen Xiang said it in doubt. Long Xueyi had used the God Traveling in Nine Heavens to wander around here on the way but she did not notice anything.

Beneath the abyss was a straight and wide passage. At this moment, Chen Xiang slowly walked back and paid attention to both sides and the ground. If there was a small hole on the ground, he would definitely be able to find it.

He walked back for two days, until Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, I found a small cave!

The small cave was right on top of the stone wall. As Chen Xiang walked over it, he saw a small cave on the stone wall near the ground.

Ill use my divine sense to see whats inside. Long Xueyi released her spirit sense and entered the small cave.

"This small cave is very shallow, it did not take along to reach the end, but there are many spirit patterns around it! I wonder what it is for. Long Xueyi explained with depression. She originally thought that Chen Xiang would be able to go to the Earths Core from the small cave as he transformed into a mouse.

Chen Xiang got down on his stomach and touched the surroundings of the small cave with his finger. He discovered that this small cave was perfectly round, while many bumpy things were the cave wall, and it took him a while to ascertain that these were spirit patterns.

Could it be a keyhole? Bai Youyou said.

Her words reminded Chen Xiang. He hurriedly took out the Azure Dragon Subduing Saber. Although the Azure Dragon Subduing Saber was square, it could change into any shape according to Chen Xiangs mind since it was fused with dragon soul.

He turned the Azure Dragon Subduing Saber into a cylindrical shape that was about the same size as the small cave, so it could just be inserted into the hole.

"We must try! If we make it, then there must be something in the Earths Core waiting for me to obtain! " Chen Xiang took a deep breath slightly. He was a little excited.

As he stabbed the cylindrical Azure Dragon Subduing Saber into the hole, he suddenly felt a suction force. Then a light bursted out of the hole and a square cave suddenly appeared on the ground beside him. It was a staircase leading to somewhere below!

It made Chen Xiang being extremely excited, so was Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, because they did not know what kind of state the earths core was, and now they had a chance to see it. There might be something waiting for Chen Xiang to get.

Chen Xiang pulled out the Azure Dragon Subduing Saber and walked down the stairs, after which the top immediately closed, but Chen Xiang heard a beast roar. It was the roar of the Primordial Fire Beast. It also became excited as it saw that Chen Xiang found that path.

Go to the core of the earth and cut off that tree. Then lets see how the big lion shows off! Long Xueyi snorted and said. She kept an idea on the Primordial Fire Beasts Earths Core Fruit, but the Primordial Fire Beast didnt even give her a single glance, which made her mad.

Chen Xiang shook his head and smiled as he walked down the stairs. This was the staircase spinning downward, and it was very deep. It took a long time for Long Xuyi to conduct the ascertainment until she realized that something was blocking below.

The Youming Abyss was already deep enough, and now that it headed to somewhere even deeper. Chen Xiang felt that the bottom of the stairs should be very close to the Earths Core.

Havent you heard about anything in the Earths Core? Chen Xiang asked.

"I only heard that it is very hot, and there is formidable flame. " Su Meiyao answered, while Bai Youyou and Long Xueyi hurriedly agreed.

Chen Xiang flew for ten days on that staircase until he reached the end. However, there was a door below.

Above the door wrote four words, Door of Earths Core".

Seeing these four words, Chen Xiang and his folks were incomparably excited because they were certain that the Earths Core was right behind this door.

Chen Xiang pushed and opened stone door, and a scalding aura assaulted his face, which made a man like Chen Xiang who had Heavenly Fire to feel a burning sensation throughout his body. It could be seen just how strong that heat was.

He hurriedly released the Black Tortoise Armament Armor to protect his body. Only the armor could resist the terrifying heat waves. He was certain that even a Nirvana martial artist would find it difficult to reach the depths of the abyss.

There was still a long way to go, but Chen Xiang could not bear it even at the entrance, and the situation must be worse down there.

Who on earth built it? Chen Xiang was extremely puzzled, but no one could answer him.

The stone door automatically closed. The temperature inside was even more terrifying, whereas Chen Xiang was fine with protection of the Black Tortoise Armor.

I dont dare to ascertain with my divine sense. The flames here are too frightening, and my divine sense would be burned out promptly after it goes out! Long Xueyi said in fear.

Even divine sense would be burned! This caused Chen Xiang to suck in a terrified breath. He could not imagine what he would do after the Black Tortoise Armament Armor disappeared!

The passageway was very dark and Chen Xiang couldnt see anything, but it was filled with a terrifying, scorching heat. Chen Xiang took out a piece of iron, and it instantly evaporated!

No wonder only those with Black Tortoise Armor could come to this place. Even a madman like Master cant come here! Chen Xiangs voice was filled with terror. Huang Jintian was the strongest in the Mortal Martial Realm.

After walking for a while, Chen Xiang suddenly saw a red dot in front of him, which made him excited. He quickened his pace and walked forward. In a short time, the small dots became more and more numerous. Acute red light flashed out from forward, and he speculated that it would not take long for him to see the Earths Core in legends.

Chen Xiang walked out of the tunnel, and he was right now on a cliff. The red light was coming out from below, and the stones here were very tough. He couldnt even cut them apart with the Azure Dragon Subduing Saber.

After all, these stones can withstand a high temperature!

Looks like the Earths Core is still down! Chen Xiang stood on top of the bluish-red cliff and looked ahead. There was a very wide space in this area, at least as large as the Kings Mainland. Furthermore, he saw a tree trunk that was very thick and sturdy. The trunk advanced upward and penetrated some stones. That was the Earths Core Devine Tree

It seems like you have to jump down, or you wont be able to see the Earths Core. Although she said so, Su Meiyao didnt want him to do that because the danger below was unknown.

I will use my magic power to suspend my body and slowly descend! Chen Xiang was determined as he looked at the red light shooting out from below. He must see what there was.

He knew that he was not the only one who had come here. The person who came earlier had intentionally set a trap for him to come down here to pick up something!

Chen Xiang jumped down. He relied on his magic power to support his body and float up. He slowly descended, so that he would not fall into something extremely dreadful. Dazzling red lights filled in the area below. He could not see anything, or release his divine sense. It would be instantly pieced apart by the heat after being released.