World Defying Dan God Chapter 472

Chapter 472 The Earth Fire Soul
Chapter 472 The Earth Fire Soul

Right now Chen Xiang felt a little regretful. He could not know when this would end, while the temperature was already frightening enough. He was confident that all Nirvana Realm cultivators would die if they came here. Only creatures like the Primordial Fire Beast would be able to survive.

"Without the Black Tortoise Armament Armor, someone in your Masters level would not dare to come down. Even those who are a little bit stronger than your master would not. Nevertheless, the Earths Core of the Mortal Martial World should not be such scary. Could there be something else underneath it? " Bai Youyou said.

Could there be a fire soul? Su Meiyao said in surprise.

The last time Chen Xiang and Liu Menger encountered that strange fire soul, it affected a large area. If there really was a fire spirit below, it must be tremendously strong!

In cognition of Chen Xiang and his fellows, the Heavenly Fire Soul was a king among the fire spirit, and it was extremely rare. It was given to Chen Xiang by the Primordial Fire Beast.

There must be a stronger fire spirit other than the Heavenly Fire Soul. The world is vast, and there are countless worlds. No one could be sure of everything! Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang also looked forward to this. It would be a very good news for him if he were to obtain another formidable fire soul from below.

Sister Meiyao, if there is truly a fire soul, I will give it to you! He generously said. It was impossible for him to have another one. Moreover, he didnt want to experience the pain of fusing with Fire Soul again.

Su Meiyao was very happy when she heard that. She smiled in shy and said, "I dont need it now. Im afraid I cannot not bear it! Im sure that there will be plenty of chances to obtain a fire spirit if I follow you. It is said that the fire soul has a spiritual nature and it could lead its owner to find other fire souls, then it could fuse other fire souls and become stronger!

Chen Xiang was surprised at this. So, I can still fuse with other fire souls?"

"Theoretically, yes, but what Ive heard is that a stronger fire soul could devour a weaker one. The fire soul in the Earths Core shouldnt be any worse than the Heavenly Fire Soul, or at least they are in the same level. It is hard to say.

Although Chen Xiang was currently being protected by the Black Tortoise Armament Armor, he could still feel the scorching heat seeping into his body, which made him worried that the armor might not be able to resist if temperature below there was even higher.

After two hours passed, entire body of Chen Xiang was covered in sweat. He felt like he was about to be baked dry. However, just as he was about to speeding down, the scorching heat suddenly disappeared!

What the earth is going on? Chen Xiang was startled, because he suddenly felt an indescribable cold. Although this cold caused him to shiver, it made him feeling an indescribable heat as well.

Chen Xiang told his feelings to Su Meiyao and others.

"This is the Earth Fire! Everything extreme would turn into opposite state. It seems that the heat of the Earths Core has exceeded the limits of common sense. Thats why it developed Earth Fire. If Im not wrong, then the fire soul there must be the Earth Fire Soul! "

Earth Fire Soul? Isnt that a fire spirit that doesnt actually but being made up by a group of old fellows? Su Meiyao asked in confusion.

"Thats right, its actually made up by people. But these are all deductions from the wise people using their intelligence, so its theoretically possible, which means that the Earth Fire Soul and the Heavenly Fire Soul were a match. They could melt into each other, but also against each other, just like the Yin Yang Divine Veins inside your body. If you can merge with the Earth Fire Soul "

Hearing Bai Youyous speculation, Chen Xiang couldnt help but feeling cold. His heart was pounding furiously. He suddenly felt an inexplicable fear, and at the same time, an extreme excitement.

"If you could fuse it, then that is the integration of heaven and earth, the Heaven-Earth Fire Soul! This is definitely stronger than the Heavenly Flame Soul or the HellFire Soul. " Su Meiyao took a deep breath and couldnt help being slightly excited. She and Bai Youyou had long since known that Chen Xiang was a pervert with Yin Yang Divine Veins. If there really was a Earth Fire Soul underneath, then they could witness the birth of an extremely powerful figure with Heaven-Earth Fire Soul.

Chen Xiang took several deep breaths and calmed himself down. Does every Earths Core have a Earth Fire Soul?

It shouldnt be all that much, otherwise it wont be worth it! Su Meiyao said.

The abnormal heat caused Chen Xiang to feel indescribably uncomfortable. At this moment, the Heaven Fire Soul inside his body became extremely violent, as if it wanted to leave his body.

Chen Xiangs Heavenly Fire Soul was like encountering a great enemy, which allowed him to be even more certain that the Earth Fire Soul was below!

I see it! Chen Xiang exclaimed. He had indeed seen the Earth Fire Soul. It was a mass of black gas that was gushing out a great amount of black gas, which then fused into red lights and turned into waves of abnormal cold and heat and dispersed in all directions.

Chen Xiang saw the Earth Fire Soul first before he saw the Earths Core. He thought that the Earth Fire Soul would be near the Earths Core.

He didnt know why, but after he discovered the Earth Fire Soul, the first thought jumping out of his mind was to rush over to it. His mind was full of tyrannical consciousness, and he wanted to pierce the Earth Fire Soul apart. It did not take long for him to figure out that his consciousness was affected by the Heaven Fire Soul.

He also unknowingly rushed out, while the black Earth Fire Soul also flied over to him!

Dammit, dont you want to give me some preparation time? Chen Xiang shouted out. It was very painful to fuse with fire soul, and it would be even worse if two fire souls were to fight and fuse together in his body.

We are done! Chen Xiang whined in his heart. The Earth Fire Soul had already crashed into his body and spread into his flesh and soul!

Ah! After the Earth Fire Soul entered his body, it was as if countless poisonous insects were biting his flesh and soul, while the Heavenly Fire Soul and the Earth Fire Soul were even in a conflict; each of them wanted to devour each other in the fighting.

All of this was not something that Chen Xiang could control. He could only endure the pain that was worse than death. At this time, his Black Tortoise Armament Armor was also retracted back to his body because it was also part of his body and had to fuse into it as well.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were both extremely worried. After seeing that Chen Xiang was no longer protected by the Black Tortoise Armament Armor, the two girlss faces turned deathly pale. However, Chen Xiang was not immediately eliminated by the scorching heat, but continuously falling down.

The heat that erupted from Chen Xiangs body was much higher than the temperature in the Earths Core, and it also served as a protection.

The heart-wrenching screams echoed in the space of the Earths Core, and the temperature became even higher due to the fusion of the two extreme fire souls.

The continuously falling Chen Xiang suddenly saw a huge fireball below there, and seemed like it was made of magma.

Is this the Earths Core? Chen Xiang was extremely terrified at the same time he endured the pain, because he could not control the falling of his body, and he was about to falling into that terrifying fireball.