World Defying Dan God Chapter 475

Chapter 475 The Heaven Earth Fire
Chapter 475 The Heaven-Earth Fire

The old man from the Holy Light Sect was extremely horrified. He couldnt believe what he had just saw, that Chen Xiang could even turn into a rock and silently move close to him! He should have been killed by Chen Xiang if not equipped with a powerful magic weapon.

Thinking of that, the old man felt a chill on his back, as he almost died. Beside, he did not expect that Chen Xiang would return to seek revenge so quickly and in such an insidious way.

Although the old man was shocked, his reaction was prompt. He struck at Chen Xiang with a powerful palm, and the wind induced by the palm was like thunder. With a wave of tyrannical True Qi, his palm rushed towards Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang hurriedly dodged and ducked it. The palm force attacked him suddenly. If he tried to block it, he would only suffer the impact from the strong wave of True Qi.

The old man stomped his foot and flew backwards. He shouted, Siege him. We must kill him this time."

As soon as his voice fell, Chen Xiang laughed out loudly. Flames suddenly bursted out in bodies of the two dead middle-aged men. After the old man felt the heat, he hurriedly looked over and his expression changed greatly. He did not anticipate that Chen Xiang had already killed his two companions.

Old dude, Ill sent you down to be with them very soon! Chen Xiang raised his hand. With a green light appearing, the Azure Dragon Subduing Saber suddenly appeared in his hand.

The old man was enraged. He clenched his teeth tightly. He could not figure out how Chen Xiang had come to this place. Even though the whirlpool had just appeared, he couldnt arrive so soon and quietly killed his two fellows!

Of course, what shocked the old man the most was Chen Xiangs transformation technique. Thinking of that, he felt a surge of fear in his heart, and at the same time, a greedy thought appeared in his mind. If he could learn that ability, then he would be invincible in the future.

What he didnt know was that he had to cultivate in the divine path to learn this transformation technique!

The old man wanted to capture Chen Xiang alive and coerced him to teach the transformation divine technique, but he knew that it was hard to execute, since Chen Xiangs strength was not weak either, especially now that he had a powerful Azure Dragon Subduing Saber in his hand.

Chen Xiang, it is nothing good for you to go against the Holy Light Sect

"Bullshit, Ive already killed your Holy Light Cult people, and you wanted to kill me too! Im telling you, that I am going to take this as the order of your headmaster. I dont just want to kill you. Ill take endless revenge on the Holy Light Sect forever! " Chen Xiangs voice was like the Azure Dragon Subduing Saber in his hand, emitting a vicious aura.

"You want to kill me? Youre too naive! " The old man laughed out loud, with his laughter filled with ridicule. He believed that Chen Xiang could at most be at the same level as him, and it would not be easy for Chen Xiang to kill him.

Chen Xiang responded to him with actions. His feet sank into the ground, then cracks began to spread in all directions. He wanted to fuse the Heaven-Earth True Qi with the Heaven-Earth Fire together so that he could release even more powerful flames.

Although he possessed the Heaven-Earth Fire Flame, he had to use very thick and dense True Qi in order to unleash the power of this fire soul. Use of single property True Qi would have similar power than his original flames, or a little bit stronger at most.

He had the Yin Yang Divine Veins and cultivated the Five Elements Heaven-Earth True Qi simultaneously, while the Yin Yang Heaven-Earth Fire Soul allowed him to have the Heaven-Earth Fire the Fire. These two items were perfect for him!

The price of using the dragon power was very high, and it was consumed extremely fast. Chen Xiang now possessed the Heaven-Earth Fire, and his strength had increased greatly, so he had confident to fight with the old man even without the dragon force.

The dragon force and Long Xuyi must be saved for the most critical moment to give the enemy the most deadly blow!

It was the first time for Chen Xiang to use the power of the Heaven-Earth True Qi to trigger force of flames. The flame was very different to Heaven-Earth True Qi, the later was shapeless and colorless, while the former was full of tyranny and destruction, with a strong energy inside it that even Chen Xiang could not describe.

The heaven and earth included everything, and the Heaven-Earth Fire could be released in various forms. It was not surprising that there were many different types of energy within it. Chen Xiang still had a long way to discover its magics. His body type was unprecedented.

The old man felt a surge of power that was even more violent than his bursting out of Chen Xiangs body, which made him to involuntarily take a few steps backwards.

Chen Xiang shouted out loud. The flame underneath his feet exploded and formed a giant circle, which ultimately constituted a diagram of the Tai Chi Yin Yang diagram. The Tai Chi diagram formed from the flame suddenly spun, without countless dancing lights appearing in the flames!

The old man was stunned, Is that the power of the Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Art?

The scalding hot steam caused the old man to sweat profusely. The tyrannical lightning on the flame reflected in his gaze and made him feeling a bit of fear.

"Is that the Heaven-Earth Fire? Chen Xiang fiercely grasped the hilt of his blade. The Thunder Fire Tai Chi Diagram beneath his feet suddenly began to move and gather beneath his feet, then infilled into his body and exploded out from his right side. The Azure Dragon Subduing Saber in his right hand was instantly covered by the tyrannical thunder and fire energy, as if he was wearing a formidable armor!

Looking at Chen Xiang, whose right half was burning with thunder and fire, the old man actually opened his vision. He clearly knew how strong the thunder fire on Chen Xiangs right side was, and he took out a long sword. Although this sword was also a treasure weapon, it was insignificant in front of Chen Xiangs mighty and domineering blade.

Chen Xiang stomped his feet and used the power that erupted from his feet to charge towards the old man. The ground that he passed by would have a burn mark on it, just like a furious dragon that was burning with fire suddenly rushed through.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Xiang arrived in front of the old man who was hiding in the distance. At the same time, he waved his saber and chopped down, with a remnant of thunder and fire remained in the air showing that Chen Xiangs slash was such fast that it could left the shadow.

The old man was not a easy folk as well. Although his reaction was a bit slower, he still managed to raise the sword in his hand and cross it. The swords body also emitted a very violent thunder True Qi and enveloped the sword.

Chen Xiang thought that his violent slash could cut off that seemingly supple longsword, but his saber would not even be able to touch that blade but being blocked by a very thick layer of thunder True Qi.

The Azure Dragon Subduing Saber was covered with raging thunder and fire True Qi, and the violent collision of that two violent waves of True Qi caused the island to shake violently. The air waves were like a tidal wave that rushed toward all directions.

Thats all you have. The old man sneered and shook his longsword. He let out a sigh of relief in his heart, but at this moment, the flames on Chen Xiangs body became even wilder. The flames that were frantically jumping up and down filled the island with an oppressive scorching heat.

The flames of Chen Xiangs rage burned even more intensely, and his Heaven-Earth Fire became more powerful. The Azure Dragon Subduing Saber in his hand was curled up by a red flame. The saber body shook slightly and discharged noisy sound, just like waves of low and furious dragon roar!